Op-ed: Pelosi’s HEROES Act is a plot to nationalize election laws in America

Under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Democrats recently passed the HEROES Act, a $3 trillion coronavirus relief package filled with leftist agenda items that have little to do with the pandemic itself. And now, one columnist is exposing her for it.

Arguably one of the worst elements of the legislation is a partisan effort to nationalize elections at every level — and Landmark Legal Foundation President Pete Hutchison just laid bare that effort in an op-ed for the Washington Examiner.

HEROES Act exposed

Contained within the 1,800-plus pages of the HEROES Act is what is known as the ACCESS Act, which stands for the “American Coronavirus/COVID-19 Election Safety and Security Act.” Unfortunately, that’s not at all what it is actually about, Hutchison writes.

In effect, this act would serve to nationalize every election in the United States, including those on the state and local levels, and would preempt all existing state-level election laws while offering little, if anything, in the form of extra protection of the integrity of voting processes, according to Hutchison.

If it were to become law, all state and local election officials would be given a mere 30 days to develop “contingency plans” for holding elections during a time of crisis or emergency. Should any official fail to do so within that time frame, they could not only face sanctions from the federal government but would also be exposed to lawsuits from “aggrieved parties” like left-leaning activists and special interest groups.

No more voter ID

Sadly, all of that is just the start, Hutchison noted; it goes downhill from there.

In keeping with the aforementioned preemption of state and local election laws, all elections at every level would be required to feature no fewer than 15 days of early voting, would allow for same-day voter registration (including online), and would require only an electronic signature instead of an actual signature for verification of an individual’s identity.

Speaking of verifying identities, the bill would also specifically prohibit all forms of voter ID requirements for federal elections, whether they include conventional identification or merely documents proving a voter’s place of residence, Hutchison writes.

Absentee voting for everyone

Then there is the incredible expansion of absentee voting and voting by mail. No longer would states and localities be allowed to require a reason for a voter to obtain an absentee ballot — rather, such ballots would be required to be mailed to every single registered voter across the entire nation, regardless of whether the voter had moved, died, or was otherwise inactive.

On top of that, according to Hutchison, the bill would abolish any sort of ID requirements for obtaining an absentee ballot, would prohibit any requirements involving notaries or witnesses for ballots cast, would make it harder for election officials to verify the authenticity of a voter’s signature, would require the processing and requesting of absentee ballots to be done online, and would make all of that the normal procedure for all elections going forward, regardless of whether there was a crisis afoot or not.

As Hutchison observes, all of this is just a huge and open invitation for widespread election fraud with virtually no way to guard against such nefarious efforts to undermine the integrity of our nation’s elections at any level.

Thus far, Senate Republicans have stated that the bill has zero chance of being passed by the upper chamber and sent to President Donald Trump for his signature, which he would certainly refuse anyhow. But given the spineless nature of too many congressional Republicans in recent years, it is incumbent upon the American people to contact their senators and representatives and let them know in no uncertain terms that Pelosi’s planned takeover of the electoral system is unacceptable.

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