Greg Abbott trounces Beto O’Rourke in Texas governor’s race

In a crushing blow, Texas’s Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott cruised to a third term victory this week against former Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke. 

Third loss for O’Rourke in four years

According to Fox News, Abbott had taken 54.87% of the vote as of Wednesday morning with 97% of the state reporting. In contrast, O’Rourke had just 43.6% of ballots cast.

This represents O’Rourke’s third major loss in four years. In 2018, the former congressman failed in his attempt to challenge Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

That was in turn followed by a doomed attempt to secure his party’s presidential nomination which saw O’Rourke drop out of the race in November of 2019.

Abbott improves his showing among Hispanic voters in South Texas

For his part, Abbott appears to have improved on his 2018 showing among voters in Texas’ heavily Hispanic Rio Grande Valley.

The United States Census Bureau states that Zapata County is 95.1% Latino and in 2018 Abbott took just 39.7% of the vote there. However, that figure jumped to 52.67% this time around.

Nor was Zapata County unique, as neighboring Starr County went from giving Abbott 31.3% of its vote share in 2018 to 40.16% on Tuesday. The Census Bureau shows Starr County as being 96.3% Hispanic.

Meanwhile, 53.49% of voters in 72.6% Hispanic Hudspeth County backed Abbott, compared with just 42.8% who did the same four years ago.

Abbott delivered a victory speech in downtown Austin on Tuesday evening, saying, “I want to say thank you to the people of Texas for reelecting me to be governor of the greatest state in the United States of America.”

“Thank you for your trust,” he went on, adding, “Know this: I will never stop fighting for you and your families as we continue to make Texas the premier state in America.”

“Now we all know that this past year has been filled with campaigns that have battled under different banners. It has been the red team versus the blue team. Well now that elections are over and the people have spoken, it is time for all of us to unite under the best of them all, and that is the great flag of the Lone Star State–the Texas flag,” Abbott concluded.