Report: Harris to focus on attacking Trump at VP debate

President Donald Trump isn’t the only one who thinks he’s really running against Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

According to Breitbart, the California senator is reportedly preparing to focus her time at Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate attacking the president. Looks like the cat’s out of the bag.

Separated by Plexiglas

The VP candidates will square off in Salt Lake City, Utah, separated by more than 12 feet and Plexiglas, days after Trump came down with the coronavirus.

According to the Associated Press, Harris is expected to attack the president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, an unsurprising strategy given the overriding importance to Democrats of removing Trump from office — and the significance of the coronavirus as one of their central arguments against his re-election.

“We’re very cognizant that Pence can’t run from Trump’s record,” an advisor to Biden’s campaign said, according to Politico. “This debate isn’t even about him. It’s about their failed record.”

Harris has been known for sharp attacks on the debate stage, including the time she famously attacked Biden on his record on race issues. But sources said that Harris may take a more low-key approach as Trump recuperates, NBC News reported.

That could set the stage for a much quieter debate than last week, when Trump and Biden got into a brutal shouting match. Still, there’s no doubt that Trump is the elephant in the room.

Prepping for Pence

In the meantime, Harris has been consulting with people who know Pence, as well as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine (D), who debated Pence four years ago, Politico reported. Pence is a much milder and less controversial figure than his highly expressive boss, and Harris is being briefed to expect that Pence will be difficult to knock off balance.

“He will come across as very measured, very thoughtful and very smooth — very unlike President Trump. But out of his mouth will come these wild Trumpisms,” Democrat Bob Barnett, who helped prep Kaine, told Politico.

Pence is likely to slam Harris’ liberal record, which critics say is far to the left of Biden’s. A staunchly pro-life Christian, Pence will likely not pass on an opportunity to draw a contrast with his opponent on abortion, and attacks on her police record wouldn’t be out of place.

Harris’ candidacy has attracted more than ordinary attention, given Biden’s age and speculation that the 77-year-old is not fit to serve a full term. And although Trump seems to be recuperating well from the virus, his recent illness has sharpened focus on Pence as well.

After four years in the pressure cooker environment of the Trump presidency, Pence has had plenty of practice defending this president — and he will surely not disappoint.

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