Hannity blasts Dems’ double standards ahead of vote to strip Greene of committee assignments

The U.S. House of Representatives moved Thursday to strip Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments in what Fox News called an “unprecedented” vote that largely broke down along party lines. The day before the vote, Sean Hannity made his opinion known on the matter.

According to Fox, the Hannity host ended any speculation that he was on board with controversial statements Greene has made in the past, but said, “There is not a single conservative I know that shares those conspiratorial beliefs.”

What’s more, Hannity charged, while Greene is being held to account, many on the left are getting free passes.

“They have all the power”

“The Democratic Party, yes, they have a lot of fringe conspiracy theorists and agitators, except they are not little-known in their party,” Hannity complained, according to Fox.

“They are literally running the whole show for the Democratic Party,” the Fox host added. “They set the agenda, and they have all the power.”

According to Fox, Hannity’s remarks came in reference to progressive Dems like Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who the host accused of making anti-Semitic statements, and Rep. Maxine Waters (CA), who Hannity alleged had pushed inciteful rhetoric against former President Donald Trump.

“If Democrats ought to purge Taylor Greene from committees, then this same standard must be applied to them, right?” Hannity said Wednesday, as Fox reported. “Out of fundamental fairness.”

Who’s next?

It’s a possibility that may actually materialize; according to USA Today, five House Republicans have “sponsored a proposed amendment to remove Omar from [her] committees.”

“Leftist Members of Congress have advocated for violence, anti-Semitism, anti-law enforcement, [and] other sentiments that have violated rules of decorum [and] principles of American decency,” Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, one of the Republicans who has signed onto the resolution against Omar, said in a tweet, USA Today reported. “That’s why I’m calling for Rep[.] Omar to be removed from her committee.”

In the meantime, Greene has been removed from the House Education and Labor panel and the Budget panel after 11 Republicans voted with Democrats against her Thursday, ABC News reported.

The vote came down 230–199.

Among those who voted for Greene to be stripped of her assignments were Republican Reps. Adam Kinzinger (IL), Nicole Malliotakis (NY), Maria Salazar (FL), and John Katko (NY), according to ABC.

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14 Responses

  1. It is a strange upsidedown world right now. Good is bad and bad is good. In DC criminals running the asylum but with many of the douments released they have been for some time. McConnell, Pence, paul ryan, romney, McCarthy were undermining President Trump from before he came down the escalator. The problem, is that President Trump loves America and wanted it to do well. For the rest of the politicians it was another piggy bank and a power base not to do good except for themselves. See where a poll of republicans were asked if President Trump started a new party would you join – the majority by many said yes. Hope he does because I am going to join and help him recover the remains of America – whatever is left after the jo and ho destruction party.

      1. We will!!! Don’t think your a winner, yo will soon find out that your a loser, wait and see !!!!! your love will come to an end……..

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  3. The criminals (dems) have spent the past five years instead of earning their big fat salaries serving we the people, have been constantly attacking President Trump and planning how to rig the election and, how to take complete control over the government fixing it where no republican will be able to take back the W.H. again ever, by removing all republicans one way or another, keeping TRUMP from running again and rewriting the voting rules so they can cheat and win again as they are getting away with this time. Question is with this all being very clear, what is to be ?

  4. The people of this country should put the democrats out of their offices in this coming 2022 election and also the rino republicans. The people of this country need to have the right people in office to work for the people of this country. In our constitution it says, WE THE PEOPPLE , That means the people of this country run this country and not the political parties and the senate and congress for suppose to work for the people of this country and not their selves.

    1. That sounds great but how can we ever trust an election again? They will probably drag this pandemic out so they can force mail in voting in 2022 and maybe til 2024. Democrats are the enemy of the people but short of a Civil War what the hell can we do???

      1. We need voter ID
        If you can go to Walmart and shop….you can go and vote
        if you can’t, you get a doctor’s slip….easy

    2. And just think they get raise that we don’t yet to boot. They are all overpaid and something should be done about it. One should not go into politics to get rich but that is what has been happening. WE need to reduce all salaries for government workers of both parties. Let them find out how the rest of us live for once.

  5. Yes I totally agree with Sean Hannity what their doing to Republicans they should also do to any Democrat who makes or even worse statements then Congresswomen Greene. Like Steve Margaret said too Danno “Bookem Danno”. This includes Adam Schiff , AOC, Ohmar, Jerry Nader, Maxine Walters, and least we not forget Nancy Pelosi herself to name a few the list goes on.

  6. Republicans will not win another election until they find a way to neutralize or overcome the Dominion voting machines.

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