Harris snubs border, but can’t visit Central America ‘soon enough’

Many have been wondering exactly what Vice President Kamala Harris is doing to address the border crisis since President Joe Biden gave her the responsibility back in March. It’s starting to become clear that Harris really isn’t doing the job many seem to think she’s been charged with.

In a revealing moment, Harris told CNN on Sunday that she can’t get to Central America “soon enough,” but would not elaborate on when she plans to see the southern border.

In the same interview, Harris provoked some eye-rolling when she said that the migrant crisis won’t be solved “overnight,” citing deeply entrenched “root causes” like poverty in the Northern Triangle.

A big misunderstanding?

Harris sought to convey a sense of urgency, saying she can’t get to the region “soon enough,” making for a sharp contrast with her aloof response to what is unfolding back home in America.

“We have to deal with COVID issues, but I can’t get there soon enough, in terms of personally getting there,” she said.

Nobody doubts that poverty is a factor in immigration from Central America, but Harris’ approach is a bit obtuse, to say the least. Nobody expects her to solve the world’s problems; that’s not her job. She and Biden were elected to solve America’s problems.

It seems there may be a misunderstanding over Harris’ role, Biden’s press secretary explained Monday.

Harris’ focus “is not on the border” but “addressing the root causes in the Northern Triangle,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. “And that’s really what the president asked her to do.”  

A diversion?

So according to the White House, solving the border crisis has nothing to do with the border. In other words, nothing to see here.

Of course, the White House has been saying some variation of this — “there is no border crisis” — for months. Biden and Harris are obviously not interested in solving the problem. They’re just looking for a distraction. “Root causes” it is.

If they wanted to, they could start fixing the problem today, but that would force them to acknowledge that Donald Trump was doing something right.

They’ll never do that, of course, as they’re too busy trying to blame Trump for the mess they caused.

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15 Responses

  1. The estimable Kammie is aloof to anything that isn’t her idea. She cares very little about what’s right, and the citizens of America.

    God, please help us survive the next 3+ years with biden, we DO NOT WANT to give her even a WHIFF of The White House.

    1. Kamilla shows a very immature discipline. She has the immpetuas temperament of an immaturity of an undisliplined child. And this is who the Democrats voted in?
      Tells me alot about many Democrats. They lack the same undisciplined maturity in their voting. They never really study the issues and vote with their head! And like immature youth, they vote with their feelings and not with any logic. And because of that; our country is about to belly up into chaos!

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  3. Nobody expects her to solve the world’s problems; that’s not her job. She and Biden were elected to solve America’s problems.

    Hmmm, So, allowing the border to be overrun by illegal’s and giving millions/billions of taxpayer money to other countries is solving America’s problems. Well, that’s a new approach, I guess!

  4. Liars… Everyone in our current administration are nothing but liars. I hate all of the people in our government be it federal, state or local. They lie and no one does anything about it.

  5. Time to impeach this corrupt duo of Biden/Harris…uselesss..nothing but garbage comes out of their mouths and that goes for that red head idiot Jen Psaki…let’s circle back on her…what an airhead! All these dems need to be looks at very carefully…including Kerry, Pelosi, Schumer who clearly think they are above it all and are as corrupt as can be. And let’s not kid ourselves..the real power behind the throne is that little creep Obama and his buddy Bernie Sanders..wonder how much Bernie got paid off to keep his mouth shut while running the country behind the scenes?? Think about it!

    1. Thank you, Jay. You summed up the entire situation entirely. I would add that neither Biden nor Harris are capable of leading a horse to water, let alone leading the country. They were not Elected (proven by election fraud). They wereSelected because both of them are easily LED abd will do what they are told to do and say.

  6. I agree with all of you, but I’m a God-fearing person and I think if we all turn to God and storm the heavens for help, we will not be left alone. We no longer can solve the problem that has come to our beloved country. So many people are blind, ignorant, self-centered, and hate-filled. I pray for my beloved adopted country from my wheelchair.

  7. It’s no secret. This administration is a joke. We have idiots in the White House. We won’t get anything accomplished in these 4 years unless we do something constitutionally radical, like impeach both of them along with the Congress leader and the Senate leader. The Constitution gives the citizens of America the right to cancel the leadership, if they are obstructing the rights of the people to progress to liberties, and freedoms. We need our democratic republic back.

    1. It might be brightest idea of all, remove out ignorant governing bodies, and prove them guilty of wrong doing!

  8. I think Harris is getting ready to find out just how badly she is prepared for the “Big Time”. She might be in a hurry to meet some “important” people, but Trump had already done all the work. I don’t think Harris has enough clout to get anything done unless she starts throwing billions at the problem and then she’s only going to be feeding the corruption. She’s in over her head and she doesn’t even know it. This is either going to be good for a laugh, or so bad it will cause nightmares.

  9. It is not possible to humiliate Kamala Harris – she has no self-respect. She will not address the Southern Border crisis; she wants chaos like her raising money to bail out criminals of the urban riots. Kamala Harris is an anti-American criminal.

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