Harvard law prof Laurence Tribe says it’s ‘impossible’ not to indict Trump for ‘espionage’

Longtime anti-Trump partisans such as Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe are anxious with anticipation that former President Donald Trump will finally go to jail on account of the records seized from his Mar-A-Lago estate last month.

During an MSNBC hit, Tribe said it would be “impossible not to” charge Trump for “espionage,” Breitbart reported.

Calls for Trump’s indictment

Trump’s lawyers are currently fighting in court with Biden’s prosecutors over whether the documents were even classified and what, if any, privilege claims Trump might have over them.

For his part, Tribe didn’t hesitate to charge Trump with “espionage.”

“This is espionage, and it endangers the security of the United States. So Merrick Garland won’t have any choice,” he said.

Pointed comments from a “special master” appointed to review the documents signal that Trump will “finally, for the first time in his life, be held accountable,” Tribe told viewers. While Trump might not be charged for “insurrection,” there’s no way he will escape charges for “espionage,” Tribe said.

“Quite apart from whatever indictments come down from attempting to overturn the election and fomenting a violent insurrection, it’s impossible not to indict Donald Trump for violating the Espionage Act,” he said.

Walls closing in?

There was more catnip for Tribe Wednesday night when the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals granted prosecutors’ request to use the 100 allegedly classified records, writing that Trump has “not even attempted to show that he has a need to know the information contained in the classified documents.”

Many are concerned about what comes next if the norm of charging a former president has been broken. But Tribe shrugged, saying it would be more dangerous not to indict Trump.

“It’s going to be tough for the nation to swallow but even tougher for all of us, in the long run, would be to swallow the specter of someone violating the national security laws of the United States and getting away with it.”

Despite its pearl-clutching about national security, the DOJ has gleefully leaked the contents of the so-called “classified” files to the media.

Trump has assailed the investigation and the associated raid as an unprecedented attempt by the incumbent administration to intimidate its chief political rival.