Former CBP head calls VP Harris’s southern border trip ‘choreographed,’ says Trump’s will be legitimate

According to Mark Morgan, the former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), former President Donald Trump’s upcoming trip to the U.S.-Mexico border will differ in at least one significant way from the recent trip made by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Newsmax reports Morgan as stating that, unlike Harris, Trump will actually visit the front lines of the southern border crisis. 

“You don’t go on the outskirts . . .”

For those who missed it, Harris, after avoiding the southern border for some three months, finally visited it last Friday. Many argue that it was Trump’s announcement that he would be making his own trip to the southern border that spurred Harris on, although Harris and her people have denied this.

Whatever the case may be, Harris hasn’t exactly received praise for her visit. On the contrary, she has received all kinds of criticism, including about the location she chose to visit, namely, El Paso, Texas.

As Morgan put it during a recent interview with Newsmax, “When you have a hurricane or another natural disaster, you don’t go on the outskirts where there was some minor damage.”

Morgan went on to point out that, yes, El Paso is experiencing an immigration crisis just like the other nine sectors along the U.S.-Mexico border. But, the crisis there is nowhere near as bad as it is, for example, in McAllen, Texas, which is exactly why McAllen is the location that former President Trump will be visiting.

Another big difference

In addition to the location, Morgan said that there will be another significant difference between Trump’s visit and Harris’s: Trump’s will not be “choreographed.”

Indeed, many have blasted Harris’s southern border trip as little more than a political stunt, noting that it was a relatively brief trip that consisted of a visit to a detention center and a speech, during which she tried to lay the blame for the crisis on Trump and his administration. Morgan, on Monday, highlighted the “choreographed” nature of Harris’s visit.

“It happened just as we thought it was going to happen,” he said. “This was going to be more no more than a bunch of choreographed very nicely choreographed photo opportunities … she didn’t even go to the actual border … she was about 1,000 miles away from the Rio Grande Valley. She didn’t even go to the actual border, in between the ports of entry.”

Morgan went on to argue that Harris, during her trip, was only concerned about “good photo ops,” rather than, for example, speaking with those who have been devastated by the crisis. He noted that Harris didn’t ask “a single question” that was “anything remotely coming close to substance that she should have been asking.”

In contrast, Morgan said that Trump, during his visit, will actually “go to see the devastation and talk to the men and women that were there, (who) have lost their livelihoods.” Morgan added that Trump will be talking to people, including law enforcement members, who can “actually be honest” with him about the ongoing crisis.

Trump is scheduled to make his southern border visit, along with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), on Wednesday. A recent Harvard/Harris poll indicates that a majority of Americans disagree with President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris’s handling of the southern border crisis. Accordingly, immigration is shaping up to be a winning issue for Republicans.

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