Lindsey Graham releases Crossfire Hurricane transcripts from Senate testimony

President Donald Trump is leaving office in just days, and without any assurance that those behind the Russia hoax that shadowed his term in office will be held to account. But evidence continues to surface of just how baseless the whole affair was.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has released damning transcripts from his investigation of the Russia “witch hunt” showing that FBI and Justice Department officials knew there was no evidence of collusion, The Washington Times reported.

Graham releases the transcripts

The “Russia Russia Russia” hoax that Trump often complained about throughout his presidency began in the summer of 2016 with the launch of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane probe, as Just the News reported.

Trump and his allies have often recounted how the FBI, using a salacious dossier, abused its powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. It was eventually revealed that the FBI knew the dossier was unreliable and withheld exculpatory information from the FISA court, the Washington Examiner reported.

Over the course of Trump’s term, many Americans lost trust in the FBI as these and other actions showing prejudice against Trump came to light. On Friday, Graham released hundreds of pages showing more evidence that the Russia probe was crooked.

“No evidence of collusion”

One interview subject, an unnamed FBI agent who worked closely with Christopher Steele, said that Steele’s dossier was “political.”

“I mean, it was obvious,” the source said, according to the Daily Mail.

Dana Boente, who oversaw the FBI’s probe for a few months in early 2017, admitted in a June interview that it was apparent early on that Trump did not collude with Russia. “I don’t know if and when I was told that. I think — I recall being told at some point, maybe not February [2017], between February and April, because thankfully my involvement ended in April, that there was no evidence of collusion with the Trump campaign,” he said, according to The Washington Times.

A “travesty”

About halfway through Trump’s term, in March of 2019, Special Counsel Robert Mueller revealed that there was no evidence of Russian collusion.

Trump and his allies have continued to call for an accounting of the “witch hunt” and the abuses of power that allowed it to happen.

But many Trump supporters are concerned that the Russia hoax will get swept under the rug, with no report in sight from attorney John Durham, who Trump appointed to get to the bottom of the scandal. “It is my hope that the Durham report will hold those accountable for the travesty called Crossfire Hurricane,” Graham has said.

Some of the material remains classified, the senator noted.

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34 Responses

  1. The Democrats should reimburse the American people from their own salaries the 45 million plus spent on something they KNEW was invalid or be removed from their offices.

    1. Most Definitely the Democrats should have to Reimburse The American People and The President every Penny they used for this Merrigoround FARCE EVERY PENNY THEY USED !!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. All this finger pointing….
        They forget how much good our PRESIDENT Trump did.
        His own Party is jumping ship. The are praising Obama…???? His did sh…. For America. Full of Bologna …What TRAITORS.

        1. There is a saying from long ago, “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT” We have several Senators and Congress that have turned on America, but some have remained loyal.

      1. According to this morning news; Hillary is trying to waste, ” more of we the people’s money” to reopen, what has been well known a bunch of bogus! With her never ending accusations that Trump’s campaign stole the election, I say, ” H–L has no fury like a woman scornned! “.
        Keep it up, with your nasty anger and nasty loser.. Your own tempertantrum will cost US more medical bills than you imagine.

    2. Somehow, the 14 million or whatever that number was for this scam, should be reimbursed to the taxpayer. How about a reduction of income tax by some percent to make it up?

    3. I’ve been saying that all along seeing Nancy Pelosi thinks it’s so free and easy to spend all our money on a crazy witchhunt that cost us millions of dollars maybe she’d like to pay it all back hurt her a little playmates seriously we want our money back how dare you.

      1. Sharon , all the money on these witch hunts were STOLEN out of “WE THE PEOPLES SOCIAL SECURITY” by NAZI PISSLUCY with her FAUX , I.O.U.s with no intensions of ever, ever, ever PAYING THE MONEY SHE STOLE for the witch hunts, every last one of these scams, coup’s & hoax’s… SHE STOLE OUR MONEY, NO WONDER WE THE PEOPLE NEVER GET A GOOD COLA RAISE, THE _iTCH Nazi Pisslucy keep’s Stealing our money, she think it’s her PETTY CASH FUND or something of that nature. The _itch should be arrested for being such an EFFIN THIEF..

    4. I agree. They will try to stop all investigations and cover up any misdeeds that are found. Why has Durham not completed his job? How much has already been spent on the phony Russia probe, the Muller investigation and the resulting Durham investigation? The American taxpayers should not have to pay a dime of these expense since the dems knew all along that it was a hoax!

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  3. The damage the Democrats have done to America while being paid to represent the constitution should have consequences!!! I’m disgusted with both parties because of their hatred and actions towards a sitting President while allowing Obama access and participate in the murders of our service members!!! Drain the traitors from Congress, they rigged the elections for their entitlements and power!!! We need new representation because a majority of these politicians have sold America out!!!

  4. I grew up working with the democrat party when thy were for the working man getting better wages & working conditions . then the union officals found out the could make them self’s rich like the political scum . Now the top union bosses are millionares with wages that would choke a horse, at the expence of the working member’s . they all became commie’s.

  5. I want to know who is going to reimburse President Trump for the turmoil the Dems have caused for more than years and yet they continue! I’m sick of them each and every one of them owe us & the president more than money!

    1. If a person is wrongly and knowingly accused of something, the innocent accuser should not bear the brunt of the costs of defending himself. The accusers, not the taxpayers, should pay ALL expenses in such a hoax. They have bankrupted General Flynn, Pappadopolous, Page and many others in the process.

  6. Let’s take 45 million fron the demorats for the wasted Russia hoax. Those corrupt fbi and doj are disgusting and should be cleaned out from the top down. When I hear fbi I think so what crooks. The entire government is a swamp.

  7. And what happens to them in this Kabuki Dance? We just lived through a
    Coup d’etat and now we have a communist government.
    So this idiotic lame- brain attempt by Lindsy to placate us are laughable and insulting When he and his so call republicans sat around and let it all happen.
    If Lindsy realy wants to do something for us find a way to impeach POS Pence.

    1. I was shocked at Pence’s disloyalty to Trump. I wonder what he got out of it? Satisfaction against his boss who “hogged” the limelight never giving him a first call? I am ashamed of the former VP because he has no intestinal fortitude(guts) to stand up for his country and his boss.

  8. Too little too late! This should have been made public, along with Durham’s report long ago! But the demonrats had to cover obammy’s axx, because he can do no wrong, and they had an election to rig! So —— now what Linsey? Will some heads roll, or just more talk?

  9. At some point we will have to go to civil war, it is the only way to hold the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks to justice,

  10. We will get wind blown up our butts,that’s what the demrats do. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and what they are doing to us. I will not be watching the stealers get sworn in.

  11. Blah, blah, blah, blah…….Now, TELL US, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?????? We the people already KNEW all of this (including the MSM)…. Just try telling this to the dumb liberals who voted for dementia Joe…..

  12. I haven’t trusted the FBI for more than 10 years. I worked at HQ FBI and left feeling the Agency was Morally and Ethically bankrupt.

    I saw how Obama was spending his 8 years removing anyone that could obstruct his Totalitarian Marxist agenda.

  13. Did you read the Conservative news.
    Pelosi claims the rioters were looking for her….funny! Who wants her🐊

  14. It must really suck to be Piglosi, to know over half of the country despises you! Her venomous hatred for anything Trump and his supporters Is eating her alive! Probably the only ones “ looking for her” were the blm and antifa thugs she hired to hit the capitol building, wanting the money she promised! Did she pay up?

  15. Thanks for not posting my response- I guess this is another regulated response, so much for freedom of speech!
    I am cancelled your subscription

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