Graham asks what Pelosi knew about Capitol riot, cites evidence that attack was pre-planned

Democratic House impeachment managers continue working this week to convince U.S. senators that former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric sparked a riot on Capitol Hill last month.

Evidence shows, however, that at least some of the agitators in the nation’s capital were already planning an attack before Trump addressed the crowd on Jan. 6 — and one Senate Republican wants to find out exactly what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) knew about those plans.

“There was no incitement”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) addressed the issue during a recent interview on Fox News. He brought up “something that nobody has talked about that’s important” in his on-air conversation with host Sean Hannity on Wednesday, Fox reported.

“If there was pre-planning, there was no incitement,” Graham said, asking the host if he agreed.

When Hannity replied with concurrence, Graham went on: “The managers got this cockamamie idea, absurd theory that Donald Trump was monitoring the Proud Boys’ website and other far-right websites and he and [former White House staffer] Dan Scavino knew that this was going to happen and they encouraged it.”

Further denouncing the Democrats’ position as “loony toons,” the senator opined that they are making the argument “because if the president didn’t know and it was actually preplanned, he’s not guilty.”

Instead of proving their stated claim, Graham complained that House managers are using “a liberal Democratic novel being presented as evidence.”

“Did she know about that?”

He went on to cite evidence that “the FBI and the Capitol Hill police actually now understand this was preplanned,” noting that rioters “were planting bombs the night before.”

Tying the entire ordeal to congressional leaders, Graham wondered what Pelosi knew about the plans to breach the Capitol building and when she knew it.

“If this was widely known by the FBI and Capitol Hill police, that people were planning to come to Washington before the 6th to create violence, I want to know, did she know about that?” he asked, according to Fox.

Graham concluded by opining that “most Republicans found the presentation by the House managers offensive and absurd,” later proclaiming his confidence that Trump will be acquitted. Reports later in the week seemed to bolster his position, including sources indicating that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is planning to vote for an acquittal.

Following a vote on Saturday to allow witnesses to be called, thus extending the length of the Senate trial, Graham defended his position by sharing his “firm belief that the House Managers are trying to investigate the case AFTER it was brought to the Senate” and that “if the body wants witnesses” he will “insist” on calling “multiple witnesses.”

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34 Responses

  1. That is why they decided during the trial of Donald Trump in the Senate not to go with witnesses. Because the defense said that they were going to call Pelosi to testify. She knew all along. It is her fault that the riot took place and those people were killed. She doesn’t care. As long as it wasn’t her. SHE IS THE DEVIL, INCARNATE.

      1. Piglosy needs to be gone! there ought to be an age limit or a mandatory testing to see if she is still mentally able to do the job. She is 80-81 time to relax.

      1. The Democrat’s will have our country in the same condition as California in no time flat, with puppet Buffoon Biden at the helm. and Nancy Pelosi as the puppeteer.


    1. You defined Pelosi and posted what I was planning to post….”Pelosi is the Devi,l Incarnate”. It is the responsibility of the Speaker of the House to call for protection when the Speaker is given information about possible riots or danger to those in Congress. Pelosi was informed days BEFORE JAN. 6 that possible riots would happen….not riots incited by Trump. But, riots planned with pipe bombs set in place prior to Jan 6. Pelosi received this information but did Nothing. The damage created and the lives harmed could have been avoided if Pelosi had done her job and called for more guards, police, etc. But, she did nothing. And, went off on Trump for creating havoc at the Capitol. Trump did not incite the people attending his rally. Pelosi must be held accountable for failing to have the Capitol well protected.

  2. Why do u think they dropped bringing in witnesses
    Plastic Pelosi wanted this to happen to start another impeachment trial

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  4. I’ve no doubt Pelosi and the rest of her crooked crew knew of the plans and, made sure there was no defense set up so she and her ilk could blame it on Trump. There’s no end to what she’ll do with what hate she has in her. She is an evil person.

  5. I believe all of the Dems knew in advance of this plan to riot, & Pelosi was the lead on this action. It is just like the Planed Fraudulent Election the Dems and High Tech people initiated to prevent Donald J. Trump from being re-elected. It is more than obvious the current Administration is there because of the Fraudulent election and the Dominion Machines, including the High Tech industry that rigged the Dominion voting machines.

