Harris has yet to take questions related to new leadership role on southern border: Reports

President Joe Biden made news more than a week ago when he named Vice President Kamala Harris the leader of diplomatic efforts to an ongoing influx of migrants across the U.S.-Mexico border.

While the Biden administration later clarified that her role would be somewhat less robust than early reports indicated, Harris has yet to hold a press conference to discuss the immigration issue or her plans to address it, as Fox News reports.

“Not doing the border”

During a meeting at the White House on March 24 with top immigration officials, the president tapped Harris for the leadership role, insisting at the time that “she’s the most qualified person to do it” and furthering speculation that the vice president is taking an outsized role behind the scenes.

“When she speaks, she speaks for me,” Biden said, according to a White House transcript. “Doesn’t have to check with me. She knows what she’s doing, and I hope we can move this along.”

Just two days later, however, one of the vice president’s top aides clarified the scope of her duties, stating that Harris “is not doing the border.”

Instead, according to the Associated Press, Harris spokesperson Symone Sanders said that the VP would lead diplomatic discussions with relevant nations including Mexico and Central America’s Northern Triangle — El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in an effort to address the “root causes” of a spike in immigration.

Regardless of how much control she ultimately takes of the border crisis, Harris clearly needs to field legitimate questions about her plans, findings, and concerns.

“She should be held accountable”

One potential reason for her reticence to address reporters during her first week in the new position could stem from reports that her response could serve as a political “hand grenade” with the risk of blowing up in her face and sullying her political reputation.

Nevertheless, the complexity of the issue does not excuse Harris from facing direct questions about border security and immigration policies. As Fox News reported, critics are increasingly concerned that the mainstream media is effectively allowing Harris to “hide” and avoid providing answers on these important topics.

“As the person put in charge of the border crisis, Harris should be answering questions about how the Biden/Harris administration has young migrant children packed into ‘cages’ and enclosures, creating not only humanitarian relief problems, but also COVID superspreader locations,” Cornell Law professor and media critic William Jacobson asserted, according to Fox.

He went on to claim that “the mainstream liberal media” allowed both Biden and Harris “to get away with hiding” throughout the presidential campaign.

In a similar statement, DePauw University professor Jeffrey McCall, also a media critic, reportedly said: “She now is supposed to be managing various aspects of the border crisis, but it is still rather unclear about exactly what her duties and responsibilities are. Once Biden handed the border baton off to Harris, it would seem she should be held accountable to explain her role and the strategies she plans to implement.”

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25 Responses

  1. “When she Giggles and Laughs Incessantly, she speaks for me,” Biden said, according to a White House transcript. There fixed it!

    1. Maes you wonder how much she giggled and laughed as she extended the prison terms of over 6,000 inmates after they had served their terms? Thus violating their civil rights as well as her oath of office. Those violations have no term limits, so where is the Justice Department, the ACLU, the NAACP bringing her to justice? She couldn’t have slept with all of them, or could she have? At least we know she has shown no respect for law, no respect for civil rights and no respect for her sworn oath.

    2. Is that how they answer questions, they think the danger they put America’s in is funny. We are trying to cure Covid and they let the immigrants in that have Covid!!!

  2. So Harris is going to do what Trump has already done? What’s next, keep doing what Trump had already set up and take credit for it like they’ve been doing so far?

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  4. review complete border system , all the people coming to live here can not be aloud to stay in usa , the usa can not support all the worlds people that want to live here .

    1. The EVIL, Anti-American, Racist, Power, Dark Cash Money Hungry, will give everything to the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, BECAUSE THEY HATE AMERICA AND ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  5. Not surprised by Kamala Harris’s actions, or no actions (disappearing act) She wants the VP title but NOT of the responsibilities that go with the title. As a senator and attorney general for California, that’s how she performed here also. Thank you for continuing to smirk & laugh when you are questioned, BUT the answers that require Kamala Harris’s response are not laughable. It’s like she is laughing at all the citizens and making a FOOL of herself! Are the Democrats ever going to do something to benefit the country and its legal citizens?? This administration is going from BAD to the WORST!

    1. I wonder what she is sticking up her nose besides her finger. Apparently has joined Obama’s choom and blow gang. Must be the reason she laughs at everything.

  6. The so called Biden / Harris administration is not worth the bread they eat every day. The most worthless I have ever seen in my 80 years.

      1. Gail and Frances, let’s make three, I am 83 years old, and never ever have I seen anything like this bunch in the Government.

  7. Kamala Harris is unfit to serve as Vice President. She is incompetent and just plain stupid.
    Remember she was first to drop out of the Presidential race. She is a California communist anchor baby that slept her way up the ladder being Willie Brown’s prostitute!
    She can’t deny that! She is a habitual liar, but her niece Meena Harris is too, so it must be a family trait handed down! Her parents dumped 2 anchor babies in California took all the good our country had to offer but never gave anything good to America. They marched against America trying to change our country. They gave us a communist ho!

    1. You said everything I believe about this tramp. She is in way over her head and will bring our country to ruin with her stupidity. And that disgusting laugh! I pray to God and hope our country can get through her illegitimate time in office.

  8. I thought that President Cater was the stupidest President ever! Then came Obama who was stupider! But low and behold Biden out did them and Kamala too! 2024 hurry!!

  9. If they are on the Federal Payroll then they are responsible for performing their duty with clarity for the American Citizens that voted them into office can review and evaluate. If they can not perform their duty that they swore an oath to perform, then they should be impeached and removed from office.
    As a U.S. federal employee with 40 years of service, I was held to that standard and could be terminated from my position if I did not perform with clarity to my employer.

  10. Kamala has stepped in it now…if this wasn’t so dire it would be hilarious…she is in over her dipsy head about 10 miles…you will not see her at the border….how did this happen to our country this voting escapade is the smoking gun….this should never have happened to the US….this is what happens when someone tries to run or lead something and they don’t have brain 1 to even get close to running anything…..despicable idiots are looming over us…HORRID

  11. Since there is not a single person(as in one in control) the Ho can’t do anything since using her body is the only way the Ho knows how to get things done. So it is Natural that she has NOTHING worth anything to say.

  12. The US is leaderless and the risk of insolvable problems is bound to grow….The top 3 people for the WH operation are mentally incapable of doing the job…..The US has never been this insecure….

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