Glenn Greenwald rips ‘sociopath’ Adam Schiff over comments on Carter Page

Conservatives have not held back about expressing their disdain for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff in recent years, however, the California Democrat is now the subject of harsh criticism from some prominent leftists as well.

The controversy stems from comments that Schiff made during an interview with Firing Line host Margaret Hoover about former Trump campaign staffer Carter Page, Fox News reported.

No remorse

Page was a prime target of the Trump-Russia collusion probe, and Hoover read aloud statements he had made regarding the many ways in which the Mueller probe had negatively impacted his life.

“Carter says the FBI syping into his life ‘ruined his good name,'” Hoover began. “He also says that he will ‘never completely have his name restored.’ Do you have any sympathy for Carter Page?”

Schiff indicated that he did not, replying, “I have to say, you know, Carter Page came before our committee and for hours of his testimony, denied things that we knew were true, later had to admit them during his testimony.”

“It’s hard to be sympathetic to someone who isn’t honest with you when he comes and testifies under oath,” the committee chairman continued. “It’s also hard to be sympathetic when you have someone who has admitted to being an adviser to the Kremlin.”

“But he was also informing the CIA,” Hoover interjected, “which we didn’t know about.”

“Yes,” Schiff conceded, “who was apparently both targeted by the KGB and but also talking to the United States and its agencies and that should have been included, made clear, and it wasn’t according to the inspector general.”

“Sociopathic” Schiff

The report released by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz earlier this month showed that key information about Page’s work for the CIA was omitted in the original warrant application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court and subsequent renewal requests. That fact, along with Schiff’s reaction to it didn’t go over well with journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Despite a professional background that includes the founding of well-known left-wing publication The Intercept, Greenwald tore into Schiff on Twitter, suggesting he suffers from a serious mental health disorder.

“If you don’t feel sympathy for someone who was wrongly smeared for years as being a traitor, and who was spied on by his own government due to FBI lying & subterfuge, then you’re not only unqualified to wield power but probably also a sociopath,” Greenwald tweeted.

Former Young Turks personality Michael Tracy also hit Schiff hard on this point. “Adam Schiff, the guy the country was supposed to rely on to conduct impartial impeachment proceedings, is talking about “the KGB” in the present-tense,” he complained.

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