Hannity says Senate GOP should dump McConnell as leader over stance on Trump impeachment

Fox News host Sean Hannity says it’s time for Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to step aside from his post after the Senate Republican leader turned on Donald Trump.

According to the Washington Examiner, Hannity slammed McConnell on Tuesday for having shown “contempt” for the former president and his base by supporting the ongoing impeachment effort.

Time for new leadership?

McConnell blamed Trump this week for having “provoked” a mob of supporters that stormed the Capitol in early January, hinting that he might convict Trump in an unprecedented impeachment trial of a former president; a conviction would make it possible to bar Trump from seeking federal office again.

The effort has divided the GOP between Trump loyalists and a Republican establishment, typified by McConnell, that Trump swept aside four years ago with his MAGA movement.

McConnell is said to want to purge Trump from the party, and apparently, the feeling is mutual with Trump’s ardent supporters.

Hannity called McConnell the “king of establishment Republicans” and said it’s time for “new leadership” that doesn’t fold against left-wing narratives.

“We need new leadership in the U.S. Senate,” he said Tuesday, as the Washington Examiner reported. “You’re showing, basically right now, that you are the king of the establishment Republicans that frankly have always had, and remain having, contempt for President Trump, but more importantly, the 75 million Americans that voted for him.”

A looming fight

Hannity also said that no Republicans should support the impeachment “charade,” but that he suspects a handful, like Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Mitt Romney (R-UT), and Ben Sasse (R-NE), might.

The Fox host accused McConnell of hatching a “scheme” with Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who gained the majority this week, and excoriated the Kentucky Republican as representing a “spineless” establishment that works to protect a “swamp” that wants to “cancel” Trump and his America First movement, Mediaite reported.

“Establishment Republicans have no backbone, no principle, no courage, no vision. Too many politicians in D.C. are just far too willing to go along, get along, and protect the swamp,” Hannity said, according to Mediaite.

“And that is why conservatives, like myself, well, we’re tired of these empty promises, and your rehearsed speeches, and never getting anything done,” he added.

Polling shows a majority of Republican voters are against the effort, which Republican Sen. Rand Paul (KY) has warned would “destroy” the party, as Fox News reports.

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88 Responses

  1. Until the Republican Party does a total turn around, I will not be voting! I was a Democrat until Obama showed up, then I went Republican! Now the republicans are the extension of the demonrats, no guts, no spine! WHERE are the true patriots? Clearly not in either party now, just grifters, grafters, liars! I hope Oresident Trump does start snother patty, I will join!

      1. I agree, if they are so scared of having an opinion they can’t stand be the party they are suppose be, they need to be out. It doesn’t matter which party, they are traitors.

    1. Patty, I’m with you. For way too long the Repubs have done a lot of talking but no action. Pres Trump showed us that things can get done quickly and even ol’ Pelosi sure got impeachment through quickly. Watch the Repubs tell us that they can’t do anything because they are in the minority. The Dems was in the minority for the past 4 years and we sure heard from them!!!! I will not vote Repub unless I see action from Rep Senators and Representatives. No more excuses!!!!!

    2. Count me in. I have been a Voting as A Republican for 60 years. Now, I am totaly ashamed of some Republicans that has turned their backs on the American people. THEY SHOULD TOTALLY BE ASHAMED OF THEIR SELFS. We finally had/have a President that stood up for America and the people and was sacrificed as Jesus was by Judis. I pray that God has mercy on our lives. COUNT ME IN ON THE NEW PARTY. If I could only shoutout from the towers, I am to old to give a crap what people think about me. God Bless America and our prayers are with President Trump.

  2. Mitch Mcconnel needs 2 b kicked 2 the curb like these 10 other republicans voted 4 impeachment

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  4. Hope Trump DOES create another party- republicans have shown again they are not fighters and have been bought. Trump ‘s new party should be aggressive and hungry with an anti- commmunist attitude. It should eat up the institutional slobs that just keep getting re- elected and do squat. Dems do too but are commie/ paid. We must tear out the communists in our nation no matter what the cost and militarily confront them to protect our country. Kick them out of our schools and teaching positions and throw away the printed garbage being fed to our kids.

  5. All 10 should be kicked out of GOP. I feel that they all have been paid by ?? To go against our Duly Elected President Trump.
    I hope they are dealt with by God, and know the reason why. May God Bless our Duly Elected President Trump and the USA and and our Great Military and all our Great Patriots. AMEN!

  6. I am a concretive and was not in Washington and did not condone the breaking into the Capitol. What makes me ill is the way the democrats with their rabid hate for Trump is putting our country in jeopardy. What makes me angry is the fact they let all of those riots over the summer even to occupy Portland, burn , kill,, destroy peoples lively hood and even now cover up the fact that your own democratic office was burned and looted as Biden was sworn into office. By, people saying they don’t want Biden ,they want revenge Revenge from what That is why people are angry. Your smug little lies will come back to haunt you one day when all the conservatives are silenced and they come after you.

  7. Look up the act of 1871 and you will understand what is wrong with America! The act of 1871 was past because we were bankrupt after the civil war and bailed out by the elites of Europe and Britain. This is how our constitution is ignored by our traitors in the house and senate.

      1. Conflict of interest. No sitting president or Congress member or their immediately shall have business with foreign governments. Of course, this is only my opinion.

      2. So is McConnell, How much has China paid him off. He needs to be investigated along with Biden, his son, Harris and Polosi. They are all back standing Democrats. But, I have a gut feeling that the FBI AND CIA Are in the pockets of the Democrats that I mentioned

  8. McConnell should step done is a poor week leader even perhaps a RINO looking to please the Democrat administration so he can keep his job.
    For four years they allowed the Dems to discredit our BEST PRESIDENT.
    They allowed the Dems to control the Main Stream Media to besmirch our President and to impeach him without any evidence of any high crimes or misdemeanors. Just because they can.
    They use the word unconstitutional of Trump while they are hard at work to remove the constitution.
    They want to stack the SUPREME COURT so that they commit their corruption agenda and get a free ride from court.
    They want to install Obama as a judge so that they can get there sooner.
    The Government is commuting CIVIL WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    We need to take strong immediate measures now before it is too late.
    Rebellion is the only measure they will understand. They are incapable of compromising.
    They must be forced out arrested sent to GITMO DOMESTIC TERRORISM!

  9. Any Republican who sides with the Democrats to impeach Trump who is no longer a sitting president and is unconstitutional under the law shall not be re-elected and their constituents shall proceed with a recall. I heard and saw the video clip and at no time did I hear Trump say anything about rioting. Intruders in with the protesters caused the riots caused by the Democrats. Trump was for the American citizens and putting American’s first. First day in office under Biden America lost 11,000 jobs by cancelling the XL Pipeline.. however, that doesn’t includes refineries, administration, truckers, etc. One stupid decision cost American jobs, state and federal revenues, bridges and roads repair, etc. Well Union Leaders… you really picked a winner didn’t you?
    Attention: UNION LEADERS stop picking the party and pick the man/woman who supports your business and lifeline.

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