Kamala Harris insults WV Senator, miners in backhanded radio interview

Vice President Kamala Harris was brought into Joe Biden’s presidential campaign to appeal to leftist progressives like those she represents in California. While Harris is excellent at prioritizing the leftist agenda, she’s not so great at getting moderates on board.

Case in point, Harris made a major misstep in West Virginia when she made an appearance on one of the state’s radio stations to backhandedly pressure Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) into supporting Biden’s coronavirus deal — potentially alienating both Manchin and his fellow WV Democrats from their constituents for good.

Behind Joe’s back

Just ten days after being sworn in, Harris is already raising the hackles of Republicans and Moderate Democrats nationwide.

Manchin responded to Harris’s spontaneous interview with surprise, indicating that he was not receptive to Biden administration officials stepping into his state without consulting him on the matter.

“I saw [the interview], I couldn’t believe it,” Manchin said afterward. “No one called me [about it]. We’re going to try to find a bipartisan pathway forward, but we need to work together. That’s not a way of working together.”

Manchin already has a very tenuous position as a Democrat senator in a very red state, and Harris’s meddling could have far-reaching consequences for the future of the party.

As a moderate Democrat that leans on the conservative side of many hot-button issues, Manchin will be an important name to pay attention to in the next two years in an evenly split Senate.

The Washington Examiner’s Tiana Lowe noted that “West Virginia is an R +19 state, and if Harris wants to wrangle Manchin into a vote that ensures a Democrat never represents West Virginia in the Senate, that’s a 2024 problem.”

“But Biden and Harris have to govern right now, and even if they believe they can squeak this thing through reconciliation, a feat that still seems dubious as a matter of procedure, Democrats still need Manchin’s vote so Harris can come in and break the tie,” Lowe concluded.

Not the only gaffe

Not only did Harris offend a key player in the Senate right out of the gate, but she also managed to gravely insult the people of West Virginia in the short radio appearance as well.

Harris spoke glowingly of Biden’s green energy agenda — one that’s notably unfriendly to the type of energy production that takes place in the Mountain State — and told listeners that those who will lose their jobs under Biden’s administration can “transfer” their skills to “reclaiming abandoned land mines,” attempting to refer to abandoned strip mines but instead invoking underground explosives typically found in war zones.

“All of those skilled workers who are in the coal industry and transferring those skills to what we need to do in terms of reclaiming abandoned land mines,” Harris said. “What we need to do around plugging leaks from oil and gas wells, and transferring those important skills to the work that has yet to be done, and needs to get done.”

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38 Responses

  1. Hard to fully read a story with all the ads interfering might have to start to ignore your articles even tho I like them too annoying ads

      1. And too Kevin Malone I’m fed up with the “bait and switch” gimmick. I read a line about something that appears interesting then click on it only to get a blank white screen OR some other non-related nonsense such as an advertisement for something I have NO use for.

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  3. I think Manchin should just switch parties and go Republican. Really don’t understand why he hangs on the fringes of the Left. Clearly, he is a much more independent thinker than his cohorts. He should just pull the trigger.

  4. Harris needs to stay out of West Virginia, we are not buying any of her and Biden lies. That’s all they do is lie. They need to be removed from office along with schumer and nut case polesi.

      1. I believe a major impeachment re treason, bribery, and total corruption is the way to go. The Democrats are a disgrace to our country. Fear for all of us as they they aren’t for our country, our constitution or its citizens only for themselves and power. Time to take back our country!!!

    1. Joe and the ho need to stay out of WV. The ho needs to slip and fall on a mountain trail into an old coal mine or a bed of rattlesnakes… Joe Manchin is a Robert C. Byrd type democrat walking a tightrope… Ever handled a rattler?

      1. You hit the nail tight on the head.. She needs to go to California and help her Willie Brown her married lover since he helped her get her first prosecutor job..and since he is in trouble with Newsome A ….TEAMP ILL ALWAYS BE A TRAMP””””””””””TRAMP..B.TRAMP””’OR HO”’ IS BETTER…

    2. if that is not the truth I don’t know what is, they all Biden (traitor) Harris radical, Pelosi a nut case, they need to go, please guys lets try to get rid of them with our votes……….Pelosi has been around to long, they should have term limits like the presidents, do and how about Hillary when is she going to pay for all the horrible things she has done.

