Hawley slams Pelosi for appointing ‘a dedicated partisan’ to lead Capitol security review

Since the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol last month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has spent a lot of time focused on security on the Hill. Now, however, one Republican has charged that Pelosi may have some ulterior motives for her newfound push for surveillance.

According to Breitbart, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) raised concerns Wednesday about Pelosi’s recent measures to secure the Capitol, suggesting she may be using the January riot to her advantage politically.

“A dedicated partisan”

Speaking with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Hawley particularly took issue with Pelosi’s decision to task retired U.S. Army Lt. General Russel Honoré with reviewing security at the Capitol.

“This is somebody, this particular General who has been retired now for a while, and I don’t question his service to our country at all, Tucker. I applaud him for it,” Hawley said, according to Breitbart.

“But he has been a partisan, a dedicated partisan — that’s putting it mildly — since he left the military, an extreme left-wing Democrat. And you could just see it in the comments that he’s made,” the senator remarked.

“Run out of D.C.”

According to Fox, Honoré had previously put out a tweet in which he referred to Sen. Hawley as a “little piece of s***” who “should be run out of DC and Disbarred ASAP.”

Honoré also reportedly accused Hawley and fellow Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) of possessing “high order white privilege.”

The tweets were apparently later deleted. But that hasn’t quelled Hawley’s concerns.

“It’s dangerous”

The senator said Wednesday that he’s concerned about what the House speaker and members of her party are “laying the groundwork for here.”

“I’m concerned that they continue to treat the Jan. 6 catastrophe, that criminal riot as an excuse to seize power, to control more power, to step on people’s Second Amendment rights, to take away their First Amendment rights,” Hawley told Carlson, according to Breitbart.

“Now, we’re hearing about a domestic war on terror,” the senator added. “I mean, what’s that going to be? An excuse to go rifle through the emails and bank statements and personal messages of law-abiding Americans?

“I mean, this is very, very frightening stuff,” Hawley said. “And what Pelosi and the Democrats are doing here trying to consolidate power, it’s dangerous.”

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37 Responses

  1. After Vindictive Nancy Pelosi planned January 6th having her position of Capital Security she carefully planed on January 5th to have no national guard or any other help for the next day so Trump would look bad, now she is scared and surrounding the capital with the same people that could had stopped Antifa and BLM from doing the damage they did.
    The only thing Democrats can FIX is elections every thing else they destroy, They will have our country as ruined as California by March .

    1. Bill weeks my sentiments exactly. I’m sure she’s behind it all and she’s afraid she’s going to be found out. Why all the extra security now? Everything has been peaceful and really!!! Razor wire. No doubt about it scared.

      1. Exactly!!! They’re coming for us Citizens and are trying to prepare for a backlash. They’ve been behind all the riots since last summer and it includes the Jan 6th. Why else keep going after Trump and all these bills being put on Dem state floors that are anti gun and the ones they’re trying to push thru congress that go against everything the CONSTITUTION says it can’t do. It’s got nothing to do with safety or gun violence it’s about disarming and taking control of everything on every level!!! But WE (us citizens CAN STOP them!!! We have to start NOW!!!!! Change our voting laws to in person unless deployed soldiers serving active/away duty and verify ID required on EVERYONE!!!, Put term limits in from city/town to county, to state on every level and position. We gotta start at the bottom and work our way up to the top (this is the only way we can truly make the changes necessary to take our country back).
        Trump exposed the evil but it’s up to US CITIZENS to STOP the EVIL!!!
        OUR FOUNDING FOREFATHER’S KNEW THIS, THAT’S EXACTLY WHY OUR CONSTITUTION SAYS:” WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE” and NOT ” we the Government rule the people” or why it DOESN’T say “We the Government speak for the people”.
        It’s OUR VOICE THAT RULES NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!! We’ve let them have too much power and rule for FAR TOO LONG!!!
        It’s up to each of us!!!
        Everyone needs to actually Study and read word for word exactly what our CONSTITUTION SAYS and fully understand WHY it was written the way it was and WHAT it means and What powers it actually affords our congress members, presidents, and legislation, committee’s, etc…. We the people hold the power in reality not them and we (us Citizens) are bound to uphold our constitution just like our military is bound to protect our nation!!!

    2. Gee , us think ? This is why we have a senile old fart in the White House , a VP who is Constitutionally intelligible ( Harris’ parents are not citizens of America regardless of where she was born ) and that leaves Pelosi next in line . She knows there is no way on God’s green earth she could ever be elected and she badly desires the power of the Presidency .

