Gupta confirmed for No. 3 role in Biden’s DOJ with help from Murkowski

President Joe Biden’s nominee for associate attorney general was just confirmed by the U.S. Senate in a 51 to 49 vote, The Hill reported.

Vanita Gupta clinched a top role in the Department of Justice (DOJ) with the support of all Senate Democrats and just a single Republican in the upper chamber. GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was the sole lawmaker to break with her party, The Hill noted.

A controversial pick

Gupta, for her part, had previously served as head of the DOJ’s civil rights division under President Barack Obama, a fact that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) touted in a floor speech ahead of the final vote to confirm. “Not only is Ms. Gupta the first woman of color to ever be nominated to the position, she is the first civil rights attorney ever to be nominated to the position — the third-ranking official in the Justice Department,” he said, according to NBC News.

“And just to give you a sense of Ms. Gupta’s commitment to civil rights and racial equity, in her very first case after law school, she won the release of several African Americans who had been wrongfully convicted by all-white juries in Texas,” Schumer added.

Republicans, meanwhile, were far less impressed with Gupta, who Texas Sen. Ted Cruz accused of operating with a left-wing bias.

“Your record is one of extreme partisan advocacy,” Cruz charged at an earlier hearing, as The Hill reported. “Your record is an ideologue.”

The Republican senator went on: “There’s a role in our democratic and political process for ideologues, people who are extreme, radical advocates. That role, I believe, is not being the No. 3 lawyer at the Department of Justice in charge of the impartial and fair administration of justice.”

“I wish I could take it back”

According to NBC News, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Gupta had “repeatedly amplified left-wing fear-mongering toward judicial nominees and sitting federal judges” and “levied attacks on members of this body.”

Other GOP lawmakers brought up controversial statements that Gupta has made in past, including her aggressive criticism of former President Donald Trump.

“I regret the harsh rhetoric I have used at times in the last several years,” Gupta admitted in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, according to The Hill.  “I think perhaps the rhetoric has gotten harsh over the past several years and I have fallen prey to it.

“I wish I could take it back,” Biden’s nominee added. “I can’t, but what I can commit to you and ask that you do is look at my lifelong record. I have, from early on in my career, sought out people who don’t always think like me, people who have very different views, because I believe in the importance of consensus to get things done.”

According to The Hill, Murkowski, for her part, explained that in voting for Gupta, she was merely giving “the benefit of the doubt to a woman who I believe has demonstrated through her professional career to be deeply, deeply committed to matters of justice.”

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    1. If the people of Alaska have any sense, she is gone in 2022! Trump will help see to it that she is gone!

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  3. Murkowski should be kicked out of the US Senate–She is a disgrace to the USA and the State of Alaska–Time to kick her out of everything NOW!!!!!!

  4. Murkowski is not the only one that needs to be removed! Every Dem holding an office needs to be removed. It appears that every Christian and Jew that voted for a Dem indicates they have no common sense. The only way these people will change is when their pocket books are hit. The Christians and Jews that voted for Biden show their stupidity.

  5. A shallow mea copa, just wait, another radical dem. Murkowski is an absolute idiot, she ended up in Alaska for a reason, likely social dysfunction.

  6. Murkowski is the worst RINO in the Senate with the possible exception of Romney. They both ned to be voted out of office and replaced with true conservatives and the sooner the better if we are to have any country left at all. This was not a gif the benefit of doubt time it was a weigh the persons past actions and tell her NO WAY we need somebody that walks the walk.

  7. Any true Americans must wake the heck up and vote the Rhino out of office, they are not serving you like they were hired by you to do.

  8. If the 75 million people who voted for president trump would break down and donate JUST ONE DOLLAR TO THE RNC. Maybe we can win back the house and Senate in 2022. less talk and more action. A dollar won’t hurt You
    But help Our Country.
    A patriot.

  9. April 24, 2021 at 4:58 pm
    If the 75 million people who voted for president trump would break down and donate JUST ONE DOLLAR TO THE RNC. Maybe we can win back the house and Senate in 2022. less talk and more action. A dollar won’t hurt You
    But help Our Country.
    A patriot.

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