Harris accused of imposing ‘media blackouts,’ having ‘no interest’ in solving US border crisis

Nearly a month has passed since President Joe Biden announced that Vice President Kamala Harris would oversee America’s migrant crisis in the capacity of determining the “root cause” of why migrants are fleeing their home countries. Since that appointment, Harris has had little to say about the issue and still hasn’t visited the southern U.S. border.

According to Fox News, network contributor Joe Concha recently suggested that Harris and the Biden administration are “acting like Pyongyang in terms of media blackouts at the border,” slamming the vice president for having “no interest” in tackling the growing immigration crisis. 

A “complainer” and “not a doer”

Concha reportedly told Fox & Friends last Tuesday Harris has “been tapped to fix the problem that she has no interest in solving,” noting that she “would have to answer for” some of her past remarks.

He said that this includes her decision to compare U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the Ku Klux Klan while questioning the agency’s acting director during a 2018 Senate hearing.

“She would also have to explain why she thinks that illegal border crossings, which we’re seeing now by the hundreds and thousands, is considered legal in her mind,” Concha said. “And that’s an argument that she made as a senator and a candidate.”

As Fox News reported, Harris was among the participants in a 2019 Democratic presidential primary debate to raise her hand in agreement when asked if illegal border crossings should be decriminalized.

“So here we have a chronic complainer, it appears, and not a doer based on her actions, because, again, if she had to answer questions around why are facilities filled at 17 times the amount at the border?” Concha said.

A “media blackout”

Concha then took aim at Harris and the Biden administration as a whole, comparing its level of transparency with that seen in a modern communist dictatorship.

“So this is supposed to be an honest and transparent administration,” Concha said, according to Fox. “Instead, it’s more acting like Pyongyang in terms of media blackouts at the border, which would never be accepted under the previous administration.”

Concha is far from being the only one to decry conditions in migrant detention facilities. Earlier this month, Fox News reported that both Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) raised alarms over reports of sexual assault and child neglect at a center in Texas.

“The allegations of horrific abuse of children in the custody of the Biden administration are tragic,” Cruz said at the time. “We need to immediately get to the bottom of what is happening to these children and President Biden needs to step up and address the driving factor behind this — his crisis at the southern border.”

Only time will tell if Harris decides to perform the duties required of her new leadership role on the southern border crisis, but one wouldn’t be advised to hold one’s breath in anticipation of it happening anytime soon.

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18 Responses

  1. This is so horrible there just isn’t words to say how horrible it really is. No words, but action should be taking place right NOW!!!!

  2. There are no words to describe how incompetant Biden/Harris are. They are worst administration this country has ever had.May God help us all!

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  4. It amazes me the number of liberals who can justify their votes and their support for such liars and thieves as Biden and Harris. I guess situational ethics on their part. It is only going to get worse, I hope this country can hold on.

  5. Agreed Burrs. It is down right deplorable! The current administration is pathetic. If harris isn’t going to go the it falls back onto bidens lap. He should go. He should go anyways. Just shows how little they care about the children. Or the immigrant situation. That’s probably why hunter is so messed up. Raised by nannies. Biden has always put his career first. Even after his wife and a child die. (If I have the facts correct). It’s all too sad.

  6. So Kamala Harris is “terrified”, is she. Actually she ( and Democrats as a whole) are laughing their collective butts off at us and one of the primary reasons is (except for a few with onions) the total gutlessness of Republicans.

    1. They still laughing at us because they won and cheated and get by with it until they fix that nothing will change but they r not going to they r scared I think they r all involved when he said drain the swamped he wadnt lieing

  7. It is one thing to sit on a senate committee and makeup lies about a political appointee and another thing to have to solve a real problem when you don’t have a clue about where to start. The real world is tough and it’s a lot tougher when you are stupid.

  8. The Democrats are going to do absolutely nothing they have created the problem no matter what the American people say they’re going to come back and say it’s not our fault this is outright invasion so do you think it’s a good time to take the guns away from everybody so they can’t defend the country the Democrats are full of excuses have no answers and don’t give a God damn about you or anyone else in this country you people that voted for him are a big part of the problem too you help them create it and you’re so stupid you don’t know how to do anything about it typical Democrat tell you they’re the enemy within they need to be gotten rid of the Democrats don’t realize or care very simple to keep them out and kick out the ones that been in here we owe them nothing

  9. on a positive note the Democrat’s approval rating is dropping like a rock on water .
    The only thing the Democrat’s can FIX are elections every thing else they DESTROY.

  10. Let’s get real they planned this mess and now their so over their head they have no way out. If you voted for them you got what you asked for. The rest of us are so discussed wit what’s happening down there.

  11. Obama and Soros are calling the shots. Biden and Harris are their puppets. Rice is the go- between.

  12. IMPEACH ALL THE STUPID DEMOCRATS that are ruining AMERICA…. THEY ALL NEED TO IMPEACHED… THEY ARE ALL IDIOTS… Continue to build the wall, take down the fence that they’re all hiding behind, send all the BIDEN family to China… WE NEED TO TAKE OUR AMERICA BACK…..

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