Hanson: Progressives want Kamala Harris in power, Joe Biden should watch his back

Progressive and moderate Democrats linked arms in 2020 to unite behind former Vice President Joe Biden and oust President Donald Trump. However, now that they’ve gotten their wish, progressives appear to be having some buyer’s remorse.

Conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson observed in a Saturday op-ed that Biden “will face Nemesis in a way that few other presidents have ever encountered the cruel Greek god. Biden’s hubris and that of the left-wing media-Democratic Party fusion almost guarantee such divine retribution.”

Reflecting on 2020

The race to November 2020 started out the most diverse and crowded playing field in recent history, with over a dozen prominent Democrats throwing their hat in the ring prior to the primaries.

Progressives initially appeared to believe that 2020 would finally be Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) year, but those hopes were soon dashed after Sanders’ popularity collapsed just ahead of Super Tuesday.

The liberal media had ruthlessly targeted Biden’s weakness — his age, moderate platform, and proclivity for outrageous gaffes — throughout 2019 as Progressive candidates took the spotlight.

However, as Hanson pointed out, “once the last of the other Democratic primary candidates dropped out and Biden was nominated, all prior negative media stories about his alleged cognitive decline and his family’s financial entanglements disappeared.”

Biden enjoyed fawning media coverage from then on, allowing his campaign to outsource “his fall 2020 campaign to subordinates and pet journalists to attack Trump.”

“A President Biden cannot avoid the press forever,” warned Hanson. “He will soon face unscripted meetings with foreign leaders. He will have to meet dozens of movers and shakers each week. Is he or the nation prepared for the consequences of his return to normality after nearly a year of media fawning and forced isolation?”

Biden’s future

There are already rumblings from far-left malcontents complaining about Biden’s obvious preference for former Obama administration officials in his own cabinet picks.

Biden was chosen by Democrats because of his ability to reach moderate Democrat voters, but his rejection of progressives like Bernie Sanders is proving to be a problem for leftist activists.

“Given the Democrats’ Faustian bargain with their leftmost faction, destructive rumors about Biden’s faculties or his family’s financial escapades will more likely come from his own party’s left-wing, eager for a Harris presidency, rather than from the Republican opposition,” noted Hanson.

Hanson warned that just as Democrats manipulated their power to attack and undermine President Trump, “Biden should hope that the opposition will not do to him and his party what the Democrats did so bitterly to Trump.”

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