NJ judge claims gunman who murdered her son also had plans to assassinate Justice Sotomayor: Judge

New details regarding the attempted assassination of a New Jersey federal judge in July 2020 have made the threat posed by the alleged gunman, who committed suicide following the assault, all the more concerning.

U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas, whose son was murdered and husband wounded in the targeted attack, revealed that her alleged assailant had also developed a plan to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, The Hill reported.

Salas claimed that an envelope was discovered in a locker owned by the assassin, an attorney named Roy Den Hollander, that contained personal information about Sotomayor and plans to kill her.

Plans to target Sotomayor

Salas shared the disturbing news during an interview with CBS60 Minutes that will air on Sunday. “They found another gun, a Glock, more ammunition. But the most troubling thing they found was a manila folder with a workup on Justice Sonia Sotomayor,” Salas said of the FBI’s search of Hollander’s locker.

“Who knows what could have happened? But we need to understand that judges are at risk,” she said. “That we put ourselves in great danger every day for doing our jobs.”

CBS noted that there has been a reported 400% increase in threats against federal judges over the past five years, ranging from threats of death or physical assault in phone calls, emails and letters to harassment and angry protests outside of courtrooms and homes.

A list of targets

The news of the assassination threat against Sotomayor is shocking but unsurprising, given that The New York Times reported in July 2020 that a list of a dozen other targets were discovered in Hollander’s rental car following his suicide.

That list included at least three other judges and two doctors among other individuals who the self-described “anti-feminist” attorney had personal scores to settle with.

It is believed that a recent diagnosis of terminal cancer was the spark that prompted Hollander to create the list and go on a killing spree seeking revenge, which included the murder of a rival “men’s rights” attorney in California just days prior to the assassination attempt against Salas.

Trump called for more protections

In response to the increased threat level, the U.S. Marshals have requested additional manpower and funding, and Salas has urged Congress to pass legislation granting additional protections to members of the federal judiciary.

Just days before he left office, former President Donald Trump issued an executive order calling for additional protections for federal judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials, as well as their families, including easier access to concealed carry weapons permits and increased protective measures from the Marshals Service when faced with threats.

Trump had specifically cited the assassination attempt against Salas that killed her son, as well as the increase in threats against federal officials and their families, as the justification for his order.

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11 Responses

  1. Democrats” This whole Presidential thing, it is very obvious now, that Biden is in, way over his mental capabilities, moving forward with his total leftist agenda, serving our Country up on a platter, for his Chinese obligations made, once all this fully becomes apparent to all Americans change will finally occur. He has made election promises, non of which he can keep, and his executive mandates will only satisfy for a little while longer. Family baggage will become his downfall, this man can not say promises made, promises kept to the American people, maybe to China The Country is more divided then ever before and it’s getting worse, keep taking American jobs away will come back additionally to be your downfold. Former White House physician Ronny Jackson told reporters he was “convinced” that Democratic Joe Biden, 77, does not have the cognitive ability to be commander-in-chief. “I’m pretty familiar with what it takes both physically and cognitively to do that job and what the demands of that job are,”

    1. Very well stated and I agree 100%. I wish, “we the people” could actually do something to fix this! It is so disheartening to see our country destroyed in bit by bit…….

    2. Interesting story. I recall Chuky Schumer standing on the steps of SCOTUS threatening 2 of the Justices. The FBI should investigate Chucky.

  2. I will use my imagination a lot here. My thinking is, Judges have recently started to “legislate from the bench” and in the slightly deranged mind that non-sense has to stop! To criticize without proposing a solution is simply “sour gripping” the issue. I have nothing to add except judges should not legislate from the bench and they should “limit” their rulings! You may argue I’m all sorts of wet, but I maintain this point, the pendulum always swings to the extreme before reversing course. Being a Judge these days is not easy. With my “elderly wisdom” I considered running for a political office and eventually a “judgeship” but my age and current comfortable income tells me I don’t need the stress, BS, and other things that station in life seems to come with.

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  5. Re: Dems and the courts. The Democratic party has been abusing the courts for over 30 years, counting on the liberal bias of a majority of the Judges to swing things to the left by legislation from the Bench. Trump with the aid of McConnell took a biiig bite out of that bias. This pendulum swung so far that it would not be incorrect to term the Dems the “Party of Lawlessness”, as exemplified by their recent theft of the 2020 election. Re: Biden’s mental capabilities. Biden is fading, no doubt, but he has been around so long that he can do many things on autopilot. As long as he listens to his handlers and has ALL the fake media on his side he will persist. Only a supergaffe will kill him and hurt the Demonrats. But that’s what Kamala is for.

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