    3. She is maybe educated but needs to learn and have a little common sense. I know she said land mines and that is pathetic but I think she meant the mining land Am I not right that the government several years ago told the coal industry that they had to reclaim the land and reforest? So is she telling the miner to clean up the ones she is closing down or is she saying we have ready shovel ready jobs to fill all the mile sand miles of underground mines just wondering grew up in SW VA

  5. Commie Harris needs to learn you get more followers with honey than with pepper thrown in their faces. Two of the most horrible leaders of our great country are hiden Biden and commie Harris. They’re not leading, they are dictating. And thus country doesn’t need dictators.

    1. And too Kevin Malone I’m fed up with the “bait and switch” gimmick. I read a line about something that appears interesting then click on it only to get a blank white screen OR some other non-related nonsense such as an advertisement for something I have NO use for.

      1. I keep trying to Block these scam emails where the scam title is designed to trick us into reading only to find adds scattered all in a scrambled pile of crap, got to get on Microscam communist soft ware from hell,

        Microcrap is set up to give the new world order info on all of us, the cell companies are in cahoots, leading the way to the Anti Christ.

        Thats why they hate our legal President, and rigged the election with help from China, and allies, like England

  6. It is amazing that the DemocRAT Party is so destructive to our country! They are only interested in POWER and dictate not govern! They are right and everyone else is wrong! The National Guard and barricades stood the Capital! It looks like China’s Communist Party, not the United States and now they say China virus is not going to be gone int 2024, that is for the DemocRAT Politicians to keep lock downs and dictate to the country, not govern! If Trump was President the virus woul not have lost 20 million doses! It could be that it is in the black market or shipped to China?

  7. Just further proves that mental midget anchor baby unqualified idiot Harris should slither back under her rock. She and fellow mental midget Biden should both be impeached immediately before they completely destroy our country. Pelosi and Schumer should also be impeached for their treasonous acts against our country. Manchin should change to the Republican Party and help save our country.

    1. I agree with you they should be impeached, they WILL be impeached Quickly. GOD’S JUSTICE will cause this to happen. “O LORD, to whom Vengeance belongs. O GOD of Vengeance, let YOUR GLORIOUS JUSTICE BE SEEN. Arise, O JUDGE of the Earth. Sentence the proud to the Penalties they Deserve.” (Psalm 94) THESE WORDS of GOD are decreed to the DNC-Democrats-Hunter Joe Biden-family members-money laundering, kickbacks, Alliances with evil pagan nations-people, Harris-Pelosi-Soros-Obama-Administration and All connected involved. I trust and depend on GOD’S JUSTICE to prevail.
      I decree in JESUS NAME.

  8. Obviously “Kooky Slut” Kamala didn’t make a fatal mistake because the slimy whore is still walking and breathing !!!

  9. As a born and raised West Virginia, we have got the perfect paradise to live in. Almost Heaven WV. Let me tell you we need our coal mines. For a man or woman to take care of our families. Coal can heat homes, with or without wood. It’s used to make steel. Coal heats homes when electricity is out. Coal can be exported. Along with the fact we have deep wells that is in counties and springs. We also have 4 seasons . Most of these mines need to stay open and more need to open. You cannot limit our national resources. Don’t close the door on us. You may have your generator when your electricity is out. But not everyone can afford one! Democrats Are making us poor. Well Congress you have your Millions and billions that you stole from us (taxpayers.). We have integrity and I know for a fact we need our coal jobs and i am fair to say we have enough coal for years of digging. Plus a lot of businesses created by coal. Senator Manchin I challenge you and the other WV Senators and House of Representatives to change to the GOP Republicans. Think about our children and grandchildren. We need to help our own. The wall needs to be finished. Electric cars are not the better way to travel. We need trump policies back. You work for us and are not looking out for our best insterests. You have my permission to make these comments public

  10. The democrat party is really the Communist party. We are in deep trouble with these low life slugs running our country. Intelligent people will never vote for any democrat, even the so called moderates because they stick together like glue and always vote as one. This fact makes them very deadly because all of their policy’s are deadly. This country is knee deep in quicksand because of the democrats AKA Communists.

  11. They are so blind they can’t see what they are doing to the people, we’re the ones having to go without jobs or a future, not them, they are millionaires living off the money from us, the ones who pay the taxes and the interest that they are raising on everything!! All they are about is themselves and killing babies…it’s time the Lord intervenes and does something with them….smh!!

  12. Kamala and John Kerry have both made insults to talented workers. First, John said that the pipeline workers could make solar panels and then Kamala said that the miners could find another job as well. If they are worried about the environment, John should get rid of his plane and boats. If Kamala flies to DC, she needs to stay in CA.

  13. Harris obviously thinks she can push Manchin around. News for her – the democrats won’t put up with her crap. She should shut up and sit down.


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