Weeks after accepting leading role, Harris still ‘missing in action’ on the border

While Kamala Harris is supposedly in charge of handling the growing border crisis, she’s taking things at her own pace.

Two weeks after Joe Biden gave her the job, the vice president has not been to the border and has no clear plans to do so, the New York Post reported Wednesday. In response, one Trump-era official has charged that Harris has “been missing in action.”

Kamala goes MIA

For weeks, the Biden administration has been criticized for a surge in migration that has seen thousands of children detained in overcrowded federal facilities.

Neither Biden nor Harris have jumped to respond to the humanitarian crisis that many say is being caused by their administration’s relaxed policies, opting instead to blame everything and everyone else under the sun, from Donald Trump to deep-seated “root causes” of Central American migration, like poverty.

It didn’t necessarily come as a shock when a spokesperson for Harris said she is “not doing the border” shortly after Biden had put her in charge.

While Harris apparently doesn’t have any desire to see the problem up-close, she has discussed the so-called “root causes” in faraway countries over the phone with the presidents of Guatemala and Mexico, as the Post reported.

“They agreed to continue to work together to address the root causes of migration from the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras — including poverty, violence, and lack of economic opportunity,” the White House said.

Harris’ absence draws scrutiny

Harris’ absence is coming under mounting scrutiny from Republicans, who have been eager to attack the crisis as a self-inflicted disaster.

Nikki Haley, a former Trump official with clear aspirations of being president herself, lamented in an interview with Fox News that Harris is “missing in action” and said her response bodes poorly for the country if Harris were to take the reins.

“And God help us if she ever becomes president because if this is how she handles a crisis, I mean, I just can’t imagine how she would run our country,” Haley said.

The White House has been responding with a now-familiar touchiness to these criticisms. Press Secretary Jen Psaki snapped when reporter Steven Nelson, of the Post, questioned a trip Harris made to a Chicago bakery.

“So, while she was there, like many Americans, she got a snack. I think she’s allowed to do that,” Psaki said, according to Fox.

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20 Responses

  1. Who in the hell wants to find this lying, feckless , worthless,piss poor excuses of nothing ?? Just leave it right where it is, we don’t need it, never have.

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  3. Your breathless headline about Harris being “gone” is deceptive and just another piece of click bait. The less attention given to this immoral, ignorant, opportunistic, genetic defective, the better. Just report the real news straight up and lose the junior high attempts at journalism.

    1. besides we all know heels up harris has a lot of heels up time to spend to repay all the favors that gone her in office. she will probably be missing for 6 or 7 weeks.

  4. Joey B. is lost, clueless and dangerous. CAMEL-A is also in the same boat.

    In the debates, D. Trump said has done nothing in his 47 years in politics.
    It must have hit home because, as President, in approx. 47 minutes he has issued a bundle of Executive orders to undo all the good things that Trump initiated. The saga & deplorable situation at the boarder is a case in point and all Biden’s fault in his “Trump payback” scheme. Complete the wall ASAP and return to the Trump boarder strategy that was working…..BTW, China will attack Taiwan to test Joe’s guts and hus pink line. Better get ready.

  5. Typical of the left “leadership”. Why be surprised? Gutless & loudmouthed wonder suddenly isn’t available?

  6. VP usurper sure is busy visiting bakery in Chicago and having her desk made of wood from Old Ironsides. She just can’t find time for something so trivial as the Border Crises. After all a girl has to have her priorities right. If you have an Old Ironsides desk, you have to beef up so you become Old Ironbutt sitting at your Old Ironsides Desk doing your daily Soduko while the USA dissolves. IMPEACH, IMPEACH FOR MALFEASANCE, NONFEASANCE and BREACH OF CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED DUTY

  7. This lying bag of ignorance needs to be removed from The Peoples’ House now! When are we going to wake up? Get a snack, my a33! She shouldn’t have been anywhere near Chicago. Last I heard Texas was at the bottom of the Country down south and Chicago is in Illinois somewhere in the middle of the country!

  8. What kind of childish attempt is this at sensationalizing the typical Marxist behavior of that wretched woman, with a “house is on fire headline” for typical burning trash in the backyard fire barrel. She’s not MISSING or “GONE”…she’s still here looking for a way to infuriate the voters with her Hillary style “cackling” and meaningless platitudes, waiting for the globalists to install her in place of Biden. This is the biggest “con” since the Federal Reserve.

  9. Kamal-AH Is being fitted for her Super Hero Cape…much more critical than The Border Crisis and Child Trafficking..She’ll get down South when she has the time.

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