  2. Nancy Pelosi is a mental case. I one picture of Jan 6th Pelosi’s son-in-law was talking with the head of QAnon, the guy with the antlers.. why was he there in the first place? Pelosi recused help from President Trump! She is such a hateful person. but claims herself like Biden a good Catholic, she ‘s not! Read a story that her father was a member of the communist family in Baltimore. Her brother molested underage young girls just like
    her don Paul Jr has. What a criminal family she came from and she that she raised!

    1. HI! she cannot take care of her state so what makes her good to try this?? I still cannot believe How they can Hate a person as much as they (jealous) hate Trump!

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  4. Ted Cruz, ‘White priviledge’? While it is true that Hispanics are actually Caucasians, they want to call themselves people of color…..at least that is what I understand from listening to AOC….or is it only Republicans that have white privilege?

  5. PELOSI NEEDS TO GET OUT…she is too old and has held her office for TOO TOO long..TERM limits for all in Congress, Senate & House Speakers in both houses SHOULD not get this powerful…the power has gone to her head, she is full of hate and is BAD for the country! Legal citizens need political figures who care about LEGAL citizens whereas Pelosi wants more homelessness on the streets of California by allowing and encouraging more ILLEGALS to enter, who bring disease and criminals in!

    1. I am 1000% with you. Pelosi MUST go. The people who vote her in do so just because she is a familiar name, not because they have followed her voting score or anything about what she has done in the past or else she would be considered a disgrace to their district.

  6. The plan has been made, and we have been played. We were told what was coming and chose to be silenced. At least half of the Republican Party are traitors and are as guilty as the Democrats involved in play for pay and treason We let this happen and now it is out of control. America has fallen!

  7. Nancy was clearly the ultimate in charge of Capital security. FBI knew weeks ahead of the situation and Nancy sat on her hands. Impeach Impeach Impeach.

  8. Nancy is afraid if the guard goes home, the demonstrators will come back n finish the job they started. Watch your drink, Nancy, their are insiders loyal to the constitution.

  9. We have to many mentally ill people in charge of our country that need to be put down. The sooner this happens the better off America and its people we be,

  10. Seems that she rather. Follow a agenda other than the Constitution that she took a oath of office to up hold. ONE WORLD ORDER

  11. Nancy and Biden have both said that they want America to be like California. This can not be allowed to happen, that they are allowed to destroy the whole country. It’s time for a Constitution of States. Remove them all and start over again following the Condtitution as it was Written, not how the politicians interpret it!

    1. Mark Levin is a great one for explaining about the convention of states. He is one of the smartest dudes on the planet and Ted Cruz also. There is a silent majority out here and we need to find our voices and try to help save our country from the radicals. Keep it up Faroutfreak. Good job.

  12. Pelosi is plum crazy for using and old dumb Lt. General by the name of Russel Honore to look into what happened at the Capital in Jan. Mark my words, she has and alternative motive for what she is doing and it’s not going to be good at all.

  13. Pelosi is out to destroy America as we know it. Mark my words, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Biden can’t put two thoughts together and Harris is a waste so all Americans need to come together in order to stop the radical takeover and communism. It’s just around the corner, folks.


  15. Whatever is going to happen, it will be Nancy ‘s and The Demonic Party’s doing. They are making a compound of the Capital. They are
    paranoid freaks. They need to be
    evaluated. ASAP

  16. Please, someone step up and expose the fraud coup d’etat election and Jan 6 disturbance. There MUST be some people out there that can see that this travesty can’t go unpunished and that all of America and the world must know that DJT was a victim of the worst crime in this nation’s history. I know full well we can’t rely on the FBI or DOJ or even Congress since they are corrupt BUT somehow we MUST expose these crimes…..the TRUTH matters.

  17. You have to have a crazy trader to work for a crazy trader who else would do it.
    When I call my Congress person & senator to leave a message I always say I think you must see how crazy Nancy is & if not that means you are crazy too!!

  18. Republicans in congress need to get everyone they can together and demand piglosi’s resignation, and object to her nominating Honore’ with NO input from congress! This “ commission” she has started will only cover her skanky old butt and lie about President Trump and his supporters! More lies, more wasted tax payer dollars for yet another FARCE! This has to stop now! Get that old bag out of congress ASAP, by any means necessary!

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