Hannity asks ‘who’s really in charge’ as Kamala Harris takes on greater role in foreign policy

Many have speculated on whether Vice President Kamala Harris would eventually take over as the de facto head of the administration before President Joe Biden’s term is complete, due to Biden’s age or health.

Fox News host Sean Hannity wondered Friday if that anticipated transition of power isn’t already underway to an extent, based on recent reporting indicating that Harris is taking on a more prominent role in foreign policy.

Harris digs into foreign policy

During the opening monologue of Friday’s “Hannity,” the eponymous Fox host spent a few moments discussing “who’s really in charge” in the Biden administration.

He cited a recent Politico article that reveals how Harris, with encouragement and support from Biden, is receiving a “crash course” on foreign policy and that Biden had “urged her to engage with foreign leaders directly and develop her own rapport with key U.S. partners.”

While that may partly be due to the fact that Harris has little foreign policy experience of her own, the more obvious and “strategic” goal is to prepare her for the eventuality that she will be his successor, either by way of replacing him prior to the expiration of his term or being the heir-apparent and frontrunner for the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2024 or beyond.

The article notes that Harris has already spoken one-on-one with several prominent world leaders, as confirmed by White House phone call readouts. She is also holding weekly meetings with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and has surrounded herself with top aides who have spent their careers dealing with foreign policy and national security issues.

Is Biden not up to the task?

“According to a new shocking Politico report, Vice President Harris is quickly being prepped to take the foreign policy reins from the Biden administration,” Hannity said Friday. “Biden is now reportedly encouraging his vice president to engage directly with world leaders — that would be his job — and by the way, even develop her own rapport with U.S. allies.”

“Harris has also been meeting weekly with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. So the question tonight is, why?” he continued.

“If Joe Biden is not up to the task, well, we know that he rarely appears in public, we know that he takes very few questions. We know he hasn’t even scheduled a joint session of Congress for the State of the Union address,” Hannity said.

He later added, “We can all see with our own eyes that Joe is frail, he is weak, and yes, he’s struggling cognitively.”

Concern over nuclear codes

“Even a few dozen Democrats now are trying to take away the nuclear codes from Joe Biden so it’s not in the hands of just him, one person,” Hannity said, “and his vice president now holding one on one calls with other world leaders.”

“So what’s really going on here? Who’s in charge? And by the way, should we be concerned?” he asked.

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13 Responses

  1. Harris is NOT Eligible to be VP or POTUS as she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, a requirement of our Constitution, as both her parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of her birth. A lawsuit has been filed in San Diego and she will be OUT soon!

    1. Well if it comes down to the SCOTUS ruling whether she is elligibe to be in the WH, those cowards will NEVER go against the dems. These justices are corrupt just like the FBI.

      1. I have to agree with you on this. SCOTUS is a HUGE disappointment and has shown us they too are bought and paid for.

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  3. As the commands for Biden and Harris will be followed, their commander (America’s enemy-Illuminati) will protect them as their counterparts before them.

  4. I cannot stand that trashy Harris. I have a feeling that down the road. Something is about to go terrible wrong. Harris had a lot of bad connection bad/tasteless foreign friends. This is just a beginners. Wonder what Harris is up to? She is just like Obama and she is not a US citizen. Lie, cheat and steal and more. Go Trump

  5. As Americans will we ever feel safe again … will we ever be independent of our usage and will we ever know the truth behind the demorat parties control of our election!

  6. From the day the fraud was allowed to pretend to be president of the
    United States his day were numbered. He is an incompetent Buffon and
    incapable of wiping his own backside but he is a certified criminal who
    has abused his political office with foreign nationals to enrich himself and
    his family. At best he will only be allowed to remain as pretend president
    for 6 months before they Article 25 him out of office and put Karmela in.
    When that happens I strongly suspect that you will see Nancy Pelosi taking
    over the reins and also removing Karmela so Queen Nancy can run roughshod over the American People. How long that will be tolerated by the American people remains to be seen and how bad she alienates the Base completely.

  7. I’m not sure which would be worse, Harris or Pelosi. But what really gets to me is that his wife and those around him would allow him to make such a terrible decision to run and win when he is definitely challenged. What a shame that they are so hungry for money and power that they would subject him to such ridicule. Shame on them. Remember, what goes around comes around.


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