Kamala Harris team unhappy with VP-elect’s Vogue cover, fans cry ‘disrespectful’

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris made the cover of Vogue this week, with the fashion magazine proudly tweeting out a photo of the cover image.

However, if the editors thought that their choice of photo would be warmly embraced by Harris and her fans, they soon found out otherwise. 

The tweet touted Harris as Vogue’s “February cover star.”

“Making history was the first step,” the tweet continues. “Now Harris has an even more monumental task: to help heal a fractured America — and lead it out of crisis.”

The photo

The tweet also included an image of two covers that feature Harris. In the second, she’s wearing business attire with her arms folded.

Meanwhile, the first photo — and the photo chosen for the cover of the distributed Vogue magazines — shows Harris wearing Converse shoes, a casual jacket, standing in front of a giant pink curtain.

A Vogue article explains that the photo “reflects Harris at her casual best: Converse sneakers and Donald Deal blazer — styling choices that were her own — and a bright smile.”

“Still, a closer look at the picture reveals a tribute to a formative chapter of Harris’s life: her time as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc’s Alpha chapter at Howard University,” the article continues. “Founded in 1908, Alpha Kappa Alpha is the first historically African American sorority, and its official colors, salmon pink and apple green, are iconic.”


Despite the gushing tweet, members of Harris’ team were reportedly dissatisfied with the image, with a source telling The Associated Press that they were not informed that the first image would be used.

The cover choice also didn’t go over well with some of Harris’ fans. One tweeted, “The cover with the pink backdrop is so fugly please stop sharing it, she deserves better.”

Another complained, “The cover on the left is not at all flattering and it doesn’t even look flattering. Please don’t do my sorority sister and our future Vice President like that.”

A third person cried racism, stating, “This is DISRESPECTFUL to Kamala, my Sorors, and to black people! In no way this is how you shoot the first black VP or any VP for that matter. Pull it now!!!.”

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57 Responses

  1. What picture of the first whore vis pres. do you want them to use, laying on her back or doggy style ???????

    1. Joe Harmon, I think both would be a good start! The Catholics that Beijing Biden and Dr. Jill are so found of, might not object!
      What a bunch of misfits, all of them!

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  3. Kamala Harris has no morals and is a Marxist who has stated that she wants to “remove free will.” She deserves absolutely no respect whatsoever.

    1. Exactly! And no one cares what her favorite footwear is– she chose to wear the dumb things. Then she’s mad about how she looks? She looks like who she is – a disgrace to our great country!

      1. Our country is a disgrace, They did it to Trump for four years and now we are doing it to Kamala just because it was a free ride.

  4. She is not at all a likable person. I don’t like the way she puts on that big goofy smile and just laughs off a question instead of giving a sensible and serious answer. Yuk!

  5. I sometime wonder if she is as ‘off’ as crazy Biden. What a disgrace for a President and VP. What is wrong with this World today??? OMG

    1. The cheaters cheated us ! and it will keep on going for another 2 years at least unless we get smarter and vote for a majority Republicans, or if they cheat us

  6. I believe there are more important things going on in our country than worrying about what this person looks like on a cover of a magazine. Come on country, get your priorities straight. Who cares what she looks like on a fashion magazine. Its obvious she is not a model and will never look like one. Are you people going to keep worrying about what she looks like in all the pictures that will be taken of her? She needs to get her act together and try to run this country, which she is not qualified to do.

    1. Neither one of those two mental midgets are qualified! Pig-lousy and her Swamp and Squad need to be removed from office!

  7. I am a republican and I seriously dislike this Vice President because of her political views. I have not seen the pix being mentioned here. After reading the comments here, I am appalled by some of them. You folks don’t dislike her any more than I do, but she is the Vice President of the United States. Calling her a whore and a skank is way out of line. Let’s show a little respect for the OFFICE that she holds.

    1. We are, just like they showed respect for our leaders. This is not over by a long shot. She should get on her knees for Obama who is her boss. Just maybe, she can work her way up from there just like she did in California

    2. And has she shown any respect at all to our President Trump!!! Hell no she has not and never has !!! Oh and this HOE ant my Vice President and the Hoe want never be if she makes it into the White House she will still be called by me Harris the Hoe !!!

