Sean Hannity slams Joe Biden’s record on race: ‘What did Biden do?’

Who does the Democrats’ presumptive White House nominee think he’s fooling?

Fox News host Sean Hannity gave former Vice President Joe Biden a dressing down Wednesday for trying to act “woke” on racial issues all of a sudden after a career spent making racially-charged remarks and passing tough-on-crime legislation, Fox News reported.

“What did Biden do?”

Biden’s long career in Congress first came under scrutiny last year, when his role in crafting harsh crime policies as a senator was thrust under the microscope.

The Democrat has since gone “woke” and is now trying to revamp his image as a crusader against “systemic racism” as unrest over George Floyd’s death sweeps the nation — but Hannity said Wednesday that Biden “has a track record that does not match his rhetoric,” according to Fox. Indeed, Biden seems to have done little since entering politics to solve racial injustices, Hannity said.

“Way back in 1973, he was first sworn in as a U.S. senator, so what did Biden do to end racism during his six terms in the U.S. Senate?” Hannity asked during his Wednesday program, Fox reported. “His two terms in the as vice president of the United States?”

Hannity recalled Biden’s role in crafting the 1994 crime bill, which has been linked with the mass incarceration of black Americans, as well as controversial comments Biden has made — like the time he called black youth “predators” during the 1990s while railing against urban crime.

Biden also infamously remarked in 2007 that Barack Obama was the “first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean,” Hannity noted.

Under Joe’s watch

Indeed, Biden has long had a reputation for putting his foot in his mouth — and it’s not getting any better as he ages. Hannity made note of Biden’s recent “you ain’t black” moment and suggested that the Democrat is “hiding in his basement” because of unfortunate moments like these.

Even during his vice presidency, as racial tensions worsened, Biden didn’t do much to fix discrimination issues, Hannity said.

“It was under Barack [Obama] and Joe’s watch [that] Ferguson happened, Baltimore happened,” the Fox host pointed out. “Does that sound like a man who is particularly worried about racism to you?”

Now, Biden is vowing to immediately seek sweeping reforms to policing if he wins the presidency, although he does not agree with defunding the police, as NBC Boston reports.

Perhaps Biden will finally live up to his own standards. But when it comes to a man like “Joe 30330,” can anyone really trust what he’s saying?

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