Half of Americans think Harris is unqualified to be president, majority have unfavorable opinion: Poll

Among the most important qualifications for any vice president is a perceived ability to fully assume the duties of the presidency in an instant.

According to a recent poll, however, a majority of likely U.S. voters are apparently not convinced that Vice President Kamala Harris is up to the task.

Voters unsure about qualifications

As the Biden administration closes in on its first 100 days, Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,000 likely U.S. voters between April 19-20 to gauge their opinion of Harris so far.

The survey, which comes with a margin of error of about 3%, found that a slim majority held an unfavorable view of her performance and do not believe she is capable and qualified to take over for President Joe Biden if the need arises.

Pollsters reported that 51% of respondents held an unfavorable view — including 43% who said described their opinion as “very unfavorable.” In contrast, 46% expressed a favorable opinion, with 28% registering a “very favorable” impression of the vice president.

As for her qualifications to immediately succeed Biden, half say she is not up to the task, which is four points higher than the 46% who think she would be ready for the top job right now.

At roughly the same point in the Trump administration, Rasmussen similarly polled 1,000 likely voters about then-Vice President Mike Pence’s capabilities.

Similar results found in other polls

In that survey, 63% said he would be qualified to take over for then-President Donald Trump, including 40% who believed his was “very qualified.” On the other hand, just 32% said he was unqualified, which included 15% who described him as “not at all qualified” to serve as commander in chief.

It seems Harris still has some work to do in convincing Americans not only that she is qualified to take the helm if needed, but also that she is performing well in her current role.

Another survey conducted by Statista polled 1,490 U.S. adults earlier this month and found that the vice president had a combined favorability rating of 45%, including 19% who found her “somewhat favorable” and 26% who described their opinion as “very favorable.”

Her combined unfavorability rating was one point higher, though, with a full 35% registering a “very unfavorable” opinion.

While the RealClearPolitics average of polls gives Harris a 5.7% positive spread in her favorability rating, a glance at the individual survey results shows that for every few polls revealing an even or slightly negative view, there are a couple of polls portraying her as widely popular with a double-digit positive spread that seems laughably out of place in comparison to the other results.

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17 Responses

      1. Princess spread eagle , heel up harris is getting exposed for what she is … a fraud who slept her way to the VP. Maybe even Prez.
        What a disaster when the buffoon implodes and “DOCTOR,” Jill cannot stand in for him anymore.

    1. We the voters are not unsure about Commie being able to do the job. Harris is as inept for any government job as Creepy Joe is. We have a president and Vice President that aren’t even in those jobs legally. The 2020 election was so sloppy in how it was done. A person could just laugh if it weren’t so disgusting.The same tactic was done for Hillary in 1016 but they didn’t think Trump would get so many votes that they(dems) didn’t stuff enough ballots and do 2020 was over stuffed so bad everyone knew right away what they had done. Beware for 2022.

  1. I would like to see the poll results that are just democrats and see what her popularity is. These are registered voters, that can be any party. I did not vote for her, Biden or Trump as I did not care for any of them, but I did vote.

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  3. Camela is not a Natural Born Citizen. Mom & Dad were not citizens at her birth therefore, she is an Anchor Baby. She is not even qualified for VP. The
    If she is deemed qualified, then every anchor baby is qualed. That will include all the illegals pouring in over the southern border,

  4. No one in the Biden administration is qualified to do anything but tell lies, and, so far, that’s all they have done.

  5. she makes Dan quail look like a genius, and that maniacal laugh ,gives her a Marvel / DC costumed super villain status

  6. It doesn’t matter what we think about VP, Kamala Harris is in charge. And she has her own style avoiding attacking individuals, rather trying helping migrants…It is how major decisions has been pronounced by Joe Biden.
    And our opinio s cannot change a bit, only we exchange our thoughts.snd concerns.
    Perhaps our entire governing system fell apart after fraudulent presidential election, and our hope goes to the better days when this administration come to stop, and guilty of corruption will face prosecutions, paying back for committed crimes against Americans. They forgot, that they have been elected to serve The PEOPLE and not enhancing their personal carriers.
    Breaking Immigration laws is sever crime punishable by imprisonment and or death.So is the treason.

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