Gutfeld blasts mainstream media for promoting Russian collusion narrative: ‘You’re guilty too!’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld made his position clear on the impeachment “circus” currently underway on Capitol Hill.

While Democrats accuse former President Donald Trump of undermining American democracy, Gutfeld argued that those in the mainstream media who pushed the largely discredited theory that Russia colluded with Trump’s 2016 campaign are guilty of the same offense.

“Predetermined outcome”

As Mediaite reported, the host even held some of his own network’s personalities to task for their rhetoric.

His remarks came as the second impeachment effort against Trump transitioned from the House of Representatives to a trial in the Senate.

Democrats are making the argument that Trump incited an insurrection at the Capitol building by planting the idea in his supporters’ minds that the November election was rigged.

Critics in the GOP, however, have taken issue with several aspects of the proceedings, starting with the fact that Trump is now a private citizen. Others say that Democrats don’t have a leg to stand on after spreading the narrative that Trump stole the 2016 election with help from Russia.

Gutfeld riffed on several of those issues, condemning the trial as a “circus” with a “predetermined outcome.”

“Everyone is guilty”

He went on to declare that he refuses to be “lectured” by Democrats who largely downplayed or even supported the civil unrest that dominated many communities nationwide last summer.

The crux of his argument hinged on an assertion that everyone who played a role in promoting the Russian collusion allegation — including Fox News anchors who promulgated it — should be held to the same standards now being applied to Trump.

“If you believe that is true, then every anchor on MSNBC, every anchor on CNN, and a few anchors here at Fox News who also undermined democracy for four freaking years with the Russian hoax, they’re guilty too!” Gutfeld said. “Once you open this door, my friend, everyone is guilty.”

The host seemed particularly incensed over his belief that the entire impeachment effort amounts to an attack on the liberties of millions of pro-Trump Americans.

Gutfeld concluded: “These people pretend that they are concerned about the abuse of power, they are impeaching a private citizen over speech, a citizen who is proxy for 75 million voters. It’s not about Trump, it’s about you!”

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47 Responses

  1. Juan Williams doesn’t understand Gutfeld’s reasoning which is indicative of how all Lefties blindly feel. How much more frustration is in the tank before it explodes.
    Gutfeld has Guts.

    1. That is the lefts problem they think they feel so much more and think so much less then ppl with critical thought process

    2. I absolutely love Greig Gutfield and Jessie Watters ❤ thankyou for standing up to the evil and corrupt looney leftist and the hatred they spew towards others that don’t agree with their views. I love and support you all the way. Keep up the fight ❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    3. Juan Williams doesn’t understand anything anyone says, have you ever noticed the stupid look on his face when some of his co hosts are talking. I think he has a mental block on any conversation he is involved in. Another stupid liberal democrat.

      1. Hilarious, I too picked up on the facial expressions of Williams when political topics were discussed by the other hosts. I thought the poor guy was having a fit or that he was undergoing a form of facial paralysis.

        Unfortunately, FOX will probably unload Greg Gutfeld for having the temerity to speak the truth. FOX is becoming like the rest of the lame-stream-media. I suspect they will be coming after Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham next. They already threw Lou Dobbs, one of my favorites, under the bus…FOX should rename their network as FRAUD.

      1. chris wallace belongs on cnn with all his liberal buddies I stopped watching due to him, juan williams, I question Dana now

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  3. Evidently Gutfeld is the only one with balls to call out the liberal minions on Fox News! Thanks for stating the facts from the the democratic circus that has gone on for the last 4 years!!!

    1. It’s about time someone with cojones spoke up. The number of Republicans standing up are staggeringly few. If we don’t all stand up, our country is doomed. Complacency is approval.

      1. True! And this is what is going to be the downfall of the Republican Party.
        Other than the Republicans that stood for Trump there were too many backstabbing Republicans who could not wait to get rid of him.
        The Republicans think that they will take the House in “2022”, that will not happen, too many Republicans (~74.2 Million) feel betrayed by the party and I predict that many of those will say “The hell with it”; why bother voting when all you get are RINOS. SAD days are ahead…

  4. The leftist will now go after Gutfeld & try to ruin him as they do with ANYBODY that tells the truth about them. Hang in there Greg, we are with you!

