Guilfoyle ‘proud’ to join former Gov. Greitens’ Senate campaign

Former President Donald Trump has remained largely out of the spotlight since leaving office earlier this year, but plenty of evidence indicates that he and his family plan to remain fixtures within the nation’s political class.

As The Hill reported on Monday, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is romantically involved with Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is set to serve as the national campaign chair for Eric Greitens ahead of his bid for a U.S. Senate seat.

“Throughout Missouri and around the country”

In a statement, Guilfoyle touted the former GOP Missouri governor as “a fighter who has stood with President Trump and has a proven record of advancing conservative, America First policies.”

She added that she is “proud to join this team” and looks forward “to championing Governor Greitens’ vision throughout Missouri and around the country.”

Guilfoyle, a former Fox News Channel personality who previously worked on Trump’s re-election campaign, has been linked to Trump Jr. since 2018.

For his part, Greitens is a controversial figure who was elected governor in 2016 but resigned two years later amid felony charges that he allegedly attempted to blackmail a woman with whom he had been having an affair.

He was accused of threatening to release nude images of the woman, but no photos were ever produced and the charges were ultimately dropped.

“The people of Missouri need a fighter”

Greitens also faced accusations of improperly using a donor list from a nonprofit organization he founded, but county prosecutors announced in May 2018 that charges would not be filed in the matter.

In February 2020, however, Greitens was fined $178,000 for a pair of campaign finance violations following a Missouri Ethics Commission probe that found “no evidence of any wrongdoing on part of Eric Greitens, individually, and no evidence” that he knew of his campaign’s wrongdoing.

According to the terms of a consent decree, the former governor would be required to pay $38,000 with the balance forgiven if he committed no further violations.

He announced his Senate bid last month, telling Fox News: “I think that now the people of Missouri need a fighter in the United States Senate.”

In a campaign stop on Friday, he pledged to “stand up to the establishment and stand up to the left,” signaling that his candidacy has been met with “bar-fight intensity” among his supporters across the state.

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9 Responses

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  2. Karen,
    Why don’t you back-up your statement with facts.
    Its obvious you go out in the trash and keep looking for garbage (do you have to do your nails everyday), after you suck the good tasting left over under your nails (yum-yum we all want some).
    If you think you have some real evidence on President Trump come forth, others have tried but they fail.
    We know he will be back, because he is the only smart enough to bring our Nation to where we were headed. He fixed what Obama did, and if he comes back again, because Biden is about to sink because of the border, AND HE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH, and his VP is not doing what she was supposed to do (probably looking for another MAYOR to snag (remember San Francisco).

    Thattss all folks,

    Gary MacMullen (always a Republican for Truth, Justice and the
    American Way), and I support the 2nd amendment.

  3. Its a start. All politicians have some dirty secrets they hope we will not find out about. They can’t be totally clean or they would not get up as high as they do. As long as it is not murder, abusing a child or anyone else – a few little dips here and there I have grown to expect to learn something like that about each of them. That is how they get some rich. But we need people now who will stand up to the democrats and have enough power behind them to make a difference or the lying democrats will get even worse if that is possible.

  4. To you Karen,
    Trump has been the best President even though the demons tried to destroy him, he stood firm for USA and the American people. So don’t you dare say that he should go to prison. How about if I say it should be you who belongs there for supporting your fellow Demonrats.

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