Kamala Harris mocked after giving cookies in the shape of her head to journalists

Days after she set Twitter buzzing with a tone-deaf Memorial Day tweet, Kamala Harris offered another glimpse into her personality by handing out cookies in the shape of her head to journalists on Air Force Two.

Social media users mocked the vice president over the narcissistic stunt, which came as Harris was traveling to Guatemala for her first foreign trip, the Washington Examiner reported.


The odd gesture was hardly out of character for Harris, a cynical political hack who has done little to disguise her personal ambitions. Many found it strikingly odd — and revealing — all the same, especially in the context of the southern border crisis, which Harris has continued to neglect.

Conservative journalist Raheem J. Kassam, editor-in-chief of the National Pulse, had harsh words for Harris, who he called a “sociopath” who is trying to “curry favor” with journalists — who Harris reportedly monitors to ensure they “understand” her brilliance.

Congressional candidate Buzz Patterson suggested that Harris’s “narcissism” surpasses even that of Hillary Clinton, with whom she is often compared.

“As a former Military Aide during the Clinton administration, I never even imagined this level of narcissism,” he wrote. “And, all on YOUR tax dollars America! Democrats, even you can’t be cool with this.”

Harris gets chilly reception in Guatemala

While Harris clearly loves herself, polls have shown she is substantially less popular than President Joe Biden, although it isn’t just Americans who are put off by her personality.

Harris received a chilly reception in Guatemala on Monday, where she was greeted by a throng of protesters with signs reading, “Kamala Go Home” and “Trump won.”

It was a sobering message for the veep, who is pledging to help lift Guatemala and its neighbors out of poverty, crime, and other deep-seated problems.

The White House has implausibly pointed to these “root causes” — and Donald Trump — to explain the immigration crisis, but many say the real “root cause” is Biden’s policies and a shift in rhetoric since Trump left Washington, a view that Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei seems to share.

He said that he is not on the “same side of the coin” as Harris as she dismisses the notion of visiting America’s border with Mexico as a “grand gesture.”

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  9. Great Take, RON ! Maybe someday the site administrators will eliminate this trash, knowing that it has put this column on ” Craigslist ” status. GET RID OF IT !

    As for Kammie, CookieGate is an absolute HOOT… ! I know were I ever offered any food item designed by her, I would stomp on it. Nice to see that she spends her time on such worthy projects, but turns away from silly little disposable items like immigration, crime, etc. — problems that are sadly on the rise over the last 125+ days ….

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