Greg Abbott defeats Beto O’Rourke, becomes three-term governor

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott (R) defeated Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke to earn a third term as governor of the Lone Star State.

Abbott was projected as the winner at approximately 10:23 p.m. EST, according to Decision Desk HQ.

The win

“The successful reelection campaign comes as the establishment media has for months attacked Abbott for his busing border crossers and illegal aliens to sanctuary cities like Chicago, New York City, and Washington, DC,” Breitbart News reported.

“In recent weeks, O’Rourke campaigned heavily on protecting abortion ‘rights’ across Texas, but the issue fell flat as voters have been focused primarily on inflation, the economy, crime, and immigration,” it added.

What’s next?

“Aides to the Texas governor have told Fox News that Abbott has no intention of running for the White House next cycle, and that he’s laser focused on Texas,” Fox News reported.

“But it was also very evident that during his re-election run, Abbott campaigned as much against President Biden and national Democrats nearly as much as he did against O’Rourke, which appeared to be an indication of his possible national ambitions,” it added.

The win adds a third term to Abbott’s tenure leading the state where he has helped build Texas into one of the most powerful economies in the nation.

Abbott’s Operation Lone Star has also gained national attention for taking on the border crisis in opposition to the Biden administration’s failed policies.

The governor’s efforts were rewarded by voters on Tuesday, giving four more years to the state’s top leader.