Gunshot fired into house of Republican Pat Harrigan’s parents

A bullet was fired into the home of Pat Harrigan’s parents, striking just a few feet from where his children were sleeping.

The Carolina Journal revealed the startling report regarding the Oct. 18 incident regarding the North Carolina Republican congressional candidate.

The incident

Hickory Police Department spokesperson Kristen Hart said, “No one was injured, but the officers investigating did find evidence of a bullet casing which is being looked into.”

“Harrigan is running in North Carolina’s 14th Congressional District against State Sen. Jeff Jackson (D),” Breitbart News noted.

[Note: Some outlets wrongly reported the incident occurred at Harrigan’s home rather than at the home of his parents.]

The reaction

“Harrigan, a firearms manufacturer and former Green Beret, has since come forward to assert he would not be intimidated by the shooting, and that ‘death threats aren’t enough to knock this Green Beret off that mission,'” the Daily Mail reported.

“Because of these threats – which has spurred the ex-soldier to don bulletproof vests to campaign events – the family said the two girls had been living with their grandparents for much of the campaign cycle,” it added.

The frightening shooting has been among the most chilling events in a heated midterm election cycle.

In addition to Harrington, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi was recently attacked by a man with a hammer that fractured his skull, though it is unclear if the crime was politically motivated.

The midterms are just days away, with tensions rising as the nation heads to the ballot box during turbulent times.