White House blames gusty winds for Biden’s fall on Air Force One staircase

Given President Joe Biden’s advanced age of 78, there are legitimate, biological concerns regarding the status of his physical and mental health.

Those questions have only intensified following an incident Friday in which Biden tripped and fell three times while going up the stairs to board Air Force One — falls that the White House blamed on gusty winds, Breitbart reported.

Biden takes a tumble

President Biden and others in his administration were set to travel to Atlanta on Friday to address both a recent mass shooting there and to tout the purported COVID-19 “relief” contained in the so-called American Rescue Plan, but the “trip” quite literally got off on the wrong foot.

As can be seen in an unedited video shared by an NBC News producer, Biden stumbled and fell three distinct times while attempting to jog up the stairs to enter the presidential aircraft.

Blame it on the wind

During a “press gaggle” on board the executive jet while en route to Atlanta, principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was quizzed about Biden’s fall and how he was doing afterward.

“So, as you know, it’s pretty windy outside,” Jean-Pierre said. “It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself. He is doing 100% fine.”

Asked if the president had reinjured his previously broken foot, Jean-Pierre said: “He’s doing great. All I can tell you: He’s doing fine. He’s preparing for the trip today, and he is — he’s doing just great.”

The deputy spokeswoman was also pressed on whether the president had been checked out by a doctor. “I just — all I know is — I can tell you is he’s doing fine. He’s doing great,” she reportedly responded.

The bottom line

Breitbart’s John Nolte noted that while many in the media had justifiably scoffed at the wind being used as an excuse for Biden’s fall, he was actually inclined to believe it, as it simply underscored the prevailing perception among many on the right that Biden is a frail and weak old man.

While that may seem humorous to some, given Biden’s position as the leader of the free world, the perception of his fragility and weakness on the international stage would only serve to embolden our nation’s enemies and rivals, such as China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia, to name just a few.

If President Biden truly is so frail as to be repeatedly knocked over by gusts of wind, that doesn’t bode particularly well for America or the free world, and it is high time that the White House be completely honest and transparent about Biden’s physical and mental state, if only so concerns can be quelled.

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48 Responses

      1. He clearly is not capable of being the head of our country! With dementia very obvious, and his bumbling most of his speeches – at one point asking why he was at one location- and his hatred for those who were before him-doesn’t remember where he is or names the wrong names- do we really want someone like this to run our country? He belongs in a senior facility!!

    1. Definitely not me!! This man has a huge problem! They of course know that and just trying to cover up for him! For whatever reason, maybe because they want him to continue THEIR AGENDA and take the fall for what THEIR doing to this country!! It will only get worse you know? Kamala is another idiot yes person who listens to Obama, her king!!

    2. He better not come out her to Wyoming or Montana when we get winds up to 70mph and we don’t get blown up stairs or blown over walking to get the mail. Need a better excuse for why he fell up the stairs 3x’s.

    3. The real reason he tripped is the same as me, he’s frigging old. There is no getting around aging, if you survive you will age. Take pelosi she looks like she was dug up, if she had surgery it did no good.

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    1. Doubt it, Puliousy nd Chucky ‘Smuckie’ Schumer love running this country into the ground as the powers behind puppet Biden. They may 25th amendment him if Harris will follow their ruling of America. Remember Harris admitted to past behaviors that got several WH staffers fired.

    2. No. I give him up to two months before the plan to take him out is put into motion and harris/pelosi take over. Then watch what happens.

  2. Well they bought staying in the basement and not campaigning and then when they did, no one showed up because of COVID. People believe lies easily when you hate someone and don’t care about your country.

    1. Rick, sounds like a wonderful idea and hope if that happens that his VP and Piglousi are behind him and they all break their necks.

  3. What a crock! I don’t think most people will buy that explanation.
    Such a disgrace and to think we have to endure their ignorance! WE KNOW

  4. Here is a thought. While you are in Georgia, why not just take a hop over to Texas and actually see what a disaster you have wrought and even talk to the people that are in charge and work there. Might enlighten you a little…

  5. Everybody, I, too, believe if this president is so frail as to fall THREE TIMES in less than a minute, he’s too frail to be president of the greatest country in the world! This country was founded on the principle that we should be governed by the people! That is no longer the rule and we all know it!!
    As for the frailness of Biden, the democrats knew it and used the stupidity of a second failure to impeach President Trump in an effort to presage the use of ARTICLE #25 TO USE AGAINST BIDEN, After allowing the people to see who they elected!!
    I hope the idiots who voted him in, have now realized their incredible mistake/error!! God help us!!

  6. He is a doddrring old man who belongs in a memory facility. The wind is blamed for his so called running up steps, what a crock. If you want wind move to Colorado or Wyoming. You libs have excuses for everything.

  7. Falling is a sign you do not have a lot of time to live and your body is starting to shut down. It will not be a long time toll this fool falls down and breaks a bone or dislocate it’s hip

  8. At less their not blame Trump for his family, he said he’s in good shape my a-s this man can’t find his way home,and he sure don’t know who his wife is he call his sister his wife

  9. Biden once again humiliating himself Not and NEVER WILL BE PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL – sad to watch this CLUELESS PUPPET OF THE DNC –
    Jill really desperate to be First Lady – if I loved my husband would never put him in front of the world to be projected as a moron – NEVER!

    1. Jill is the one who pushed Biden to be president. She wanted to be ho of white house. Stupid loves lies and Demscraps are full of them. Thank the Lord for the people who searches more and realizes that what democrats are pushing is very un American. Search, and see what would’ve been done to people who was trying to destroy America.

  10. What does he weigh? 5lbs? 10 maybe? LOL… The man is feeble but wanted to act like a big boy and run up the stairs…if the whole video, from the bottom of the stairs, had been shown, you would see that.

  11. Hey biden how about getting your butt over to the border and welcome all the new welfare democrat voters

  12. Agree to all posts! That must have been some strong wind! I am almost 81 and the wind doesn’t blow me over! In fact, the wind in Arizona where I live gets really strong at times, I have No problem walking in it! Another demonrat lame excuse! He was trying to appear” young and spry” and it backfired! You can’t jog upstairs at his age without having a problem. Common sense!

  13. The last time I checked I saw HAND RAILS on the boarding steps. The idea is to hold onto the hand rails when climbing the stairs. Especialy if there is a high gusty wind blowing.
    By the way, would not that high gusting wind, if it existed, have blown the caps off of the heads of the security people standing alongside the stairs.
    They are all lieing which is the only thing they do and they do not do a good job of that.

  14. I agree with Kim and Patty–POOR EXCUSE–THE WIND. Come to the WINDY CITY OF CHICAGO and hold on the rope on Michigan Ave. Why didn’t his lady friend be right along side of him as she is in the WH?

  15. Those who voted for Biden have definitely not understood the consequences that are now happening. This beautiful country is becoming one of slavery instead of the freedom our Fathers have worked so hard to build. Too many citizens want FREE stuff, well you will get it now unless you, very quickly, reverse and get rid of all the traitors occupying DC. Wake up America now !!!!

  16. Here I thought it was Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath His Wings. We must deploy Forensic Scientists out to the site to find out if it was Tail Winds, Head Winds, or Side Winds to conclude who the culprit was. Spend a Trillion on this as this is a top priority, especially when we all know it wasn’t Winds, it was Gins. Many.


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