Harris takes flak from Los Angeles Times writer over lack of action on voting rights

Kamala Harris rose to the vice presidency amid a fanfare of sycophantic adoration. But even some of her fans in the mainstream media are starting to learn what happens when people are elevated not because of their aptitudes, but because of how they look.

As the Washington Examiner reports, the Los Angeles Times published an article Thursday gently rebuking Harris for failing to make progress on the Democratic Party’s sweeping election reform bill. Its author, Noah Bierman, expressed disappointment with Harris as an absent and ineffective dealmaker.

Mainstream press rebukes Harris

With Washington D.C. deeply polarized, Bierman gives Harris somewhat of a break, noting the “limits of [her] influence” in the divided environment. But he otherwise paints a picture of a vice president who has failed to capitalize on opportunities, while squandering others with a seeming gracelessness.

“No dramatic trips to the Senate to court votes. No statements on how to find compromise,” he writes of her absence from voting rights talks.

Bierman recalled that her most memorable interaction with the pivotal Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), a former colleague of Harris during her time in the Senate, involved angering him when she “went on television in his home state earlier this year to push for an economic relief bill, and he publicly complained she hadn’t given him a heads-up.”

He also pointed out that Harris is “working on her Senate relationships,” but her recent dinner with other senators failed to yield any political benefits.

Bierman also pointed out that “her lack of any significant engagement in the Senate has not been a surprise,” recalling that “she served only four years there, a good portion of that time running for president.”

Even Pravda admits it

Given the pathetically degraded state of America’s Soviet-esque press, this is a sobering critique. Indeed, it’s surprising coming from the newspaper that dedicated an entire section to hagiography about Harris and her “historic rise” in January.

But there is nothing shocking about the vice president’s incompetence, at least to those undeceived by the media’s deranged obsession with “diversity.” There’s a reason why her own presidential campaign went up in smoke, and why she is less popular than this guy.

White House insiders conceded that Harris’ recent trip to Latin America was a “disaster,” as she struggled to articulate what she was doing to respond to the ongoing border crisis. Weeks later, after calling a visit to the border a “grand gesture,” Harris finally took a trip on Friday, as Fox News reported.

Harris is a one-trick phony. She may have displayed the scope of her talents in October, when she played up the girl-boss identity politics angle in her debate with then-Vice President Mike Pence. “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking,” she admonished. Unfortunately, governing takes more than rhetoric and soundbites.

Progressives were head over heels about Harris being the first woman vice president. But now is the time for her to show what she can accomplish, and she’s faltering.

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