VP Harris visits hospital after meeting with COVID-infected Texas Dems

Vice President Kamala Harris visited Walter Reed Hospital on Saturday in what was described as a “routine” doctor’s appointment, just a few days after coming into contact with the fleeing Texas state Democrats — three of whom have tested positive for COVID-19, PJ Media reported. 

Rumors quickly spread with regard to the hospital visit as Harris had recently met with Texas Dems who had fled the state for Washington, D.C. in an effort to avoid a vote on election reform. Three of the Dem lawmakers later tested positive for COVID-19, with many calling them out for failing to wear masks on their private plane trips out of the state.

“Based on the timeline of these positive tests, it was determined the Vice President and her staff present at the meeting were not at risk of exposure because they were not in close contact with those who tested positive and therefore do not need to be tested or quarantined,” Harris spokesperson Symone Sanders said in a statement, according to Fox News.

The vice president was criticized for possibly coming into contact with sick troops and veterans given the possibility that she contracted COVID-19 from the Texas Democrats.

CDC guidelines followed

According to Caucus Chairman Chris Turner in the report, “The House Democratic Caucus is following all CDC guidance and protocols.”

He added: “This is a sober reminder that COVID is still with us, and though vaccinations offer tremendous protection, we still must take necessary precautions.”

The Texas Democrats were all fully vaccinated when they reported positive for COVID-19. They now must be in 10 days of quarantine following the test results.

“Let this be a reminder”

According to Politico, Texas state Rep. Celia Israel (D) said she tested positive for COVID-19.

“It just feels like I have a cold,” she said in a phone interview with Politico. Israel added that she was fully vaccinated, and because of the test, will be isolated in her hotel room for at least the next 10 days.

“Let this be a reminder that COVID-19 is still very much among us, with infection rates on the rise and more contagious variants spreading nationwide,” Israel’s statement read.

Harris’ hospital visit might be routine, but the timing certainly raises fair questions. In addition, not much has been mentioned in the mainstream press regarding her visit, leaving Americans to speculate the nature of her so-called “routine” visit to the doc.

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  4. Harris didn’t go to Walter Reed for COVID-19 check. She went for a ‘degree of schizophrenia’ check.

  5. God Help us if Pelosi then ends up PRESIDENT !!! if they get rid of the president and Vice president !!!!

  6. KOMMIE-la commits a crime every day she shows up to “pose” as Vice President, an office she was no more elected to hold than BUY-den was to be President!

  7. Kamala is a traitor. She wants the President seat before Biden is thrown out; commies are in the White House and we must be vigil on removing both.

  8. Ok now explain this. Those Democratic clowns that were on that plane no masks and were suppose to of had the vaccine how did they get the virus if the shot is to stop it. People need to think about this damn virus and those clowns who demand shots but I guess we the people are not being told the damn truth..

  9. Harris is so dumb or rather she is a left wing democrat n they don’t have to abide any rules because they are above the law…hey Vice President should most Americans be concerned about the thousands of illegals pouring into our country daily n who know a vaccination from a hole on the wall…what about that situation…oh wait the Dems don’t care about American citizens only about the illegal votes by these diseased illegals…we WILL REMEMBER THAT !!!!!

  10. Down With All demacrape. It’s Time for our REAL President Donald Trump To Take Over He Will Do It The Right Way. He will get our freedom back again.MAGA

  11. This goes to show the the vaccination does not keep you from catching Covid. It’s a waste to get a shot that could possibly kill you

    1. Truth!!!!!! I balked as long as I felt I could, before finally getting the J&J — one time for me. The more I read & learn, I feel it’s a sick minded thing among all the Dems. They play these little games with people’s lives & think it’s okay. Need to get to the Border and stop more of Covid, Criminals, Drugs, Cartels and etc from coming into this country. PLUS, support our Agents on the Border; which they have not done. Those guys & gals work their “hiney’s” off, trying to protect this country!!!!! God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!

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