Marjorie Taylor Greene says she will file impeachment articles against Biden on Jan. 21

Freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who was just sworn in on January 3, said she plans to file articles of impeachment against incoming President-elect Joe Biden for abuse of power on January 21, the day after he is set to be inaugurated. 

Greene said Biden has shown that he is “willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments, Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies.”

“On behalf of the American people, we have to make sure that our leaders are held accountable,” Greene said.

Accusations against Biden

Greene is referring to numerous reports that then-Vice President Joe Biden may have financially benefited from involvement in Chinese state-owned businesses through his son Hunter Biden.

Some of the reports were obtained through an abandoned laptop that contained Hunter Biden’s emails and mentioned payments to “the big guy,” who was identified by his business associate Tony Bobulinski as Joe Biden.

Joe Biden also appears to have lied when he claimed he had no involvement in or knowledge about Hunter’s overseas business dealings, according to Bobulinski and the emails on Hunter’s laptop.

Furthermore, he bragged in a video about withholding $1 billion in aid to Ukraine in order to force the firing of the prosecutor who was investigating a Ukrainian firm for whom his son Hunter Biden worked.

Rift between Republicans

No other Republicans have announced support for Greene’s impeachment move, and the Democratic-majority House will not vote to impeach Biden on the grounds proposed by Greene.

Greene is reportedly involved in a rift between new House Republicans and got into an argument with Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) on a freshman GOP group text. Mace reportedly told Greene she was “disgusted by what you and other Q-conspiracy theorists did last week in the chamber after all of the violence,” a reference to more than 120 Republicans who objected to some states’ election results.

Greene is unlikely to get full support from Republicans for impeaching Biden, and it is looking doubtful that the Republican Party will end up uniting any time soon given the divided loyalties it has suffered over the last few weeks.

On Sunday, Twitter temporarily locked Greene’s Twitter account for “multiple violations” of Twitter’s “civic integrity policy” after she tweeted about election fraud, according to reports.

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52 Responses

    1. Good for her. Finally someone is truly representing this nation and the American people and not their own political gain like most who are in office today. Pray that God blesses Her as she goes through this and every part of her life. She’s a true patriot

  1. are you nuts! This lady????should be removed from her position immediately.

    Take yourself home and stay there and keep your mouth shut.

    1. For what exactly. It’s nothing compared to what the dems have done with 2 sham impeachment’s. You should take your fingers home and no internet for a month

    2. Screw you Shirley. We’ve listened to you nutjobs for four years falsely accuse our President of doing things that democrats and Biden have or were doing. Biden is compromised by communist China and is unfit to serve as president. The truth will come out and Katey bar the door when it does.

    3. Try reading the US Constitution Amendment 14 Article 2 section 2 a through c. Under this Biden should be impeached . If you believes in constitutional law.

    4. What you so afraid of Shirley that the truth is going to come out about Biden? Many people believe it so if he’s innocent he shouldn’t be nervous about proving it.

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    1. That’s OK. One down and one to go. Get Joe out of the way and then we can aim full bore toward Harris.

    1. Hello Keith, many of us agree with calling this curuption the HIGH CRIME of BRIBERY and TREASON that it IS! Unfortunately, it is the bi-partisan effort to shove this “ONE HUMP Camel Walk” up our collective arse. We should join in a pledge to never elect a “republicant” or “demtarde” to any position beyond bent over on their knees in prison. We held Nixon to the law, why can’t we hold these ethicless pigs to it?????

      Oh, yeah… YOUR vote would have to be actually counted as YOU CAST IT!

      Currupt state and federal judges would have to be held accountable for their parts in this…
      , and the…

      ScowardlyCOTUS would have to be willing to use the Constitution that was in place before they arrived and decided they could subvert the intentions of the people who took their work seriously when they wrote it!

      Our democracy is fragile, and we are allowing the “two party – two step” to dance on our heads and on the GRAVES of all who sacrificed their lives fighting for it.

