Questions raised over inclusion of VP Harris’ children’s book in welcome kit for migrant children

It was in March that President Joe Biden appeared to task Vice President Kamala Harris as his point person on immigration and the border, a responsibility that Harris and the White House have since attempted to wriggle out of, clarifying that the VP is just focused on addressing the “root causes” of migration.

As such, Harris has yet to visit the southern border or any of the facilities holding newly arrived unaccompanied migrant children. A children’s book written by the vice president, however, has been spotted in such facilities, the New York Post reported — prompting questions of how and why.

Harris’ children’s book

Photos recently emerged from a new temporary influx facility for housing unaccompanied migrant children that was established within the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center in southern California.

One of those photos showed what appeared to be the contents of a welcoming kit for new arrivals, which contained several basic hygiene items as well as a copy of Harris’ 2019 children’s book titled Superheroes Are Everywhere, which seeks to encourage and reassure all children that, “Whenever there’s trouble, superheroes show up just in time.”

Questions raised

The clear implication to be drawn from the inclusion of this book, whether intended or not, is that Harris, and by the extension to the Biden administration, are the “superheroes” who have swooped in “just in time” to save the migrant children from the “trouble” they faced.

In addition to that implication, there remain questions concerning who made the decision to include the book, if Harris was somehow profiting from the arrangement, and whether it posed a conflict of interest or violated any federal ethics laws.

According to Fox News, an unnamed White House official insisted that the vice president had no knowledge of the book’s inclusion.

Instead, it was suggested that the books in welcome kits were most likely organized and provided by the local community. Fox News reached out to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for information on who might be organizing the kits and purchasing the books but did not receive a response.

White House responds

The Washington Examiner also looked into the inclusion of Harris’ book in welcome kits for migrant children and reported that, according to the White House, the books had been part of a citywide collections drive to donate books and toys to children who would be staying at the new influx facility.

The outlet also reached out to HHS for comment, as well as the book’s publisher, Philomel Books, and the American Library Association, but similarly received no responses.

While this may end up not being a big deal in the larger picture, imagine for a moment that, during the prior administration, children’s books about then-President Donald Trump — or perhaps conservative talk radio’s Rush Limbaugh’s patriotic series of children’s books — had been similarly provided to migrant children. Then imagine what the reaction might have been from the corporate media and Democratic politicians. Where’s the outrage now?

Editor’s note: The New York Post has since issued a correction on this story indicating that “only one known copy” of Kamala Harris’ book was given to a child at a migrant housing facility in California. 

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16 Responses

    1. She is not smart, the reason she made it is , when you give the books in an unreal amount it goes to the top. Reg people did not buy them willingly we probably paid for them.

  1. And these books that Kamala Ho wrote at the expense of the American taxpayers is a disgrace! Boy, the rigged 2020 federal election by the evil communist democrats think of everything. But, they forgot one thing, these kids from 3rd world countries can’t read or write in their own language! They wasted taxpayer dollars as usual! I personally think everyone that broke into my country needs to be placed on a plane and dumped off in their own country. They have violated our federal immigration laws and so did all these communist democrat politicians. They all are criminals! It isn’t America’s job to feed the world! American’s 1st!

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  3. Look, this illegitimate administration can and will do anything it darn well pleases. America is now lost and will continue this way as long as the dems are in the WH. These dems have the msm, FBI, DOJ and even the SCOTUS to cover for them. It’s a waste of time to even investigate them cuz there is no one honest and in authority to do anything about it.

    1. It’s a sad and frightening situation, Richard, but you are so right. The citizens of this country can no longer have faith and trust in our govt., our politicians and our judges, because there is so much corruption! I truly fear for the future of America!

    1. Harris is definitely low. In more ways than one. I am a good judge of character I’ve been told. I sincerely believe Kamala Harris is not truly American… she is cinistry… evil. Please somehow she must be impeached.

      1. WHO may I ask is going to impeach her or Biden. Please give me a break…the dems CONTROL all of government. And enough of praying to God. That’s all I heard and read during the election that.God has a plan and won’t let Trump lose.

  4. Why is it the Radical Left wingers never write a few sentences to explain why their actions are actually good! I am open minded enough to actually read and judge it. Come on Man, explain why a wide open border is a good idea.
    Come on lady explain why it makes good sense to give an English propaganda book to Kids that can not even read their native language.
    While I am at it how about sending the USA teachers, after getting their shots, to the border holding facilities to start teaching those same Kids how to read English. They are collecting paychecks to teach. Come on Teachers explain why you refuse to help these poor dis-advantaged children. Could it you do not actually know how to teach or are you just lazy?

  5. In MY opinion, these “children” represent a new “stock” of kids that the democommunists will use, abuse, and molest. What I have seen happening with many of these sick democommunists they (as well as many of the “hollywierd elites” and “politicians” are nothing but SICK, TWISTED pedophiles, and abusers of the young and vulnerable.
    Want to see what is REALLY going on?
    Check out the video… The end of the world as we know it, The fall of the cabal by Jane Ossebaard. It is in several parts and will open your eyes IF you dare (or can stand) to watch it entirely. (DO NOT watch with children present!)

  6. Let the ASLJ and Judicial Watch go for her credentials that Nusance the Gov in ca is trying to keep from the public…he can’t justify locking them up and may not be in office much longer….Why this pea brained, laughing clown is there is a violation of America’s right to decent leadership by sane people….And the left did not win this last election, they lied, cheated and stole it to get in power…

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