Harris talks women’s empowerment at UN event, remains silent on Cuomo

Vice President Kamala Harris gave a speech at a United Nations event on the Commission on the Status of Women on Tuesday, Fox News reported. But although Harris spoke passionately about female empowerment during her talk, there was one group of women she seemed reluctant to discuss.

According to Breitbart, nearly a month has gone by since recent allegations of sexual harassment by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) first made headlines, and to this point, Harris has been eerily silent on the matter.

Harris speaks at UN

That didn’t change Tuesday, as she spoke to the U.N. on how “the participation of women strengthens democracy.”

“The status of democracy also depends fundamentally on the empowerment of women, not only because the exclusion of women in decision making is a marker of a flawed democracy, but because of the participation of women strengthens democracy,” Harris said at the event, according to Fox.

She went on: “I am proud to report that while the United States still has work to do, we too are making progress and that women strengthen our democracy every day.”

“Champion for women”

Cuomo, for his part, is currently facing allegations of sexual misconduct from no less than seven women. Harris’ silence on the matter hasn’t gone over well with conservatives like Karoline Leavitt, who serves as communications director for Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York.

A double standard

As Breitbart pointed out, Harris’ reluctance to speak out on Cuomo is a far cry from how she responded in 2018 to allegations lodged against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

In a message posted to Twitter, Harris hailed Ford as “a profile in courage,” declaring: “She knew what she was up against when she came forward but spoke out because she felt it was her civic duty. She deserves better.”

“Dr. Ford is not on trial,” the then-California senator said in another tweet. “She is sitting here because she has the courage to come forward and because it was her ‘civic duty.’ I believe her.”

Harris said nearly a year later that she “sat through those hearings,” where she alleged that Kavanaugh “lied to the U.S. Senate and most importantly to the American people,” and called for his impeachment from the high court.

When it comes to Cuomo, however, Harris is still singing a decidedly different tune.

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  1. Kamala Harris is a dictator lied about Kavanauh stole an election fraud escorts from the past do not make old hoes in Washington treasonous witch

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  3. Poster child for how pathetic the Democrat party has become. This bimbo is the. best they could come up with ? Couldn’t even come up with any support in the presidential primary and was the first to drop out. IMO …the fix was in at that time. I.e. They knew they could control Joe and the ho.

  4. She is a poor excuse for a VP and as a president she will be just as bad if not worse then the loser that is
    our so called president. The demonrats sure know how to pick the biggest idiots.

  5. “heels up harris” “launched” herself into her “positions” while “working” on her back, and on her knees. (with a married man) Great way to show the country and the world how you “stand up” for”‘feminism” and being a “role model” for young women.

  6. Horizontal Harris is nothing but a lying, hypocritical, ditzy moron. She has no business being in our government let alone veep.

  7. Sad state of affairs with this administration… No one in the world will respect us, and they will do everything possible to undermine our economy and freedoms because all this bunch can do is cancel cartoon characters and lie about everything else.

  8. Hey, Biden, didn’t you do the Same Thing to Tara Reade?? Where’s the justice for her?? Kamala won’t say anything about Biden or Cuomo on that subject!!! IMPEACH Kamala Harris and Biden. Get rid of them all!!!!!!

  9. I have a question for all the Democratic Senators, Congressmen, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and the rest: How many have stepped up to take some immigrants from the border to receive them at their home and home town to show how American they are, seeing that they voted along with Sleepy Joe and K. Harris. They all have room at their homes.

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