Half of Americans want Trump prosecuted for allegedly mishandling classified documents

Last month’s raid by FBI agents on the home of former President Donald Trump continues to be controversial, and polling data suggests that whatever comes next will be even more divisive.

According to a new survey, Americans are deeply split over whether the former president should be prosecuted over his alleged keeping of classified documents. 

Americans divided along party lines

As the Washington Examiner reported, the poll published by Quinnipiac University on Wednesday found that 50% of respondents believed prosecutors should indict Trump compared with 41% who said they should not.

Those results varied considerably by party affiliation: whereas 86% of Democrats thought prosecuting Trump would be appropriate, 83% of Republicans said otherwise.

Just over three-quarters of respondents said they were following the story closely, with 38% indicating that they were following it very closely while another 38% said they were somewhat closely following it.

“While the Justice Department weighs the evidence, Americans have been watching closely and have their own verdict: Former President Trump’s alleged hoarding of classified documents was very serious, very wrong, and half of Americans believe it was a criminal act,” Quinnipiac polling analyst Tim Malloy declared.

The Examiner noted that figures in Washington have also exhibited sharply different reactions to the prospect of Trump being put on trial, with Republicans expressing hostility.

Sen. Lindsay Graham compares Trump’s treatment with that given to Hillary Clinton

Among them is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who contrasted Trump’s situation with how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was treated in 2016.

“If there is a prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling the classified information after the Clinton debacle, which you presided over and did [a] hell of a good job, there will be riots in the streets,” Graham said during a Sunday appearance on Fox News.

It emerged during the 2016 presidential race that Clinton used an unsecured private server to store official emails, some of which contained classified information.

However, then-FBI Director James Comey ultimately decided not to recommend that the Department of Justice (DOJ) bring criminal charges against Clinton despite describing her conduct as being “extremely careless.”