Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump has a ‘dark side’ but still considers him a ‘friend’

For a short period of time after the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared to join many of his Republican colleagues in rebuking former President Donald Trump for election-related rhetoric that many argue was the catalyst for the tragic events of that day.

Since that time, Graham has once again returned to his role as a staunch defender and ally of the former president and according to the Washington Examiner, reaffirmed that recently by calling Trump a “friend,” despite what the South Carolina described as the “dark side” of Trump. 

“There’s something about Trump”

Graham made the statements during a recent interview on Axios on HBO, with host Jonathan Swan. Given Graham’s long stretch of acting as one of the former president’s top allies in the halls of Congress, it’s not surprising that a reporter would question how Graham is feeling in the post-riot era.

The South Carolina senator offered high praise for the former president, going on about how Trump’s undeniable political influence could reshape the future of the Republican party, which is especially important given that the 2022 midterm elections aren’t far off.

“There’s something about Trump. There’s a dark side, and there’s some magic there, and what I’m trying to do is just harness the magic … [because] he could make the Republican Party something that nobody else I know could make it,” Graham said.

“He could make it stronger. He could make it more diverse. And he also could destroy it,” he added.

Graham was likely referencing the heated and brewing battle between Trump and several establishment members of the GOP, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who both condemned Trump after the riots and then sparked what some in the media have called a Republican “civil war.”

“I consider him a friend”

The senator described Jan. 6 as a “dark day” in American history and reiterated a common Republican message that many members of the party are more interested in moving forward and putting the past behind them. Graham said that the GOP is definitely better off with Trump than without him.

“Donald Trump was my friend before the riot, and I’m trying to keep a relationship with him after the riot. I still consider him a friend,” Graham said.

In recent days, Trump has already made a number of significant, headline-generating moves that clearly show he’s interested in backing candidates who align with his “America First” ideology.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-NC) received one of his earliest endorsements, along with former aide Max Miller, who will launch a primary challenge against Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH). The Ohio lawmaker was one of ten House Republicans who voted in favor of impeaching the president earlier this year.

Only time will reveal just how significant Trump’s involvement in upcoming elections will be, but it’s clear at this point that Graham is making sure he stays in the good graces of the former president.

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35 Responses

  1. The riots were caused by the fraud in our election. An unarmed young military vet was murdered entering the peoples house.

  2. Come on, Senator. There is a dark side to everyone including you. We know that the side that opposes you is totally “dark”. They are of the dark side. You you show weakness by stating the obvious. Any comment Senator, about the carefully planned instigation of the capital attack? Any comment on the incessant attacks of Trump for 4 years to antagonize the supposedly dark president to cause him to defend himself? It seems there is much more to be said.

    1. Leeches suck the blood out of you, Graham flip flopped because he wants to be re-elected, not because he wants Trump to be his friend. I’m sick and tired of the phony story that Trump supporters staged. an “insurrection”, when Pelosi refused 10,000 NG because she planned the attack with Antifa, BLM thugs dressed with Trump hats. Why does Conservative Institute keep spreading this lie? Maybe I will cancel them.

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  4. The Republicans need to use the courts to slow all this programs that is going to ruin our country. We have very few Republicans with cojones. But they better step to the front.

  5. I would like to see Linsey start an investigation on Piglosi’s Failure to protect the capitol building, since SHE is in charge of security. She refused the national guard because of “ optics”, now she has the guard, fences with razor wire around the building! What about “ optics” now? Her “ armed camp” looks like a German gulag!

    1. OH! Count me in on that! IF, and I do mean IF Biden gives a state of the union speech I wonder if Pelosi will stand behind him and tear up his speech while he’s stuttering, stammering and wandering around aimlessly attempting to string two sentences together? The dems are children playing at “running a country”…and they are FAILING miserably!

    2. Pelosi is already under investigation by the Republicans, in why she told Trump that he couldn’t have the NG there. He asked her, and she said no. The FBI publicly announced that the attack on the Capitol was pre-planned days ahead of January 6th and Pelosi knew about it. They are investigating all of her correspondence of January 6th and before.

  6. The only place or time I have heard the mention of qanon is at a democratic sight or from the democrats. It is a fictitious group.

    1. Hello James. Just want clarify that there is no qanon. There is “Q” and there is “Anon.” They are not the same. ☺️

  7. Agree that the overkill of security speaks volumes as to – is the current Administration putting the voices of the American people first or pushing their agenda down our throats

  8. Agreed we hate RINOs like U for making up stories & lies day 1
    Wishy washy Graham like Fauci
    No anchor on issues or values
    & U lecture US.

    1. Lindsey I want to know why you supported 10 millions to Pakistan for Gender Studies. What is that all about?

  9. Wow, a CYB display from a fence straddling, back stabbing, self serving politician! How many people haven’t seen that before?

  10. Everyone on this entire planet has a dark side. Just try pressing someone to the limit of their endurance and see how dark they get. With all the pressure the democrats placed on President Trump, he handled himself very well. Unlike dems, he never lost his humanity and love for the American people. I will always consider President Trump the best president of all who came before or will come after. I know I am not the only one who believes he will NEVER be forgotten.

  11. Graham, you are as rotten as the rest of the RINOs, and you adjust your course according to the prevailing political winds. To quote Biden, “you are a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” We all know Trump has a dark side. But stationed beside the GOP establishment (of whom you are one), even Trump’s dark side looks like a candle in that pitch black darkness. You are NOT a friend to Trump and we all know it. You are just a barnacle attached to his ship…and he needs to get you pried off!!

  12. Democrats have no clue about what the American people want. They only serve to benefit themselves and the Powers they serve. Sen Graham only sides with whichever side he thinks is winning. He was bad mouthing Trump during the riot and now sees that Trump will be back in power soon. So all of a sudden he is his best friend again. Lindsay, guess what, it doesn’t work that way.
    The National Guard needs to be sent home. The barriers need to be taken down. We are not a third world country. We are “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave”. Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats need to be in jail as domestic enemies of this country. Nothing they have done is for this country. The President and VP need to be included.


  14. Lindsey Graham is too wishy washy for my!!! You never know when he will strike – AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT. Anyone who did not stand by our President regarding the January 6th riot (or who who made even the vaguest of comments just a little bit negative, IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED WHERE OUR PRESIDENT IS CONCERNED. Nikki Haley is in that category; so is Kevin McCarthy because of his negative remarks!!! And, of course, Lindsey Graham!!! And, of course, the others!!! You can’t pretend to be WITH THE PRESIDENT, then make these negative comments about him (all of his 75,000,000 voters stood by him; we knew he did not cause this riot ; AND SO SHOULD YOU FOOLISH PEOPLE HAVE KNOWN!!! I think you were just looking out for yourselves and you thought that by stating your negative comments (and you three made some pretty heavy and critical comments (all untrue, of course!!!); BUT you wanted to stay with the “winning side” (as usual, just looking out for yourself!!). But, you should know by now THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE WINNING SIDE!!! BUT you doubted him and you will probably pay a heavy price for your doubt and criticisms!!! If you are going to stand by someone, then STAND BY THEM ALL THE WAY!!!

  15. I agree with all the people who have already spoken. What other president has had to deal with the outright slander and virtual hatred Trump had to deal with before, during and even after his tenure. Can you imagine what he could have accomplished without the evil crooked opposition. He needed that “dark side” to deal with not only the democrats but most all the media and even the traitors in his own party.

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