  6. Did the dems stop to think how frightened Mrs Hawley was when the mob showed up? How about the people in cities that were burned? The dems made no attempt to stop it. For four years we listened to atrocious comments from the dems. The riot in Washington was preplanned and the dems were warned. There was no reason for the Trump people to riot, they were having their objections heard finally. The dems did not want those objections heard so planned a riot to stop it. They will never convince us that the election was not stolen. Trump is my president. I have no respect for Biden and cheaters.

    1. I agree completely! If anyone is guilty of anything, then look to who is hollering the loudest! Dems! Now they will probably try the 14th Amendment to stop President Trump from holding office again. We can’t let that happen! We must stay vigilant and push to have a full investigation of the events surrounding January 6. Find out WHO knew WHAT and WHEN did they know. The investigators need to be outside the government. Wish I knew HOW to get that done.

    2. I agree completely! If anyone is guilty of anything, then look to who is hollering the loudest! Dems! Now they will probably try the 14th Amendment to stop President Trump from holding office again. We can’t let that happen! We must stay vigilant and push to have a full investigation of the events surrounding January 6. Find out WHO knew WHAT and WHEN did they know. The investigators need to be outside the government. Wish I knew HOW to get that done.

    1. Where were those pictures posted? On someone’s site? Try to remember who hosted those pictures, it would be very interesting.

  7. Of course she knew! Nothing escapes that old hag! That is why no extra security was in place, the plan was to attack the capitol, blame President Trump so she could impeach him again! Soooo happy it blew up in her ugly face! Now, make her answer for not protecting the building. She IS in charge of the capitol police!

  8. If proven Pelosi had knowledge of any pre-planning She should be immediately impeached and physically
    Removed from all areas of the Capital

  9. Piglosi and other Democrats knew before hand what was going to happen. YES, there were some Trump supporters that got caught up in the moment but most were ANTIFA and BLM scumbags that were wearing MAGA hats and other stuff to make it appear as if they were Trump supporters. A full investigation needs to be done and not by Durham. We need answers NOW!!!


  11. I agree with all the above! I whole heartedly believe that Piglosi allowed this to happen to shut down any GOP from stating what they knew about the fraudulent election. Remember this was the day where they were deciding who actually won. Piglosi always has a backup plan. Those rioters were Antifa and BLM people who broke the windows. Probably paid to incite violence. Yep some Trump supporters did go into the capitol because they were invited by Democrats.

  12. There is nothing to comment on, since you all want to stew in your own fantasies. He promoted the lies, he incited the crownd then he did nothing. He set up Pence and everyone else. Your own republican leaders state his guilt, but begged off on a technicality. By the way, Nancy does not control the backup for the Capitol Police. The Nat’l Guard should, but on that day, they were ordered to hold until Dept. of Defense said ok and they did not take the call for over 2 hrs. That is what should be investigated. DJT will rip all of you off, until you figure out his hustle and it is not America.

    1. Lol, what a scumbag you must be. Just like all mentally decline Liberals you just refuse to see the truth. Bitme and his ho vice president are the true criminals. I hope you will be happy when you see gas prices go sky high. Millions will be out of work and I really hope you are a victim from an illegal. Now go back under your rock where you truly belong.

  13. They said there was paid demonstrators. I’d almost bet the democrats hired them to bust into the capital and get trump blamed. I looked up paid protestors and i found it.

  14. Hey Graham, get a set and demand to know what Piglosi knew. Don’t let these scumbag dems off the hook. It’s long overdue that the dems need to be held accountable. These bastards will not link an eye and go after your butt. Start listening to us the people; most of us are a whole lot smarter than you turkeys.

  15. Ohhh could peloskis bossom be in the ringer could this be the straw that broke the camels back will they find out in my opinion she called in antifa to riot and possibly kill to frame our great President Trump??? Time will tell hopefully they will prove it Now if they could only prove how they rigged the election.. Go Trump Go for our country the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

  16. If Pelosi new the riots were going to happen then I say she had a hand in the voting irregularies….What a piece of work she is

  17. when pelosi goes to the other side she will awake a d burn forever for her sins, my recomendacations for pelosi is to repent for your hateful sins

  18. How come nobody mention anything about the three policemen that they open the gate and let all these people in and no police cars were insight. who gave them the authority to do so?

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