‘What’s funny about that?’: Hannity slams Granholm for laughing off question about gas prices 

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm attracted some attention this week for laughing off a reporter’s question about what she plans to do to increase domestic oil production.

In response, Fox News Channel personality Sean Hannity opened his show on Friday by chastising her for the dismissive response to a serious question.

“We were energy independent”

Bloomberg TV’s Thomas Keene brought up the issue, eliciting a laugh from Granholm, who described it as a “hilarious” question.

“Oil is a global market, it is controlled by a cartel — that cartel is called [the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries],” she replied.

For his part, Hannity did not accept her rhetoric at face value and reminded viewers that the U.S. did not rely on OPEC or other foreign oil suppliers under former President Donald Trump’s administration.

It was President Joe Biden who reversed many of Trump’s policies — such as canceling the Keystone XL pipeline — and led to America’s continued dependence on OPEC. As a result, the nation has seen a massive spike in energy costs, including gas and the oil that many citizens will need to heat their homes throughout the winter months.

“What’s funny about that?” Hannity asked in reference to Granholm’s reaction. “We were energy independent. Instead of begging OPEC and getting rejected for the ninth time, we can produce more oil, more gas right here in America. It creates high-paying career jobs in the energy sector. It reduces shipping costs.”

“Makes your blood boil”

Hannity pointed to oil-rich states like Alaska, North Dakota, Texas, New York, Pennslyvania, and West Virginia as evidence that the U.S. could build its own domestic energy supply.

With such a relatively simple solution at hand, some Biden critics have come to the conclusion that his opposition to domestic drilling is part of an intentional plan to raise energy costs.

After all, the progressive agenda known as the Green New Deal seeks to hike such costs as a way to discourage consumption and promote alternative energy sources in the name of environmentalism.

If the president were actually interested in reducing the cost of oil and gas, it would make sense to reverse course when the results of his policy choices became obvious. Instead, his administration appears to be doubling down even as Americans are struggling to cover the costs associated with filling up their cars with gas and heating their homes.

As Hannity concluded, the entire situation “makes your blood boil.”

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