    3. Mark my words!! Not ‘Vice-President’ for long. Maybe 3-6months at best. The ‘paper-work’ has already been done. If Biden ‘gets in’, he’ll be removed shortly. He knows this and it’s with his consent. He’s made several references to this in his speeches–always with a ‘coy’ little ‘joke’!! Kamala Harris will be your ‘new’ president, like her or not!! Personally, I do ‘not’!! She is a Marxist and hates this country and our citizens. If allowed, she’ll be the ‘final blow’ to this nation. (don’t read too much into that comment. I don’t ‘think’ that way!) Pelosi and company drew up papers in Sept. invoking the 25th amendment on grounds of Joe being ‘unable to perform the duties of his office’ and therefore relieved of them. An ‘honorable discharge’, if you will. That allows him to gracefully retire with full benefits. All the while doing their best to strip Pres Trump from his!! Traitors to the core!

    4. NO! she is what she is, and I don’t care what she wears or what she looks like, she is what she is, and I will continue to speak my voice, as long as I am able. Communists are not going to stop, me from voicing my opinion, just as long as her BLM/Antifa are allowed to carry on their riots, burning and murders, as long as Pelosi can continue to lie, cheat and impeach, as long as the Squad is still part of my government and the Swamp is still out there doing their misdeeds! We are sick and tired of these sick traitors like Obama, Soros, Biden and Hunter of the Biden Crime Family, and their allegiance to the China Communist Party!

  8. You are commenting on the person who will be the next president after the Democrats toss Biden under the bus. Beijing Joe is a sick man who is ripe for the 25th Amendment (the same one the loony libs tried to use on Trump). I wonder how long it will take the voters to have buyers remorse for putting Sleepy Joe and Bang Bang Kamala in the White House.

    1. They probably do now, but these hypocrites will never admit to it! Wait till he takes their houses, cars and bank accounts, confiscates their guns, and stops them from going to church! Communists are bad people, but those who elect them are even worst!

    1. Can’t do that without a 2/3rds vote from Congress and consent of Republicans. You know where that will go! Right now, (R) Marjorie Greene is filing for impeachment against Biden!! ‘Smoke and Mirrors’!! What a waste of time and money, all to appear important! I guess this is to pacify Trump supporters with what is, essentially, an ’empty’ gesture!! All in an attempt to further her own political agenda. I, personally, don’t ‘go’ for it!!

  9. Really Vogue…you put this Pic of Kamala on the front of your magazine…when you have had 4 years to put a real beauty n a highly intelligent real lady on your nothing magazine…all of you who ignored Melania I hope you get nothing but hoots n hollers about this photo of some one who is not up for the pic or the job she has been put in…then no one will be buying Vogue for this pic which is totally hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You had to work with the material you were given….she hasn’t said one smart thing yet.

  10. Elissa, Show her respect for her office? Is that was the Dem’s did for Trump for his 4 years in office? No one in the media ever showed him any respect. Let’s treat Joe and Komala, as she wants it pronounced, To the same kind of respect Donald and Mike got! Yes it is true both of them belong in jail and not in the White House! Let’s start their impeachments Jan 20th, 2021! Hey! it’s the least we can do! Turn about is still fair right?



  12. If only it was her looks. She will be the president within a year. The country will pay a high price for this mistake ( just wait and see)

  13. Actually Harris and Biden are frauds as they slithered in through the deceptive machinations of fraudulent voting. They know it and the people know it.
    There needs to be an investigation and audit.

  14. Nancy Pelosi needs to be impeached and booted out of office.
    She is as devious and evil as they come. She’s worried about masks but not
    the people whom she is supposed to serve. What a hypocrite.

  15. Slime is putting it mildly , ” dog faced pony soldier ” is a better description. Don’t go away mad , just go away .

  16. She dresses as bad as Killary. Was she or was she not wearng that lovely ensemble? Her “fns” were offended, wasn’t ware she had fans, other than Willy Brown.
    Her crrowds ‘ as she campained , looked like theopening of a grocery, store a very small grocery store. Sorry “Ka-Bala you ar no fashion plate.

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