Gutfeld rails against Fox News co-host over dismissal of nationwide crime surge

Over the course of 2020, cities across the U.S. registered a sharp increase in murder and violent crime.

Those statistics have been largely downplayed by those in the mainstream media, however, as Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld pointed out in a contentious segment of The Five this week, according to the Daily Caller.

“The mugshots that you would prefer”

In particular, Gutfeld reportedly criticized the tendency of news outlets to ignore crime trends that do not align with the prevailing progressive talking points.

At one point during the on-air discussion, a tense shouting match erupted between Gutfeld and co-host Juan Williams.

After Williams asserted that crime fears are the result of a right-wing “fantasy,” he laughed off Gutfeld’s recitation of statistics showing an uptick in violent crime.

“There is no crime,” Williams proclaimed, to which Gutfeld noted that criminal activity has gone up in all corners of the country.

“Felonious assault up 42%, grand larceny up 81%, murder is up 51% since 2019, and again I say hate crime is up 500%, but that does not matter because the felons don’t match the mugshots that you would prefer,” Gutfeld retorted, according to the Daily Caller.

“Facts tell nothing to him”

Gutfeld went on to take aim at the popular leftist narrative of “systemic racism,” arguing that white unarmed suspects are more likely to die at the hands of police.

He warned that toxic “ideology” is serving to demoralize those working in law enforcement, thus making exacerbating the crime problem.

While many on the left focus on police reform, there is considerably less emphasis on addressing the crime rate. For the better part of a year, progressive activists have fixated on police brutality even as they downplayed the lawlessness that came to define many protests and riots across the U.S.

Of course, Gutfeld is not alone in expressing concern about the indifference of many in the media regarding crime statistics. Independent journalist Michael Tracey recently insisted that he been personally accused of spreading reactionary propaganda simply for reporting statistics.

Joe Simonson of the Washington Examiner reported that murder rates have reached levels not seen since the 1990s. It seems the facts no longer matter to a growing segment of the population — because as former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov once said, a person who is thoroughly propagandized is “unable to assess true information” and the “facts tell nothing to him.”

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15 Responses

  1. Williams should be removed from the 5 immediately,he is a mouth peace of BLM and the left with no idea what the truth is.

    1. I agree to get rid of Juan Williams.
      O’Reilly used to school him and he did not say boo.
      He had now tuned into a liberal mouthpiece and gets his facts wrong.
      In fact, he never has any valid facts and G. Gutfeld was 100% correct and he had proven facts.

    2. I have been praying along for Fox to get rid of Juan Williams. He only knows the radical side of the story and is not interested in the true facts of any story. He criticizes white supremacy whatever that is, he praise BLM and Antifa who robe, rioted and looted, burned and committed unheard brutal attacks on people who did not agree with them. Juan Williams is as un-American as you can get.

    3. Williams needs to stay on there as objectivity is a blessing.
      It brings out the other side’s views to which all of them can easily be rebutted.
      Never be afraid of these Lefties who always have their foot in their mouth.

  2. Gutfeld is correct, what has happen to law
    and order. It only applies to conservatives.
    Or country is being destroyed.

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  4. Juan Williams is married to a White woman, and has been for years. They are grandparents. How she puts up with him is beyond me.

  5. I can’t remember a time when Williams was worth the good air he wastes. He’s nothing but another puppet shill for the Commiecrats who lies like they do.

  6. Williams gets paid to defend the left; he is not worth it: he needs to go bc frankly he doesn’t make any sense. O’Reilly saved him years ago; he has outlived his usefulness

  7. Juan’s expertise is in deflection when hit with facts. Lefties deal in fear to create victims and gov’t largess for them and dependency for power and control.

  8. Fox news should be great full for Greg. Most American people would of Knocked Juan on his butt. Fox news thinks it cute to put a lying piece of trash on their news outlets then goodbye.

  9. I used to like the five but I couldn’t stand to listen to Juan Williams. I stopped watching Fox altogether most of the people on there are either for the left or are too afraid to report the truth. I miss the honest ones. I stopped watching when that blank blank called Biden the winner.

  10. Juan needs to go. He makes no sense and never stays on point of the issue being discussed. How he got this far is unbelievable

  11. Frankly, Juan is ignorant and a complete moron, and I don’t understand WHY they keep him on the show except for the frivolity! Obviously, he doesn’t have an original thought or comment and it’s beyond me ‘why’ he wants to continue to be humiliated – except I don’t think he even recognizes it! HOWEVER, I thoroughly enjoy it when Greg rips him apart for his ignorance and stupidity… as do Dagen & Watters.. of course-others do also but are a smidge more subtle!!! Have noticed that “Outnumbered” no longer has representatives from the Left!

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