Gun sales hit new high as Biden administration transitions into power: Report

Many on the left proclaim the need for more Democratic officials as a means of reducing the number of guns in America.

Early evidence from the Biden administration suggests his win in November’s election might end up having the opposite effect, however.

Official data likely undercounts increase

According to the Washington Examiner, firearms sales have hit new records, with FBI data showing that the number of background checks conducted last month represented an increase of about 60% compared to January 2020.

Such background checks are performed on individuals seeking to acquire a concealed carry permit or purchase guns. Even that figure, though, likely does not tell the entire story.

Paul Bedard wrote for the Examiner that the National Shooting Sports Foundation found the actual increase is likely more than 75%, citing an adjustment for background checks for just gun sales.

The writer went on to note that there are a variety of factors contributing to the increased gun sales, including uncertainty surrounding the ongoing public health crisis as well as the often violent protests that occurred across the country last year.

A major reason for the rush to acquire firearms is also likely the Biden administration’s vow to impose stricter gun restriction measures.

“The bubble is not bursting”

As a candidate, Joe Biden promised that he would “pursue legislation to regulation possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act.

The proposal would require those who own semiautomatic rifles to register them as well as pay a $200 fine, similar to the mandates imposed on machine gun owners.

Additionally, Biden pledged to limit the capacity of magazines available on the market, restrict the number of firearms individuals may purchase, and “prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.”

Justin Anderson, who serves as the marketing director for North Carolina-based Hyatt Guns, believes the incoming administration’s rhetoric has spurred gun sales.

“Uncertainty and fear have always driven gun sales, and we’re seeing many first-time gun buyers exercising their Second Amendment rights,” he told the Examiner. “Last year’s sales were nearly double what we did in 2019, and the bubble is not bursting any time soon.”

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  2. The whole impeachment against president trump is a big blocker so the Democrats do not get caught with corruption they have done in the past or present , to block Hillary , Obama, /alias Barry Soeterro, Nancy Pelosi, & all the rest of the Democrats from getting busted of their unconstitutional corrupt behavior & spiteful misconduct , & the spiteful treason against the USA for decades which needs to be exposed caught & they need to be held accountable, & liable for as soon as possible . the dominion Voting system & software & it’s owner must be brought to the Supreme court as soon as possible to expose the schematics, patent, abilities & capabilities as soon as possible, we have a Illegitimate president in the White House, right now which Americans can not accept the results to, because /dominion Voting system was deemed not a secure voting system & Judge Amy Totemburg October 16th 2020..

    1. The Democrats CONSPIRACY THEORY was the Russian Hoax. When that didn’t pan out, the next Conspiracy Theory was the Ukranian Hoax. IMPEACH Biden for his Quid Pro Joe act with Ukraine.

  3. He’s keeping an Army around himself because he/they have a guilty conscience. Paranoid even. When the majority did not vote for you, all you can do is rule. You’d think he’d pretend to play nice & behave as a President, not an El Presidente Dictator.

  4. this man? is so dumb I wonder if he is smart enough to wipe his bottom after he takes a sh– he don’t deserve the air that he breaths

  5. The founders did our Second Amendment for our countries protection, and the right for self protection and of family. I suggest that every one that doesn’t know what the Second Amendment is all about ,

    The Second Amendment was part of the Bill of Rights that was added to the Constitution on December 15, 1791. This amendment protects the rights of citizens to “bear arms” or own weapons such as guns. … They think this will help prevent shootings and keep criminals and mentally ill people from getting guns.

  6. The more that I read about this the more inclined I feel that the current administration is trying to take our guns and kill the second amendment. It seems as though history will repeat itself again (since it is being removed). There was something called “prohibition” but people still got their liquor and were able to drink and enjoy. If this happens with guns people will still be able to get them and the government won’t know who and where they are which defeats their whole purpose.

  7. Read the Preamble, the Constitution, and study basic American law, the only time we worry about the 2nd Amendment, is when dictators decide to take our rights away.
    Patrick Martin Ealem CPM (State of Texas) USA(Ret) DAV, MSM (2nd award)

  8. President Trump we can’t wait another moment for you to be back in the white house we don’t need dictator treason democrats we need you to get us back on board .joe Biden is going to destroy America help of Harris and the house we have had enough lies deceit deception we are well educated American citizens this has to stop this moment. Time to impeach the democrats starting with Biden looser family criminals each and everyone what he going to do next sell us out to China make the USA communist farenheight movie terrifying if your an American citizen.
    I don’t want to depend on the government l love my freedom my ancestors fought for that freedom life liberty pursuit of happiness
    None of that with this adnministration.these people all need to be locked up its the will of the American people.

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