Kamala Harris avoids border, travels to Chicago for a slice of cake

It’s been over two weeks since President Joe Biden tasked Kamala Harris with leading his administration’s response to a surge in migration at the U.S.–Mexico border, and still, the vice president hasn’t made a trip there to see the problem for herself.

Instead, Harris spent her time Tuesday patronizing a small bakery in Chicago, where she was caught in a photo with a slice of cake and an apparently dismissive attitude toward the mounting migrant crisis, as Breitbart reported.

Take a look:

“I think she’s allowed to do that”

According to Breitbart, Harris’ trip as came as part of an effort to promote vaccination against the coronavirus. But while it may have been a noble cause, many were left wondering why the VP’s head was in Illinois rather than at the border.

Pressed by reporters on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki seemed to make light of the situation.

“While she was there, like many Americans, she got a snack, I think she’s allowed to do that,” Psaki said, according to Breitbart.

The press secretary added that Harris “remains committed to” taking “the lead on” the issue of the recent influx of immigration.

“Get some backbone”

However, Psaki’s words seem unlikely to convince many of Harris’ critics, who allege that the vice president is failing to take matters seriously. Among those crying foul is freshman Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT), who lashed out at Harris while touring the Rio Grande Valley region along with other Republican members of Congress earlier this week.

“To President Biden and Vice President Harris: Get some backbone,” Owens said during a speech in Edinburg, Texas, according to Fox News. “Get some compassion. Come down to the border and see what mess you’ve made.”

Owens reportedly went on to recount horrifying stories that he’d heard from children at the border, including one 7-year-old girl he said was “gang-raped.”

“Whether you’re American or Mexican or Guatemalan, it doesn’t matter,” he declared, according to Fox. “These are our children. And we have an administration that does not have the backbone to come down here and give encouragement to these great men and women who are doing the job and are being overwhelmed right now.”

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24 Responses

  1. Those people coming across the border are just votes for the communist democrats now and in the future. The Biden-Harris administration could care less about what is going on at the border. Just process them and turn them loose. Future Communist votes.

  2. If she were to be plopped down and given continual cake, would she get out of our lives? She’s only in it in name anyway, certainly not actually DOING anything for the country. Disgusting. While children are being dumped in the very dangerous and hot desert (about 100°+ now) and being raped, she’s eating cake. Disgusting#2.

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  4. What kind of leader and President and Vice Preiden to we have??? Incompetent, uncaring, un professional! We are in deep trouble and impeachments must be started on both of them NOW!!!

    1. We have dumb and dumber. Neither one is competent to do anything. Of all the intelligent ,competent, qualified women in this country she is the best the democrats could offer. What a shame for women to have this bimbo be the first to hold the office. On another note , this is all it took to best Hilda beast……..that has to sting …LOL. As disgusting as the present administration is…..more disgusting are the brain deficient voters who helped put them in office.

    2. We can”t start impeachment proceeding right now because we don’t have the votes. However, if the Republicans take back the House and Senate in 2022, we won’t need any votes or any help from the Demorats. We will have the majority. Then we can begin impeachment proceeding against Biden and Harris. If you remember, the Republicans told the dems that they were opening pandorah’s box, and that this could come back to haunt them. Well, if we take back the majority, the Republicans had better get a spine and begin impeachment proceedings.

  5. Kamala is not qualified to be our VP let alone President. She has no leadership skills whatsoever. She is California’s communist whore for years – ask Willie Brown? She also
    is California’s anchor baby. Her parents dropped 2 of them! Her parents never became US citizens but took all the good our country had to offer but gave nothing in return. They did give a family trait of lying that seems to be handed down to her niece too! She and Biden have the same family trait of lying! She is just gutter trash and changes from black to asian at a minutes whim!

  6. Biden and Harris has had their chance to show us what they can do, all I can say is they better pack their bag and get out of dodge cause they havent done a darn thing but make a mess out of things and they dont want to take it on and fix it , so get out so we can get some one else in there to fix things, you had your chance now we are done with you!! go home take care of your family and Bidens wife can take care of him in his basement!!

  7. Many people are counting on ousting the Democrats in “the next election”. The problem is, there will never be another election.

    1. I truly fear, Richard, that we may never have a fair and honest election again! We know that the election was rigged for Biden, and that he and Kamala are nothing but puppets for the communist Democrats! The fools of America, who have voted so many Democrats into power, are now getting what they asked for! Can this situation be changed, and we get some common sense leadership in Washington? I don’t know, but I have to say that I am not very optimistic! We have a communist media that spews BS to the American people every day, and many of the people swallow it!

  8. Harris eats cake while border towns & illegals entering our country in droves – MS13 gang member criminals – towns being destroyed while bus loads of illegals dumped into unknowing towns –
    Many infected with COVID this Illegitimate POTUS & VP R SHAMEFUL & a disgrace to our country!

  9. Absolute,total incompetance! I hope everyone who actually voted for Biden/Harris,the two biggest jokes on the planet,are pleased with the results!

  10. OBiden is being true to his word. He told the civil rights leaders on a leaked conference call (talked down to them horribly I would say) that they will have to learn to get along with the Latinos because soon whites will be the minority and Latinos be the majority. Now we know how he is making that happen. He doesn’t want to fix it and neither does Harris. I wonder if she realizes he is using her as a scapegoat once this all backfires on him.
    Insanity must stop. The Judiciary branch must rule his administration as unconstitutional and a violation of their oaths…. And get them the he’ll out so we can rebuild to protect ourselves from the enemies the far left is in bed with. China, Russia, etc….you get the picture. They are preparing to take us down, they do not fear Biden cause he is helping them. All these distractions are hiding more tham we know. If we focus on them they get to sneak in the Trojan Horse and a surprise.

  11. can you say buyers remorse they voted them in ha ha our president would never let this happen our country is lost unless we all stop being sheep and stand up call your representives and let them in uncertain terms in politics if they do not start protecting our country remind them forcefuly they work for us and thier money train can come to an end quite soon

  12. My congratulations to Biden & Harris for making a laughing stock out of our United States of AMERICA!!! By taking down a once, Strong-Independent-Safe -Beautiful-Stable-Law Abiding-FAITHFUL & FINANCIAL **STRONGEST PROUDEST COUNTRY**Yes Biden & Harris, this is so far the only thing you’s have done in the leadership for which you’s constantly & violently insist to control & change our policies just to show this Country of your COMMUNIST LAWLESS VALUE’S to ruin our once “STRONG & PROUD COUNTRY” Again Congratulations for all your “UNGREATFUL” farce of your “DISGRACEFUL LEADERSHIP” you IDIOT!!!

  13. Useless p.o.s. has time to travel to eat cake while cartels abuse immigrants and run drugs through open border. Biden and kumula need to be impeached and stick crazy nancy in a rubber room.

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