Sean Hannity decries Kamala Harris for being ‘absent’ at border as crisis worsens

During an evening broadcast of Fox News’ Hannity on Friday, host Sean Hannity decried Vice President Kamala Harris’ absence at the border since being assigned by President Joe Biden over two weeks ago to address the situation.

“Kamala Harris has been seen pretty much everywhere except the border in recent weeks,” Hannity said. “She has yet to make a visit, hold a press conference or even sit in on a meeting about the situation.”

Hannity’s guest on the program, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, said Harris has not responded to his offer to tour the border and that the crisis there will impact “the entire country,” not just the border areas.

“Felon in everyone’s neighborhood”

The Biden administration has “decriminalized and incentivized border crossings,” Brnovich said. From his experience as a former gang prosecutor, Brnovich said he estimates that a billion dollars will go into the pockets of drug cartels as a result of the current surge in border crossings.

“Joe Biden is going to put a felon in everyone’s neighborhood,” he said.

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller, another guest on the program, agreed. “What you are seeing on the border right now is the worst border crisis in US history,” Miller said.

“1,000 a day are getting into the country without being caught at all because our Border Patrol agents are being pulled off the line to deal with the humanitarian crisis,” he said. “That means criminals getting in, drugs, weapons, contraband, sex offenders getting in.”

Hannity noted that there are now child abuse allegations in at least one migrant children’s facility, including accusations of the rape of children.

Hurting the country

Miller argued that drugs aren’t the worst problem at the border, as terrorists and other dangerous criminals coming are in.

Biden has essentially shut down the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, and is preventing criminals with records from being deported.

What will the impact of this crisis be on the United States? A huge spike in crimes like sexual assault and drug-related offenses, scarcer resources, more poor and needy people, and more violence.

But to Democrats like Harris, it will all be worth it if these illegal immigrants become brand new Democrat voters. No wonder she’s nowhere to be found on the border.

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30 Responses

    1. Not susprised!! Scary, very scary what the Biden administration is jeopardizing the US and the safety of the people. We are all in great danger. It’s not our country anymore, we the American people are the outsiders.. Who is really in charge?

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  2. What type of government turns its back on its own citizens? This administration is ushering in our replacements. Sad times for America.

  3. She only shows up to speak when she can berate or accuse someone of a made up crime. Just ask Kavanagh. She is a haughty worthless witch.

  4. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    V.P. Harris along with Biden both need to be impeached for all the laws they both are braking in our country.

  5. The level of incompetence in this administration is maddening. Harris was put in charge of border security and she hasn’t been down there to see the state it is in and this is her primary responsibility. In the meantime, we have rampant drug runners coming into this country along with human traffickers and violent criminal elements. Harris’ value to this country is well below zero. SHE IS A HUGE LIABILITY. And of course, our press turns a blind eye to all of it. They are also worthless. I miss the common sense approach we had to solving problems like this in the previous administration.

  6. So far, I have not heard about or seen anything good that Biden or his fake administration has said or done.

  7. Kamal Toe, an AirHead with no common sense, even less sense in doing her job, she’s busy, REDOCORATING, and REMODELING her mansion, she can’t be BOTHERED with dealing with BORDER CRISIS’S, IDIOT is in hiding

  8. Biden’s actions are treason, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. All the result of the fraud perpetrated on this nation by the demoRAT Party and the Chinese government.

  9. Kammie is really good at running from responsibility, for she simply has NO SMARTS when it comes to performing the duties given to her as VP — as in VERY POOR.

    Americans knew of her ZERO capabilities during her party’s campaigns, where she drew 1% – 5% support ….. but here she is, due to the Democrapic THEFT of the election.

  10. Kamala Harris’ refusal to follow the order of the President of the United States to take charge of the border crisis is guilty of Dereliction of Duty. Any DOD employee who willingly refuses to follow the direct orders of their superior are subject to termination from their position in office and in some instances be imprisoned. Why is she being treated differently than any other DOD employee? I am so tired of seeing federal employees breaking the law and being provide partial treatment based on their political status. Where has the law of justice gone?

  11. They do not do anything about the border crises because they want it to continue to bring in more illegal votes. Also, if they did anything, they would have to accept some responsibility.

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