Harris appears to bristle over Biden’s remark that nurse looks ‘like a freshman’

President Joe Biden has long faced accusations of inappropriate or strange behavior toward women and girls — and critics say those tendencies were on display again during a recent virtual conference call.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who joined the president on the call, appeared uncomfortable with at least one remark Biden made in reference to a nurse.

“Are you a freshman?”

As the U.K. Sun revealed in a video on Tuesday, Biden had been interacting with Brittney Hayes, a female nurse on the call.

After Hayes finished delivering data regarding COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Arizona, the president seemed more interested in her appearance than her professional perspective.

“Are you a freshman at the university?” Biden asked.

With a laugh, Hayes responded that she was in fact the “head charge nurse” at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, which is serving as a local vaccination site.

The president reiterated his belief that she looked “like a freshman,” a remark that elicited a polite “thank you” from the nurse. He then followed up by asking if she was actually a nurse despite her having already confirmed that she was.

“Angels in heaven”

“I am,” Hayes replied. “I’m a nurse. I’m an RN. I’ve been an RN for about nine years now.”

For her part, Harris appeared to find the exchange awkward, opting to shift the focus of the conversation to the work of doling out inoculations. Biden continued to interject, however, with additional remarks about nurses — specifically comparing them to “angels.”

“I know having been a significant consumer of healthcare, I can tell — I know the vice president knows this when I say it — doctors let you live, nurses make you want to live,” Biden declared. “If there’s any angels in heaven, they’re all nurses, male and female. And that’s not an exaggeration. That’s the God’s truth.”

Hayes appeared to take the comments in stride, but previous interactions with women and girls have prompted harsher reactions, including videos that appeared to show females cringing as he touched or moved very close to them.

The most alarming claims came from a former Senate staffer who accused him of sexually assaulting her three decades ago.

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34 Responses

  1. Oh What are we in for with 4 years of Biden/Kamala? Will we still have a country at the end? Each bad move Biden makes -makes me miss Trump more.

      1. Add at least another 2 million to that cuz that’s probably what dominion computers stole from Trump and gave to Biden.
        DJT is the legitimate POTUS…..PERIOD!

    1. Wait till those 25,000 waiting illegals storm into the U.S………There will definitely be terrorists, looters, killers, rapists in the bunch……..That is when WE THE PEOPLE will follow the Constitution and rid the USA of all whether domestic or foreign……….

    1. He goes far beyond the “creepy”………He is more like the brown stuff at the bottom of your commode…..Smelly and disgusting POS………

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    1. Please define dirty old man. I am a 80 year old man and a Vet with over 20 years of military service. and just for your information I have met a few dirty old women. please don’t lump together all aging men as dirty old men

      Thank you and have a great day

      1. Age, no matter WHO……gives anyone the right to be disrespectful toward women, and that JB/KH are both nothing more than a POS……..JB is the typical dirty perverted POS……………BTW I am also a senior citizen in the twilight of my years……..

  3. Another glaring example of why the WH will further limit SloJoe’s unscripted, uncontrolled exposures. This one was deemed to be a ‘safe’ situation, yet look what happened. His muddled reading the other day from a teleprompter also raised eyebrows. Imagine the angst surrounding the February 23rd SOTU address. They key player will be the person in control of the script. If Plugs wonders, that person will be challenged to get him back on script. Remember the time when POTUS Barry’s prompter went off leaving him stuttering….’aaaaaahahahah’?

    1. It seems he rarely stands and talks, they mostly have him sitting. PLus Kamala is always very close by so she can pull his strings…shameful that he was allowed to continue and to get elected…..

  4. Biden has always been creepy around women. Every chance he gets he puts his hands on them even when you can see it on the videos the women are not comfortable in him doing that. Who knows perhaps Kamala Harris feels neglected because he hasn’t done it to her. There is something seriously wrong with her if you watch her in interviews she goes into spontaneous uproarious laughter for no reason at all. She, of course, never answers direct questions. The only thing that she’s very strong about is when she’s threatening and promoting violence against President Trump and vice president Mike Pence and anyone with whom she doesn’t agree with.

  5. If you look at some of the children he has put his hands in there private places . The children cringed with his inappropriate behavior . Some children’s family were present and the parents let this behavior go on . Don’t know which is the sickest Obama joe Biden or the parents ! Come to think of it both are sick pervert !

  6. Why does Harris seem to follow him around like a puppy dog instead of working on other issues to help our country??? I’m sure she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do as VP. Totally lost, God help us because these two nitwits sure can’t.

    1. Biden is Senile or has Alhzhimers, Harris isn’t qualified! Her own father dis owned her! Probably because she has affairs with her running mates? What your seeing and hearing is coming from Pelosi and her groupies! The democrats were cheated too! They thought they were getting Biden? Truth is Pelosi slipped in the back door and took over! Just like she always does! Which is why she hates Trump! She couldn’t tell him what to do! Heck” Why run for office when she can control everything from her house?

  7. That’s why Beijing Joe is also caked “Hands on Joe”. It is totally sad that he is our President. He can’t deny it because there are plenty of examples that have been shown
    on TV. Of course, Kamala isn’t any better climbing the ladder on her back as a prostitute.
    A real good role model for young girls – NOT!

  8. Let me tell you if the Republican Party does not stand behind President Trump and he is impeached there will be no more Republican Party because people like me will be done and ready for a third Party with Trump who represent the people,our Country & the Constitution.There are still many deepstaters & establishment that are out for their benefit $$$$$$$ that is why they want Trump out he is taking their money trees away .This Democrat Party is so out of control with lies , false accusations and hate . The hate is what’s driving their destructive actions against people who don’t agree with them and anything good Trump did for our Country is being reversed but both Democrats & Republicans are being hurt by the haters but the anger is so deep they do not care who they hurti & frankly don’t care just give them power

  9. I believe PRESIDENT TRUMP was right the election was rigged bcz the dems think they own the world bcz they buy their way in every situation they can and guess what their using our money bcz they dont know what its like to work…earn a living they’ve been stealing from the AMRICAN people for so many years now they actually think their right!! I think they’re a bunch of crooks punks who happened to gt into our government!!


  11. It’s very sad that the USA doesn’t have an honest msm, FBI or DOJ because if she had just one of these then Biden would NEVER have moved into the WH with his POS sidekick Camela.

  12. 80 million knuckleheads didn’t vote for slimy China Joe, and Bill Barr is a fat leftist slob who let this all happen to America!!

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