    1. too bad the companies don;t grow up and tell the attacker sto shut up and go away. then say really loud on tv: ‘if you don’t like our programming watch someone else”

  5. Greg is speaking for 75million voters there are democrats in that number there are Trump Democrats like there were Ragan Democrats stand your ground Greg

  6. I really do believe that Fox News must go thru a drastic change in management from the very top down, I do believe that it was last December that Fox News management force their key people to bow to liberal demands to make certain comments away from what these key people really believed in.

    1. fox is dead. their ratings are in the toilet. they were number one by a large margin. they change in direction destroyed the company. if hannity goes they are done completely.

      they need to tell the whole executive staff they are fires and replace them with conservative black people so that no one can say a thing about them. then they need to replace any lost hosts with conservative minority hosts. It will drive the liberals insane. Meanwhile conservatives will love it.

      Why? because conservatives don’t care about skin color just honesty. while liberals only care about skin color. Can you say racists? Well those liberals are supporting the democrats KKK party.

  7. Way to go Mr. Gutfeld! It’s about time someone had the guts to tell the truth about this sham and what has become of the people elected to represent us in government. Folks need to stand up for our justice system but not the one we have now. It has become so biased and warped that no one knows what the hell is going on anymore. Our elected officials are all puppets to some degree and only interested in riding the gravy train. Do we have any true patriots in office anymore. I am absolutely sick of all of them. Study your history people. This whole mess is not going to end well.

  8. Greg is one of the 3 Fox commentators who are strong enough to call a spade a spade and the flaming progressive liberals a menace to our America. Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingram carry the torch for we the voters. Jessie Watters and Judge Jeanne are two more that speak the truth.

    Joe Biden, you have sold our America to China.

    We will be fighting to get it back.

  9. well he is right. facebook, twitter,and google all incited and exacerbated the situation with they obvious bias. Pelosi was constantly calling people names and inciting violence. Adam schiffs constant lying pissed off more then half the country. The news medias complete black out of anything negative about Bedin, pelosi, newsom, whitmer, and others cause hatred everywhere.

    A lot of people still don;t know about Biden Inc and the corruption. a lot of people still don’t know Omar violated laws all over the place.

    The divide in america is directly a result of the news media and democrats constant lying and fake truth.

    This divide is not going away. Even antifa is starting to turn on the democrats. the fact is people are fed up with the lying and corruption.

    Even the claims trump is corrupt are a lie. He lost money being president. Thin about that. Meanwhile Biden’s corruption has made him rich. now those corrupt? yes biden’s corrupt.

  10. I give GG and huge applaud and a 100% on his word. He had the guts to speak the truth we all had been waiting to hear. Hallelujah Greg we are all 75 + millions hand it to you ! We need you in the Republican party not on Fox with Juan Williams who does not understand the truth you spoke. You have the strength and the way to put words. Trump did not collude with Russia it was a Hoax to stear Hillary’s emails away from the public and they all paid the HUGE PRICE OF THE LIE FOR A CROOKED, CORRUPT AND CRIMINAL WOMAN WHO SOLE THE USA TO THE EENEMY OF OF AMERICA FOR MONEY SHE IS MONEY HUNGRY ! THANK YOU GREG GUTFIELD YOUR FIRST THREE LETTERS OF YOU LAST NAME SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.

  11. We are with you, Greg! Sometimes The President was his own worst enemy, but that goes for every one of us. He is the best President since Ronald Reagan!

  12. I have not watched fox news since nov 8.I only watch oan and newsmax now.Greg Gutfield is what real news is suppose to look like.People like cris wallace Juan williams and others are doing to fox what kepernickey did to the NFL.Both are run by morons.The people who used to watch the NFL Will not be back-same with fox viewers-how stupid.

    1. Same here we haven’t watched the 5 since October was off and on now totally off can’t stand Juan or brizal if that’s how spell her name love to watch you 4 DVR from from 7 PM thru 11 week days 3 shows Saturday night and 3 show on Sunday night use to watch all shows every day

  13. I love Greg and Jesse but cannot deal with Juan Williams anymore. I haven’t watched The Five or should I say, The Four and the Buffoon for months now. We still like watching Greg’s show on Sat night though along with the Judge and Jesse’s program. The left are so full of evil..

  14. I have always liked Gutfield Waters, and a few of the others that make an appearance.
    I dont know what to say about Juan. I would love to say that he is just playing a character so that it doesnt sound like an echo chamber, but some of the dumb stuff that comes out of his face………

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