Writer argues VP Harris ‘doesn’t care’ about detained migrant children under Biden administration  

During the Trump administration, then-Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) spent much of her time decrying the president’s immigration and border policies in highly emotional language.

As PJ Media’s Matt Margolis pointed out in a recent article, however, Harris has shown far less concern about similar issues since she became vice president.

“A human rights abuse”

Margolis began his piece with a declarative statement:

Make no mistake about it. Kamala Harris doesn’t care about the terrible conditions the Biden administration — I’m sorry, the Biden-Harris administration — is putting immigrant children through at this very moment.

Margolis went on to contend that children “are being packed like sardines” in overcrowded detention facilities where they face an elevated risk of sexual assault.

Despite those deplorable conditions, the columnist argued that Harris seems unemotional when discussing the border crisis. During a news conference this week, the vice president calmly explained that her role in the Biden administration is “to deal with the root causes” behind a surge in migration.

That response appears to be a stark departure from how she reacted to the detention of unaccompanied minors under former President Donald Trump, as Margolis noted in his recent article.

“Detaining these children at the border is a human rights abuse being committed by the United States government,” Harris declared in 2019.

“Lined up single-file”

Margolis further noted that during a Democratic presidential primary debate the same year, the then-candidate “pretended to get emotional about immigrant children being housed in a private detention facility.”

At that time, Harris denounced the Trump administration for not allowing members of Congress to enter such facilities, claiming that she scaled a ladder and “saw children lined up single-file based on gender being walked into barracks.”

She went on to decry Trump’s policies for facilitating “laws that allow [minors] to be incarcerated as though they have committed crimes,” insisting that the detained “children have not committed crimes and should not be treated like criminals.”

In contrast, Margolis concluded that today, the vice president “doesn’t seem to care about her own administration refusing to let the media or members of Congress access to border facilities housing immigrant children,” asserting that if “Harris actually cared about immigrant children she’d be calling out her own administration’s human rights abuses.”

Harris has faced increasing pressure since being tasked with a pivotal role in the Biden administration’s response to the migrant surge, particularly over her refusal to personally visit the U.S.-Mexico border.

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27 Responses

    1. Harris did not mind giving Trump hell, at least he worked at trying to place them or sending them home. She won’t go down there to even check on them. Obama can’t go he is doing Bidens job, he is mentally not doing well at all. He has dementia, seems like it is getting worse almost daily. Wait until sundowners sets in, it will be worse.

      1. President Obama tries to help, but he should have our President to stop starting things, the Laws was perfectly find for this country. The question is ‘When is Harris going to face Pelio’s Immigration Illegal Problems, and Why do they feel they own this Country?

    2. The couple million liberal morons who fell for the propaganda the Democrats and their liberal media lapdogs spread about Trump, along with hundreds of thousands of illegal and made-up ballots, are what elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

      1. Jerry
        Your 100% right WHY are they even IN THE WHITE HOUSE Everyone Knows the won BY LIES and Faults Votes SO IMPEACH them What has Happened to OUR GREAT USA I am Worried Sick

  1. I often wonder how Many people truly regret voting for the Democrats. Our country needs many, many prayers day and night. Our children and grandchildren will suffer badly. Please pray often for God to Please America.

    1. If anybody truly voted for them, I am almost sure that they regret it by now…It would only be some of bernie’s lot and those truly liberal, who are so in awe over kamala (the cameleon) who apparently still knows how to delight some people, although it is getting to be a smaller crowd day by day………..

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  3. K-Harris just another un-elected commie hack. She is a total self-absorbed b****. Giving a second thought for these distressed children and their needs is no concern of hers. Her lying deceit in the past and present define her character perfectly. We need a President and Vice President in the White House who were actually voted in to office by “we the people”. The tyrannical forces of evil now rule in Washington DC. But not for long!

    1. We Need The TRULY ELECTED POTUS Back in the W/H .. Not the Bumbling Fool and Commie helper.. Dominion Will Be Held Accountable and God Almighty IS STILL ON THE THRONE AND WILL CORRECT THIS TRAVESTY ! This Administration Is NOTHING BUT EVIL ! And Will Be Extinguished SOON !

  4. The Obiden administration is a faux group – they won by fraudulent votes. They care NOTHING about preserving, protecting or improving America. They are just playing their roles and concerned with redecorating their government housing. They are inexperienced and unqualified for their positions. Get them out NOW!!!

  5. Kamala Harris’ refusal to follow the order of the President of the United States to take charge of the border crisis is guilty of Dereliction of Duty. Any DOD employee who willingly refuses to follow the direct orders of their superior are subject to termination from their position in office and in some instances be imprisoned. Why is she being treated differently than any other DOD employee? I am so tired of seeing federal employees breaking the law and being provided partial treatment based on their political status. Where has the law of justice in America gone? Where are our Supreme Court Judges?

  6. Remember Biden was the man for the job wasn’t he?? The Biden admin. Was way better that that what they called a liar and so on, so know what ?
    Who’s the liar now ??? This admin. Is falling apart, they want our guns so they can usher In their great system,so far you seen how great it is so far

  7. The election was stolen, remember? What we need is somebody who can solve the election fraud. I wish technology can do that, because it will continue on and on, leaving us powerless. We voted for the right people but fraudulence prevailed. Hopefully it won’t be long.

  8. They didn’t “get” Kamala Harris. It doesn’t matter how sleazy, traitorous or just downright stupid that Democrats are, they will never be held to account. A primary reason is that Republican politicians are yellow bellied gutless cowards
    who, will curl up in a ball in a corner sucking their thumbs, crying “I am not a wacist! I am not a wacist,” etc. while wetting their diapers. Just report the news straight up without the click bait, we are not 10 years old.

  9. She’s useless as tit’s on a bull!
    She’s a do nothing but pat me on the back for being a woman!
    She’s never done anything!

  10. Could it be Kamala and Sleepy started the Russian bullsh?t to divert the world from the Illegal alien border crisis they can’t handle in their own country

  11. I have written 3 letters to my state government. That’s where you should send your messages – not here among people who agree with you. Tell your state government (without threatening anything or anyone) how frustrated you are!! This just gets erased.

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