Hashtag calling for Pelosi’s removal gains traction on Twitter

A reporter for One America News Network (OAN) shared some bad news for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) over the weekend.

In a tweet, OAN’s Jack Posobiec revealed that a hashtag calling for Pelosi’s removal from Congress had reached as high as No. 6 on Twitter’s list of trending topics on Sunday.

Take a look:

“I approve this message”

The hashtag appeared to gain traction after it was shared in a tweet by Shahid Buttar, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist who describes himself as “Pelosi’s first general election challenger from within the Democratic Party in her 30-year career.”

Indeed, it isn’t a challenger from the right who first said #PelosiMustGo — but rather, that argument came from someone who thinks the House speaker is too centrist. And he wants her seat representing California’s 12th district.

Buttar tweeted Sunday:

A challenge from the far-left

Attached to Buttar’s tweet was a campaign ad in which the challenger to Pelosi pledged his support for “Medicare for All” and the progressive “Green New Deal,” apparently trying to align himself like the likes of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) and Democrat Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) and Ilhan Omar (MN).

The democratic socialist finishes the ad off with a parting shot at Pelosi. “We don’t have the corporate cash that’s kept Nancy Pelosi in office for 30 years,” Buttar says. “In fact, we just don’t take corporate money.”

As for whether Buttar and his supporters can actually overtake Pelosi this November, the answer is probably not. Pelosi has indeed held the same San Francisco congressional seat for three decades years now, and in recent primaries, she has won big-time.

Still, the fact that enough people think #PelosiMustGo for the hashtag to be trending on Twitter does say something about how dissatisfied Americans are with establishments Democrats like “Crazy Nancy Pelosi.” Could a forced retirement be on the way for the 80-year-old lawmaker? Only time will tell.

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