GOP Sen. Hawley reacts to recent meeting, says China ‘believes it can roll the Biden administration’

Critics of President Joe Biden — including former President Donald Trump — have warned that his administration would likely be outmaneuvered by China’s communist regime.

In a tweet on Friday, U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) argued that this is exactly what is happening in the wake of the Biden administration’s first meeting with its Chinese counterparts.

“Little confidence in the democracy”

The senator wrote that China “believes it can roll the Biden administration.”

Leaders from both nations met in Alaska on Thursday for a photo op that soon took on a somewhat hostile tone.

According to reports, representatives of the U.S. including Secretary of State Antony Blinkin and national security adviser Jake Sullivan. China sent Yang Jiechi of the Communist Party’s Politburo and top diplomat Wang Yi.

As a transcript reveals, Yang proved especially critical of American democracy, essentially challenging the Biden administration to do what China wants.

“Many people within the United States actually have little confidence in the democracy of the United States, and they have various views regarding the government of the United States,” he said.

“It did not come up only recently”

At another point of the conference, Yan added that his country hopes “that the United States will do better on human rights,” depicting an American society that has been in decline for some time.

“The challenges facing the United States in human rights are deep-seated,” he claimed. “They did not just emerge over the past four years, such as Black Lives Matter. It did not come up only recently.”

Driving home his point, the Chinese spokesperson asserted: “So we do hope that for our two countries, it’s important that we manage our respective affairs well instead of deflecting the blame on somebody else in this world.”

The stance China took in response to the current U.S. administration is notably different than its reception of the Trump administration. While it might have been passive-aggressive under Trump, now it appears more flat-out aggressive.

As Hawley and others have noted, it is likely that China is apparently moving to offense because its leaders believe they can push the Biden White House around. In light of his softer approach to the communist nation, U.S. critics are increasingly afraid the president will not correct course before it is too late.

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31 Responses

    1. So undeniably spot on. Biden is a limp caricature of a POTUS. The fact is his puppet master , the grand narcissistic Moslem Marxist Barry the wimp, has Biden on his knees doing his bidding. The worse state of affairs in our country’s history.

      1. Jim, I know Camela was known for being on her knees, but now Joe has joined her? What a revolting development! Somebody should start a Go Fund Me page to buy them some kneepads, they could get booboos from kneeling so much! Maybe if they knelt in church they’d be better people. Ya think?

  1. Economically, China is on a roll. They run their country like a business and they want to expand that business beyond their borders. I’m not sure they can be stopped (short of a war that would be disastrous for the world).

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  3. The CCP does not believe, they know they can roll him and his administration! They have enough on him and his family to literally destroy them all plus a bunch of other politicians on both sides.

  4. In other words we are screwed yes POS is going to bring us down if we don’t get him the hell out of the White House

  5. Biden walks around with a blank stare. There’s nothing behind it. He should resign, not that VP Harris is that able either.

    1. I think that his handlers have him on some powerful drugs in order to control him like a zombie . Biden is our wizard of Oz president that hides behind curtains to preach his handler’s new rules to the people. His Handlers are really the Dictators that we the people may never learn who they really are in our life time unless we force the truth out of these evil politicians in office right now. The Truth is coming but our SLOW Justice system is also full of Traitors in fact our government is contaminated with traitors . In the end this mess within our government is going to be handled by the millions upon millions of True American Patriots themselves and it’s not going to be pretty.

    1. Biden should be in prison with his son where they will both be safe from the pissed off American people.

  6. The election should have gone to Trump.Biden,Harris AndAlusia will take down America.Since Biden took over he has done nothing for the United States except year it down

  7. Biden and Harris will take our Country down. He is mentally and physically weak and not able to serve as our President. Biden has already been rolled over like a Mack Truck hit him by the CCP.

  8. It’s a sad sad World we’re living in today all the corruption both sides you do not know who to trust anymore. I am just watching the show Waiting for the End of it

  9. This whole problem is going to become the downfall of the U.S. if Harris would suddenly become President when he is declared incompetent. She is a dedicated Communist and a fan of one world order.

  10. Unfortunately we don’t have a President! We have a Pedophile with dementia in the WH! God help us! Revelations is playing out!

  11. Our southern border is a biden disaster, dealings with China is a disaster, our economy will soon be a biden disaster if it isn’t already. Impeach biden for failure to protect ournation! And when their turn comes in the line of leadership, impeach harris and then pellosi. It would be a tough job. but one that needs to be done asap.

    1. You are so right, Billy! But how dare he (Biden) use these poor, poor people and manipulate them to do his own (his handler’s) bidding? How can any decent human being use these poor people like this? Yes, we are a Christian, empathetic society and would love to bring these people into our communities, but let US prepare for them and work with them – legally!! Not the other way around. My heart breaks to see the families come across country after country with little water, food, protection and yet they came — because a callous, hateful Biden told them they could and then didn’t have the brains to figure out HOW.

  12. Yes, yes, and yes. Biden is not holding Constitution he said he would uphold. Get him in jail, out of office, or both. What or who are we waiting on? For the whole country to give in to these idiots? Let China take over our country? Wake-up United States Government.

  13. This is sickening. Hope and know God is going to punish those who ignore and hurt God’s children. Just keep it up. Evil will not prevail. God will punish those ignorant.

  14. They know exactly what they’re doing. Pelosi and the Dems are trying to ride the whirlwind. They know we won’t let them win, why do you think they have military troops and razor wire fencing around all the government buildings in D.C? The Dems are trying to stage a military takeover of the country. We have them cold, everyone in the government takes the same oath as the military, to “defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic”. There is no end limit on that oath, it’s lifelong. Every Dem in office has violated that oath, and is subject to arrest for treason. All we need is for someone to give the order and arrest every one of them, at every level of government. We have the stolen election as proof. Ted Cruz, are you listening? Biden’s AG won’t do it, he’s as guilty as the rest. Jim Jordan, are you listening? McConnell won’t do it, he’s too soft. I’ll volunteer, but no one would listen to me, I’m only one of We The People, and we have no rights any more, but if an indictment shows up I’ll sign it. Somebody write one, please.

  15. It is coming down to insurrection by the people. Our military won’t stop them, scotus won’t stop them, Congress is controlled by Piglosi, senate controlled by Schumer, so the only recourse is civilian uprising. We can also call a convention of states and remove them all from office.

  16. Ninety nine percent of work is done by the people while that other percent makes the laws to benefit them. Illegals, criminals, bureaucrats, fake news and politicians decide what we do. They are lazy and say for the people. What a lie. We need to vote them out. They overtax us and act like it is for our benefit. The stupid silly smile is their devil. Cast that out in the name of Jesus. Pray in Jesus name for the forgiveness of sin. No one is going to hurt God’s children and get away with it. The non believer’s will perish. If you read the Bible you will know this. If you do not, you are lost. Repent and be Baptized then the Holy Spirit will help. God Bless the believers. Help the nonbelievers.

  17. MY , my , my , my , myyyyy. Biden couldn’t debate a brownie troop. Kamala couldn’t debate a Cub Scout troop , now they are INHABITING the Oval Office. Yet , the democrats got them in by hook and crook. They deserve the punishment of “Korah , Abiram , On , and Koresh”.
    Kamala stated this country is Racist and blah blah blah. Well , look in that mirror dearie , YOU be the leader.

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