VP Harris upsets Joe Manchin with unannounced interview in West Virginia to push COVID package

Vice President Kamala Harris made a faux-pas that has angered an important ally in the Senate.

The vice president upset Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WW), seen as a pivotal vote, with an unannounced TV interview in his state of West Virginia to lobby for President Joe Biden’s massive coronavirus relief bill, The Hill reported.

Harris angers Manchin

A red-state Democrat with moderate views, Manchin has been described as a swing vote in a narrowly divided Senate. Democrats just barely control the chamber, counting Harris as a tie-breaker.

Harris described a dire economic situation in Manchin’s state in a surprise interview last week with NBC affiliate WSAZ, in a clear effort to pressure Manchin to back Biden’s bill.

“To your point, in West Virginia, 1 in 7 families is describing their household as being hungry, 1 in 6 can’t pay their rent, and 1 in 4 small businesses are closing permanently or have already closed, so it’s a big issue in West Virginia and across the country,” she said.

Later, Manchin made clear to WSAZ that he wasn’t thrilled with Harris getting up on a soapbox without warning in his state.

“I saw [the interview]. I couldn’t believe it. No one called me [about it],” Manchin said. “We’re going to try to find a bipartisan pathway forward, but we need to work together. That’s not a way of working together.”

White House tries to mollify Manchin

The White House sought to mollify Manchin, with Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki calling him a “key partner” on Monday.

“We’ve been in touch with Sen. Manchin as we have been for many weeks and will continue to be moving forward,” Psaki said, according to Fox News. “Not only is he a key partner to the president and to the White House on this package, but on his agenda.”

Manchin has expressed reservations about the size of the proposed $1,400 stimulus checks in the nearly $2 trillion bill from Democrats. Republicans have proposed a $618 billion plan, The Hill notes.

Biden met with 10 Republicans, not including Manchin, on Monday to negotiate, with Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) describing the talks as productive.

Despite Manchin’s — and Biden’s — stated desire for bipartisanship, Democrats are considering passing the bill without any support from Republicans through budget reconciliation, which requires only a simple majority.

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20 Responses

  1. VP Harris is not done, she’s a demonRat and it takes a whole lot more for one of the National supportive liberal press to take a demonRat down.

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  3. Harris as a VP is a communist puppet who is installed like Biden by the CCP ,Joe Manchin is a terrific actor who is convincing his WEST VIRGINIA populist that he is a moderate, what a crock of feces ! WEST VIRGINIAN voters must wake up NOW to this betrayal of your senator

    1. Could not have said it better!
      Our PRESIDENT Trump created jobs and those poor families would not be suffering today!
      The Liberals like poor people because they vote for them. Wake up!

    2. Joe Manchin is not fooling anyone except those that supported him. And that is the mentally and politically challenged in the Kanawha areas. Most of us that know him from where he is from did not support him and never will. If he has a back bone he will leave the NAZI left and become a Republican just to put an end to this anarchy.

  4. What a butt boil Kemele is. I would call her a pig but someone pointed out that pigs are sweet little animals so I don’t want to offend any pigs but with that said this woman slept her way to where she is at today and I am sure she has scares on her knees as well. I truly hope tragedy befalls her very soon.

    1. You are SO right MICHAEL … there is a reason that she EARNED the nickname “HEADBOARD HARRIS”… two facts of note: she f%#@&d her way to the top of the heap in California, working for (and under) San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown in a well publicized act. Also her OWN FATHER urged her NOT to run for national office, as he knew that she was not up to the task, nor worthy of consideration …

  5. Kamel Horris is merely a place holder for the mentally fading O’Biden under the puppet master OBomba. What a horrid mess all the democRATS are! God Help US ALL.

  6. Please take some time an listen to this interview abouI CommieCrat Criminal Kamaltoe. I know it’s a bit long but I believe it’s a eye opener an helps the understanding of the swamp. My uncle joined the US Coast Guard, Served in Vietnam an on President Nixons Honor Guard with the gentleman from the interview . My father served in Vietnam an I was born on a US Army Base. Fort Mead Maryland.

    Watch “Kamala Harris” on YouTube

    An on another note Obama pushed Kameltoe on Biden because she brought to the table the mail in ballot fraud scheme she used in California to rig an then win her seat in Congress after screwing her way there.
    Joe didn’t want her as VP an most Dems do not like her either.

  7. America need a re-count vote for the JOUSE,SENATE and Oval Office, this time all vote must be done IN person and registered. All ballots must sign by the legal person, an d co-singed by two witness (one from each party) placed in a sealed envelope then placed in to a locked box, each person signing must show legal ID and resident according to the country records documentation, and transported by armor vehicle to one location where they we counted, by signed people and a legal witness and counted by hand and scanned and marked only one time. Fully armed officers will oversee that everything is carried out according to the Constitutional Law.

    All people working will be fully checked out by a police background and will use a photo ID/fingerprint to enter the building, these are done on site by federals law enforcement officers, everyone who clears their background and enter will be video at all times. anyone who fails to comply will be removed and arrested on fraudulent attempt to rig the election which result in federal prison for 25 years.

  8. This is the most ill prepared, hacked together group of people you could put w charge of a country! They are all running in circles trying to pretend they know what they are doing? They will bankrupt this country in record time. That complete idiot they call president has always been a loose cannon! A tiger does not change his stripes because of a title? God help us! Someone please lock the doors of the zoo!

  9. SHE IS MORE THEN a dud. getting rioters out on bail, after they burned killed and looted. she is no vp material just like biden is not our president.what a poser, ruining this country , just to get even for obama with trump. trump is a man. the obama years and biden where disasters.


  11. A third world government terrorist take over.
    1. Rule by executive order
    2. Putting a predecessor on trial.
    3. Censorship of opposition.
    4. Attacking the private sector.
    5. Exploiting identity politics.
    6. Challenging judicial independence.
    7. Purging former officials
    8. Encouraging a slavish media.
    9. Military in the streets.
    I am terrified.

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