      So how many war heroes are in the Biden or Harris Bloodline?????

      This has become our newest…

  3. No she isn’t! Are you nuts? Obviously you are. This Lady has more balls than the whole Republican party! Dementia Joe is as corrupt as they come.
    But lets face it the whole Communist party thats supposed to be DemonRats is corrupt. Dementia Joe died 4 days ago and no one told him! And YOU voted for him? Kamal toe should also face impeachment for her crimes!

  4. Finally republican who has some guts, sounds like a few of you do not know what Biden has done. That means your clueless and only listen to Fox or CNN. Biden has done alot and if they try to impeach Biden then alot will come out, and you will be surprised . He is the Godfather of the Biden family. And boy can he tell lies. So impeach him

    1. Yes, the Democratic Party is showing their power by having so many National Guards guarding the White House. How is this happening? While Biden Family has been money laundering for years, but still can be sworn in to be our next President. This is not right for all United States citizens.

  5. why are we being led to believe that the people responsible for the voter fraud, the people who got rich thru crime and deceit (Bidens, Clintons, Obamas, Bush’s , its downright disgusting and I for one am sick to death of the obvious proof of voter fraud, the obvious proof of these crooks I mentioned and NOTHING CAN BE DONE TO THEM, WHY, WHY, WHY??? President Trump has been attacked mercilessly for 4 years and they have done everything possible to rid themselves of this man who has exposed the corruption and yet nothing is being done to them, why, why, why, they broke the law dammit!!!!!!

  6. the supreme court and the demonicrats and the corrupt state legislatures and judges and biased media have the BLOOD on their hands. all of the violence over the summer etc. this all could be stopped if people were told the truth and if truth and the rule of law were of primary importance.

  7. Joe has to go but the democrats will not care. Just like they do to the American People. They DON’T CAR! They forgot that this country is for the people. Man I love you guys

  8. The demonrats will most likely go along with the impeachment of crazy joe, since it’s their plan to dump him anyway,so they can get cameltoe in.

  9. Joe Biden actually did what they only accused Trump of. Joe Biden bribed and extorted a Ukrainian official by withholding a billion dollars unless they fired the prosecutor that investigated Bidens son Hunter.That my friends are terms for impeachment. Biden is not only a crook but complicit and knowingly participating in a
    fraudulent election which is a Federal crime.

  10. Love it, I needed a good chortle today,cameltoe can be impeached too for the support of the BLM/rioters that caused billions in damage and lives lost

  11. She is great for bringing this up about the Biden’s. we need more people like her.
    This will not make any of the fake news stations, they will keep this quite.

  12. I hope Ms. Greene stands her ground. Our President was denied his votes and done wrong by the democrats…he should not be treated as if he were a “Traitor” to the constitution of our great country!!! He tried hard to preserve it!!

  13. Freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who was just sworn in on January 3, said she plans to file articles of impeachment against incoming President-elect Joe Biden for abuse of power on January 21, the day after he is set to be inaugurated.

    Do not forget to start the impeachment against every democrat that incited riots across the US and that includes Pelosi, Water, Schumer, Harris, Nadler, Schiff, and the rest of these Communist in the democrat party. And do it today.

    we the people demand restitution for the crime committed by the BLM/Antifa and backed by the democrats and bailed out of Jail by Biden/Harris admin website.

  14. Biden will NEVER be our President. He didn’t win, and he is a criminal! Harris Ho is an even bigger piece of garbage than Joe. And Walmart Jill should be ashamed of herself, tackying up our white house with her trampy self. A bunch of criminals should not be running our country, but their come uppance is coming. Karma is a rough thing Biden, and you’re about to get yours.

  15. Impeachment appears to be the trend now, and the Dems started it. So lets Go Greeney! Maybe people will finally Wise Up, that all this Hear Say is actually Truth. Sure they want you to Shut Up, because we still have 1st amendment rights. For Now! Why are people against it? Because It Is The Truth!

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