Hawley: Time has come for AG Merrick Garland to resign or be fired

Amid ongoing controversy regarding the politicization of federal law enforcement by the Biden administration, Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley stepped forward last week to declare that it is time for Attorney General Merrick Garland to be removed from office or voluntarily resign, as Fox News reports.

Hawley’s remarks came during an appearance Friday on Hannity during which the lawmaker stated that the Department of Justice and the FBI are guilty of “abusing” their authority to go after political foes and that accountability is long overdue.

Hawley lets loose

The legislator from Missouri was asked by show host Sean Hannity about the extent of the wrongdoing he believes is taking place within the highest echelons of the federal government, a line of questioning which prompted Hawley to list a host of complaints that have been brought forth by whistleblowers in recent months.

“Let me ask you this – are these whistleblowers talking about people within the FBI protecting the Biden family, and more specifically Hunter Biden and the information on his laptop?” Hannity inquired.

“Are these whistleblowers also taking about the large extent of investigations into parents that speak out at school board meetings? Are these whistleblowers out there talking about how if there’s anything Donald Trump there’s a separate system of justice in the Department of Justice, are they saying those things?” the Fox News personality continued.

Hawley confirmed Hannity’s assumptions, replying, “I think we’re seeing all of the above, Sean. And I can just tell you, from the whistleblowers that I’ve seen from [Iowa Republican] Sen. [Chuck] Grassley who have to him about how the FBI is being abused, how this Justice Department is using it to go after Trump, how they’re using it to try to shield Hunter Biden, we’ve had whistleblowers come forward and say the Biden administration lied about the Afghan refugees…” the senator explained.

According to the lawmaker, it is not just the substance, but also the scope of the transgressions within various parts of the administration that is particularly jarring, in that “we’re seeing this in all the different agencies and the consistent theme is the Biden people are abusing the law, they’re abusing the procedures and they’re doing it to go after their political opponents.”

Removals required

Given the extent and seriousness of Hawley’s allegations, Hannity then asked whether the senator believes that Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray are “up to their job” or if sweeping changes are needed to restore legitimacy to the agencies.

“No, no, they both – neither of them are. Both of them should go. They should both have resigned a long time ago. They should have been fired. And as to the attorney general, I believe that he should be removed if he will not step down,” Hawley opined.

Others who likely concur with Hawley’s take on Garland are attorneys for former President Donald Trump, Alina Habba and Jim Trusty, both of whom have raised serious concerns about the DOJ’s conduct regarding the raid at their client’s Florida estate and the battle over the appointment of a special master to review materials seized in that search.

In Habba’s estimation, the leaks that have emerged from the DOJ in recent days are “incredibly disturbing” and have resulted in media coverage of the story that is “inconsistent, outrageous, and all over the map.”

Trusty, for his part, stated that the Justice Department’s recent decision to appeal a judge’s ruling granting Trump’s request for a special master flies in the face of Garland’s “constantly talking about rule of law and transparency,” but – as is usually the case – folks like the current AG only seem to apply such principles to political friends and not those deemed a threat to their grip on authoritarian power.