Vice President Harris named in lawsuit over ‘no-speech zone’ at US Capitol

It’s not an exaggeration to say that many Americans no longer recognize their country these days. Free speech is vanishing, the ruling class flaunts its privileges, and ordinary Americans are having their civil liberties restricted. What’s more, months after a menacing fence went up around the Capitol, Washington still resembles a garrison, and Americans can’t freely access the People’s House.

In a troubling sign of the times, a Presbyterian minister lost his fight to hold a Good Friday prayer vigil at the Capitol building after bringing a lawsuit against Vice President Kamala Harris and others, Fox News reported Thursday.

Priest sues Harris

Reverend Patrick Mahoney has never had trouble holding the vigil before — not even last year, when draconian COVID-related restrictions started.

That seems to have changed after a pro-Trump riot at the Capitol in January, which led to a bizarre military build-up in Washington that has continued on the pretext of a dubious right-wing threat. While some of the fencing at the Capitol has come down, it’s not all gone, as the Daily Mail notes.

Mahoney, for his part, told Fox News that the Capitol is not closed, calling that a “misconception,” since access is being treated like a privilege for lawmakers, their staff, lobbyists, and others. “The only thing, tragically, that is being prohibited is peaceful First Amendment activities,” he said.

He also told Fox he is fighting to “return the People’s House back to the people.”

“If they can ban peaceful First Amendment activities at the United States Capitol building, then free speech is in danger all across America,” Mahoney said.

Request denied

According to the Daily Mail, Mahoney first filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), U.S. Capitol Police, and the Senate sergeant-at-arms to hold the vigil on the lower Western Terrace.

On Good Friday, Mahoney moved his service to Union Square outside the Capitol perimeter after a federal judge reportedly shot down his request.

Still, Mahoney says that he is not giving up the fight to liberate the “no-speech zone.”

“[I]n spite of this setback, we will continue to passionately, prayerfully, and peacefully work to see the ‘People’s House’ returned to the people and the First Amendment once again honored and cherished at the United States Capitol,” he said in a statement.

While Mahoney prayed for peace, the Capitol was a deadly scene again on Good Friday after a reported Nation of Islam member carried out a vehicular attack that left one Capitol Police officer dead, according to NBC News.

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21 Responses

  1. DEMOCRATS are destroying this country, all the good that President Trump accomplished, Biden/Harris have undone in less than 3 months. CLOSE THE BORDERS. TAKE CARE OF GROWING HOMELESS POPULATION before adding more illegals to the homeless group, making life unsafe for hard working taxpayers who are forced with increased taxes to subsidize illegals.Take care of LEGAL citizens, veterans, disabled and seniors. Repair our roads, stop printing money that our children and grandchildren will be responsible for…with more taxes, regulations and cost of goods going thru the roof!

    1. they are called [commierats] for starters and blood suckers
      out for themselves alone and no other

    2. we need to just not pay our taxes income or property taxes no money no power cant take us all down when we stand together .

  2. The longer Biden & Co remains in office, the less time we will have to
    right all the wrongs he has done.
    Trump can’t come back soon enough!


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  4. If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we will be led like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington

  5. Communist dictator president the same ones that stole the election are the same people trying to take our guns 2nd amendment rights as are written in the constitution they take an oath to uphold they turn there back on after they’re in office treasonous president dictator Joe Biden he should be thrown out of Donald J Trumps office as soon as possible

  6. Our Constitution needs to be followed to the letter as our founders wrote it for the citizens of this country no matter what.

  7. All the Good President Trump did for us and our country. Its a shame what the swamp is doing. They are destroying our country. Can anyone stop them ? This is a disgrace.

  8. IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER and others that are in the White House that are ruining AMERICA!! They all need to go. Immediately

  9. Donate more money for the suckers, or Trump red team will call you deserter!
    No wonder Joe Biden is angry about Trump, that playing the Patriot use people, lost election regardless of dragging biggest money…. Of course he has rewarded himself with the island in the middle of the Atlantic…
    God bless, who… Such suckers!? History will make right judgment, determining who has done Godly work, and who served Devil to the end!
    Happy Easter to those of you who keep sober minded, not following our corrupted leadership!

  10. Conservative news like The Epoch Times has revealed how the CCP have been implementing their mapped out plan to destroy the U.S. with the support of our own Democratic Party traitors, social media, corporate news outlets, universities and public schools promoting their critical race theory and white supremacy, racism, and dumbing down our children and erasing our history. Creating divisions between genders, race, nationalities so we hate and fight among ourselves. Promoting conflicts with other countries so we war on multiple global fronts. Stealing our technology, steal our resources. Turning nations against us. Continue hacking into our security, and as they interfere with our elections, flood our government departments and corporate establishments for the ultimate control and world power.

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