Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats see George Floyd’s death ‘as useful for a larger agenda’

While many Americans agreed with the verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial, it’s clear that for many on the far left, his conviction on all three charges, including murder, did not settle accounts. Far from it, some seem to view the outcome as an opportunity to deal a kind of paralyzing blow — and keep pushing a radical agenda on a nation unawares.

As conservative commentator and Hoover Institute fellow Victor Davis Hanson put it, the left is using George Floyd’s tragic death to “indict all of America.”

“They see this as useful for a larger agenda that does not have public support,” he charged on a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, according to Fox News.

“Indict all of America”

Proof of Hanson’s point came almost immediately after the verdict, as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris denounced Americans for “systemic racism” that Biden called a “stain” on their soul and issued calls for radical reform, according to the New York Post.

As Hanson put it, the Chauvin verdict seems to have only intensified the unappeasable appetites of the left for power. Many on the left are using Floyd’s death to shame and morally extort Americans into playing along with a radical agenda that most people don’t actually support, he explained.

“So whether it’s open borders or reparations or redistribution or the end of the Second or First Amendment… It doesn’t really matter,” he told host Tucker Carlson. “They want to use this crisis to indict all of America and the majority population.”

While many Americans are eager to give concessions, “it’s never going to be enough” for a left eager to manipulate the goodwill of their countrymen for political gain, Hanson said. “And then the majority population of America says continually, ‘what can we do? What medieval indulgence or reparation can we do?'” he added.

“And then they’re given some things they can do. You can change the voting laws… You can make race-based reparations in the Department of Agriculture,” the columnist said. “But it’s never going to be enough.”

“Virtue signaling in the abstract”

Of course, disabusing Americans of this guilt may be tough, Hanson said. According to Fox, the conservative commentator noted that popular and divisive myths that buttress the “systemic racism” narrative aren’t backed by evidence, but “data doesn’t matter” to the true believers.

Hanson observed that The Washington Post discovered that nine Black people were killed by police in 2019, despite more dire impressions given by activists.

He concluded that these narratives are primarily being driven by hypocritical “elites” who are more interested in “virtue signaling” than solving many serious problems plaguing the Black community, such as the breakdown of the nuclear family.

“They do not want to get on the ground in a concrete fashion and say to people, ‘Let’s preserve the African nuclear family.’ […] No, it’s virtue signaling in the abstract,” he said, according to Fox.

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