Joe Concha: Harris’ blackout on the border is like something out of North Korea

Vice President Kamala Harris announced Wednesday that she will travel to Mexico and Guatemala soon, but many are still wondering just what she is doing to solve the immigration crisis unfolding at home.

Although said to be in charge, Harris has not visited the border and has not given a single press conference on the matter. Some are starting to see an authoritarian pattern fall into place. Media critic Joe Concha told Fox News that the Biden team’s efforts to cover up the crisis are like something out of North Korea. 

Border “blackout” evokes North Korea

So far, Harris has spoken with Latin American leaders over the phone about deeply embedded “root causes” of migration, like poverty in Central America, but she has no plans of seeing the crisis up front — and, needless to say, changing course from open borders is not on the table.

The evasiveness displayed by Harris and Biden both has belied the so-called “transparency” touted by the White House non-stop, and has left some thinking Biden’s “solution” to the crisis he caused is to simply hide the mess.

Concha told Fox that the White House’s behavior is something one expects from “Pyongyang” and that Harris personally seems reluctant to take charge.

He called Harris a “chronic complainer” who has “no interest” in dealing with the problem.

“So here we have a chronic complainer, it appears, and not a doer based on her actions, because, again, if she had to answer questions around why are facilities filled at 17 times the amount at the border? Meanwhile, we’re hearing about reports of abuse, of sexual assault,” Concha said.

Deliberate failure?

Concha noted that Harris may be especially fearful to face criticism, given her past comparisons between immigration officers and the KKK.

Critics say it is precisely that attitude that is driving the current crisis, as migrants rush to the border expecting to face little resistance from authorities.

“She would also have to explain why she thinks that illegal border crossings, which we’re seeing now by the hundreds and thousands, is considered legal in her mind. And that’s an argument that she made as a senator and a candidate,” Concha added.

As Harris and her boss continue to disown the problem, some speculate there is a method to their negligence — that letting migrants in is the entire point.

It’s certainly a compelling theory.

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10 Responses

  1. Doesn’t it make you extremely concerned as to who exactly is running this country? Incomphrencable Joe Biden or indecisive Kamala Harris?

  2. Both Biden & Harris are creating & destroying just about everything but their wallet.Everthing President Trump stood for is becoming toast,we had 4 years of law and order now itis ? when that can be reversted..

    1. The complete lawlessness of Traitors Biden and Harris go beyond anything ever seen in this country. Those few in the Legislature that are believers in the Constitution and law and order need to stand up and for this country and bring down Biden, Harris and their supporters. Everything they are doing is made in the effort of bringing down our government and country. The country needs to be saved from the totalitarian globalist, communist, democrat party. Ignoring the Constitution and their oath of office can no longer be tolerated in a free country.

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  4. If she cannot do her job then we should have another vote where all americans where have id can vote her out. Biden is an old idiot. We need to get someone that will make america safer. Letting terrorist in. Letting blm and antifa burn , loot and maybe kill again. The democrats are ruining america. They will kiss the radicals behind. They are so scared of the radicals they do everything they want. It will never be enough they will turn on each other. I wish all of if them would kill each other. The radicals hate republicans and democrats. We are going to have to take our country back from blm antifa and the idiots in the white house and congress anyway we can.

  5. Somebody have the guts to call TRUMP! People will listen to him. They respect Trump. Or! Have Palosi get down to the border and take charge. She is next in line. She likes to give orders! It’s been a joke since Trump left! I felt safe when Trump was in charge!

    1. She was never a
      leader and never will be, the only way she ever got into office was on her knees or back.

  6. I know that demorats are in charge of the house, the senate basically and the white house however when do the republicans stsrt charging all of those democrats with treason against the Constitution,NOT doing as the Constitution says to protect the people of the U.S . And to uphold the Constitution . Its obvious all of those demorats are intentionally stomping on the Constitution and not protecting it and us.

  7. Americans it is time to band together and remove this Administration no matter what it takes !!! Name a time and place !!! We know they committed Treason !!!

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